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Precise DIA Rally Target Made Shorting a Breeze

Regardless of whether today’s high turns out to be the mythical Mother of All Tops, it was easy money for anyone who initiated a short position in DIA as I’d suggested.  Weeks ago, Rick’s Picks spotlighted what stood to be an important Hidden Pivot rally target at 280.88. When it was missed by just 0.04 points at Tuesday’s high, DIA subsequently dove to 278.78, equivalent to 200 Dow points, causing near-the-money put options to at least double in price in mere hours. The DIA rally target was offered as an alternative to one at 2128.50 in the E-Mini S&Ps, since not all subscribers trade futures. The latter had already produced gains of as much as $800 per contract on Monday for subscribers who reported taking a position. This could still turn out to be a major top, but even if the highs are marginally exceeded this week, I doubt the broad averages can go much higher without a long overdue, brutal correction first. This is a logical place for it to start.

$+DIA – Dow Industrials ETF (Last:279.31)

I’m establishing tracking guidance for a short position initiated near Tuesday’s 280.84 peak, since the 280.88 target I’d begun drum-rolling two weeks earlier is just too good to waste. Usually I require that at least two subscribers report having done a touted trade before I track it, but I am making an exception this time because it would seem that most of you have all but ceased using these targets, even to buy cheap puts or calls that effectively leverage the targets with entry risk held almost to nothing. Accordingly, I’ll assume eight Nov 22 280 puts acquired for 0.77,

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$+ESZ19 – December E-Mini S&P (Last:3109.25)

The futures topped three ticks from a Hidden Pivot target I’d been drum-rolling here for nearly two weeks. ‘Drum-rolling’ would be an understatement, actually, since it was more like a public relations campaign to drive subscribers’ attention to a trade that promised to effortlessly produce a low-risk winner. And so it did, even if only one subscribers — ‘Bachus’ in the chat room — reported taking action. Bachus has a very impressive track record — not only for turning my price targets into quick cash, but for doing so with enough street smarts and brio to improve on what I’ve

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GCZ19 – December Gold (Last:1468.80)

The stock’s bounce from a 1447.50 correction target hit on Wednesday could have produced a gain of as much as $1000 per contract for subscribers who traded it. Those who leveraged the target appeared to have taken profits near the 1467.40 threshold where I’d said the rally would become a better bet. And so it has, mainly because the rally exceeded 1467.40 by two ticks, generating a bullish impulse leg on the intraday charts. However, the futures have made no more headway, so we’ll have to wait and see what the new day brings.  The chart shows at a glance

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TNX.X – Ten-Year Note Rate (Last:1.933%)

Although some notable long-term bond bulls are close to throwing in the towel as U.S. Treasury yields continue to climb, the chart suggests the bull market begun nearly 40 years ago still has farther to go.  Yields on the long bond settled Friday at 2.41%, up from 1.90% in August, while T-Notes have gone from 1.43% to 1.93% over the same time. The rallies have been impressive if not to say scary, since they have subjected hundreds of trillions of dollars of borrowings to a deflationary turn of the screw. The burden of debt promises to lighten before it becomes

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