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I renewed my annual Ricks Picks subscription this evening .... Thanks to you, I've had my best year in the stock market investing/trading stocks such as USGL, TRE, GG and BGO!  My heartfelt thanks go to you and your outstanding analysis.

Rich Knudsen
At-home trader

Rick is truly phenomenal and seems to genuinely care about the success of his subscribers. Been following Rick now for over a year, everyday, usually all day. Best year of trading and investing in my career.

Ed Duffy
At-home trader

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His calls are unbelievable...best words would be phenomenally accurate. Thanks.

Dennis Shevack
At-home trader

I am pinching myself to be sure I am not dreaming. I am more confident every day with the HP approach. I am making money. I have a method which appears to fit right in with the scaleability requirements (I trade or manage my entire worth) and I am able to escape the screen if I so wish. I do not end the day stressed and hyperactive.

David Ivory
At-home trader

Your accuracy is unspeakable.

Ken T.
At-home trader

I am finally having fun with options and sleeping at night! Thanks for your help.

John Pollock
At-home trader

Rick, your essays this week blow the barn door off. Keep up the good work.

Steve Bertz
At-home trader