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Looking for a Financial Forecast Newsletter worthy of its name? Then go no further, because you’ve found it: Rick’s Picks.

Rick Ackerman, the outspoken market maverick once banned by CNBC for being too blunt and straightforward, is offering you this invitation to try his consistently accurate trading forecasts – at absolutely no cost.

There’s a crucial reason why these pros continue with Rick’s Picks year after year…

That reason is Accurate Forecasts.

Using his unique and proprietary Hidden Pivot Method, Rick has developed a reputation for what one subscriber called ”uncannily accurate” forecasts for stocks, options, mini-indexes, as well as gold and silver futures.

“FYI, I’m one of your early subscribers. While I let my subscription lapse for a while, I’m back. And – crucially – while perusing some of your posts chronologically from months back, I’m truly struck by the remarkable prescience of many of your fearless calls. The results are uncannily accurate. “Thanks again for this opportunity to profit from your usually directionally correct analyses. The subscription is worth every penny – and then some.”

Colin L. MacVeagh

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As a Rick’s Picks subscriber, you will be getting this information the moment it’s posted on the membership site, usually shortly after midnight Eastern Standard Time… more than enough time to capitalize on Rick’s suggestions.

Then, throughout the day as Rick updates his forecasts with additional guidance based on market conditions, you’ll be instantly informed via email alerts… allowing you to take full advantage of breaking trends and market fluctuations.

These picks include a rotating basket of stocks, futures, indexes, and other hot issues, with a daily focus on precious metals. Rick’s Picks subscribers have their favorites, so Rick regularly covers Comex Gold & Silver, the NASDAQ, the Euro, and the E-Mini S&P in addition to the hot issues he believes will offer significant profit-taking opportunities for his subscribers.

Each specific pick is hand-selected by Rick, and includes actionable trading advice, specific price targets, and annotated Hidden Pivot charts with supporting data.

“New traders, Rick is deadly on gold, pay attention to his notes…”

Rick’s Picks Member [Name withheld on request.]

“Rick, you are a genius. Gold had one of its biggest swings today in 20 years, and you nailed both the exact high and low by within a total of less than one point.”

Stan R.

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Once you see how powerfully accurate Rick’s forecasts truly are, we’re sure you’ll stay on as a full member. But if for any reason you’re not convinced, simply cancel before the two week’s end – your credit card won’t be charged and you won’t owe us a single dime.

Fair enough?

“I am a relatively new and already very satisfied subscriber. Your last recommendation netted me a $4,200 profit on an initial investment of about $1,400, and although I could have made an additional $2,400 if I had held to your target, the results were certainly no disappointment. I thank you for this trade, and the ones that I’m sure will come in the future. You have a subscriber for life.”

Benedict Woo

Rick Ackerman Outspoken but Never Outmatched

So, who exactly is Rick Ackerman, and why should you trust his judgment?

Barron’s labeled him an “intrepid trader”

Rick Ackerman is the editor and publisher of Rick’s Picksan online service for traders from novice to expert. He has been trading himself for more than 40 years, a dozen of them as an options market-maker on the floor of Pacific Stock Exchange. CNBC and Bloomberg have featured his work, and he has written on the markets and the economy for numerous publications, including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities; Stocks, Futures & Options; Barron’s and The San Francisco Examiner. A headline in Barron’s labeled him an “intrepid trader” after he helped the FBI solve a notorious pill-tampering case. He received a $200,000 reward and a guest appearance on FBI: The Untold Story. An epic party on San Francisco Bay celebrated the event.


In the trading world, Rick is known for the unusual accuracy of his price predictionsand for the Hidden Pivot Method he uses to trade and forecast. His provocative insights and timely trading calls have made him a frequent guest on shows hosted by Max Keiser, Greg Hunter, Corey Fleck and Jim Goddard, among others. His thoughts on the markets and the headlines have also been featured on ZeroHedge, Seeking Alpha, Benzinga, The Daily Reckoning, FX Street, Financial Survival Network, Crush the Street, Jory Capital, Howe Street, and Kitco.

What Our Subscribers Are Saying…

“I have made over $5,000 on the yen based on your advice.”

“I hope you keep yen futures on your list. Year-to-date, I have made over $5,000 on the yen based on your advice. While I have improvised and stayed with some positions longer than you have recommended, your coverage has been quite accurate.”

Bill Dabbs

“The four calls that I recently bought on your say-so for $200 produced an $1,825 profit in just a couple of weeks.”

“I’ve been trading very sporadically off and on since around 1990 but never made any money until I started using your recommendations. The four calls that I recently bought on your say-so for $200 produced an $1,825 profit in just a couple of weeks. Thanks for helping me do it without losing any sleep!”

Sam Cabahug

“Rick’s hit more bulls eyes than any other forecasting service that I’ve ever seen.

“I used the newsletter to get an edge as an options market maker. I wish I had been trading his futures recommendations at the same time, because their accuracy in bonds, the S&Ps and the yen was even more amazing than the stock forecasts.

“He almost never missed a call, and very often predicted intraday tops and bottoms on the S&Ps correctly to within a tick or two. Even major turning points have been called to within just a few ticks of where they actually occurred.”

Steve Murr

“Just closed a gold trade for a $50,000 profit!

“That is huge for me — I made half my annual salary in six weeks.”

Tanner Odom