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If you’re close to or IN retirement…

I’ll Teach You a Path to Generating $60 – $400 Per Trade With Ultra-Safe Trading Techniques You Can Learn Quickly

(we encourage you to limit your exposure on each trade)

It starts with a simple concept you may use with proven trading strategies that generate income in retirement without losing your nest-egg principle, high risk, or watching trading charts 24/7. This is NOT a silver bullet. You’ll be learning real-world strategies that has worked for new and experienced traders to reduce risk and increase their success rate.
Impulse Leg Toolkit

Impulse Leg Toolkit
(Chart Sheet + Tutorial Video)
valued at $97 but yours free!

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“Well, ultimately the thanks all belong to Rick. I simply followed his analysis...:) I would never have seen the setup he showed during that Requests Session, about which as you may know, he will be having yet another next week I believe, on the 18th. I'll not be missing it.”
Take Requests Session Attendee
"I've known Rick for many years and one of the earliest attendees to his exceptional course. Rick is of the highest integrity, forthright, very intelligent, insightful due to his option experience, and,most importantly, takes a sincere patient interest in each and every one of his students to help them master his techniques to help each get an extra edge in their market investing."
James E Elbaor
In this Free Toolkit, you’ll discover an essential concept that can be used with profitable and proven trading strategies.

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  • You’ll be on the proven path to...

  • Learning how to start with just $3,000 to $5,000 and create a monthly income that replaces your income for retirement
  • Starting as a beginner with zero trading experience and be trained to make safe and skilled trades in just 60 minutes
  • Discovering a technique for trading low-priced stocks without risking more than $20 - $30
  • Growing skilled in spotting stock chart ‘Impulse Legs’ which open up ultra low-risk profit opportunities right under the nose of the crowd and the experts
  • Utilizing more advanced strategies that give you the power to generate all the retirement income you’ll ever need to enjoy a fun, fulfilling, and prosperous retirement
  • Dispelling the myths that scare most seniors away from trading while a select few quietly make real money
  • Realizing that you’ll never have to resort to bagging groceries, greeting, or handing out food samples in some grocery store for $200 a week as your income-in-retirement game-plan because you can make reliable income quickly and easily

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About Rick Ackerman

Rick Ackerman is the editor and publisher of Rick’s Picks, an online service for traders from novice to expert. He has been trading himself for more than 40 years, a dozen of them as an options market-maker on the floor of Pacific Stock Exchange.

CNBC and Bloomberg have featured his work, and he has written on the markets and the economy for numerous publications, including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities; Stocks, Futures & Options; Barron’s and The San Francisco Examiner. A headline in Barron’s labeled him an “intrepid trader” after he helped the FBI solve a notorious pill-tampering case.

He received a $200,000 reward and a guest appearance on FBI: The Untold Story. An epic party on San Francisco Bay celebrated the event.

In the trading world, Rick is known for the unusual accuracy of his price predictions and for the Hidden Pivot Method he uses to trade and forecast. His provocative insights and timely trading calls have made him a frequent guest on shows hosted by Max Keiser, Greg Hunter, Corey Fleck and Jim Goddard, among others.

His thoughts on the markets and the headlines have also been featured on ZeroHedge, Seeking Alpha, Benzinga, The Daily Reckoning, FX Street, Financial Survival Network, Crush the Street, Jory Capital, Howe Street, Gold-Eagle.com, Goldseek.com, 321Gold.com and Kitco.

What Others Have To Say...

“As a new subscriber, my first trade based on your advice produced a 466% gain on 30 call options. I’m not a day trader, but look for moves that are from 2 to 3 days to 2 to 3 weeks in duration. For your information, I have over 30 years of investment background as a research analysis, portfolio manager and market technician. I’m semi-retired but love what I’m doing and am still active in the market, but on my terms. I am also an advisor to a mid-size money management firm, managing close to $10 million and trading my own account, all from my home.”
John S. Gardner
Retired investment advisor
“I first took Rick's class in 2007, live in San Francisco, the best time I've ever spent with a trading teacher. Rick is the real deal and you will do well to follow him closely.”
Peter Montgomery
At-home trader
“Since I subscribed to Black Box Forecasts, it has hit nearly every important turning point with a degree of accuracy that puts other forecasters to shame. I’m not only talking about stock prices, but about futures and indexes as well. You can practically trade the S&P and bond futures on autopilot. Your numbers are that good.”
Tim Halikas
Pacific Coast - market maker

Get your Impulse Leg ToolKit and discover an essential concept that can be used with profitable and proven trading strategies.

Impulse Leg Toolkit
(Chart Sheet + Tutorial Video)
valued at $97 but yours free!

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Discover an essential concept that can be used with proven trading strategies in retirement.

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