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Need to Update Your Skills?

Keep Your Hidden Pivot Skills

On the Cutting Edge

To encourage graduates of the Hidden Pivot Course to continually freshen their skills and stay on the cutting edge, I am changing the way in which course materials can be accessed and reviewed. Currently, anyone who has taken the webinar can retake it for free at any time. Henceforth, graduates will still be able to review the origina, six-hour course in recorded form at no cost. However, if more than 180 days have elapsed since the class for which you initially registered, there will be a  charge, based on the parameters below, to review the latest Hidden Pivot Seminar recording and/or to sit in on the latest “live” version of the course. Access to the Hidden Pivot Seminar will be for a six month time period.

The original six-hour course will continue to provide a thorough refresher for Pivoteers who simply want to review the basics. The link for this recording is in your Account Dashboard. However, the intensive, three-hour class given every four to six weeks is constantly evolving with the latest Hidden Pivot tactics, including the placement of ‘mechanical’ bids and offers, price targeting for options, camouflage entries and ‘counterintuitive’ trading. Learning these tricks, and putting them to work in real time during the weekly tutorial sessions, is the best way to boost your profitability and reduce the stress of trading.

Application requirements to the Hidden Pivot Seminar pricing

  • If you have signed up for the Hidden Pivot Seminar within the past 12 months – $100
  • If you have signed up for the Hidden Pivot Seminar over 12 months ago but no more that 24 months – $250
  • If you have signed up for the Hidden Pivot Seminar more than 24 months ago – $450

I would strongly encourage you to sign up now if you are eager to build on the Hidden Pivot skills that you already possess.


Rick Ackerman

To sign up,

  • Send an email to the Website Manager at and state that you want to take the Hidden Pivot Seminar refresher course. A coupon code will be mailed back to you that will allow you to purchase the refresher course at the price schedule above.
  • Then go to to your Account Dashboard, select Add/Renew Subscription, and select the following subscription:
    • Hidden Pivot Renew – Webinar access only (the latest version of the Hidden Pivot Seminar course, for six months )
    • Use the coupon code to receive the correct pricing

If you have any questions, send an email to the Website Manager at



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