January 28th, 2015
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AKAM – Akamai Technologies (Last:17.40)

by Rick Ackerman on September 3, 2009 12:01 am GMT

We hold 400 shares acquired on Tuesday for 17.07.  (The stock bottomed the next day at 16.76, somewhat lower than the 16.97 stop-loss I’d given, but we canceled it and let the trade ride.)  For now, use a stop-loss at 16.62 while offering 200 shares at 17.41. That’s a penny below a Hidden Pivot target on the 10-minute chart, and we should infer that it will be reached if AKAM can get above its sibling midpoint resistance, 17.23. _______ UPDATE (Sep 4, 2:45 p.m.):  The stock poked up to 17.50 this morning, allowing us to close out half the position for a small profit. Let’s let the remaining 200 shares (or half of your initial position) ride with a 17.02 stop-loss for now. Our adjusted cost basis is 16.73.

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