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Go to the Hidden Pivot Resources page to view all the tools needed by a Hidden Pivot Grad. You can view past Webinar recordings, sign up for the next Live Hidden Pivot Webinar, signup for the Wednesday Tutorials, see all the past recorded Wednesday Tutorials, and download the Annotated charts.

Note: at the bottom of this page is information on creating the Hidden Pivot pattern on some popular platforms. These platforms are not controlled by Rick’s Picks, so the information on how to create and draw the patterns can change.

Here Is Information On What That Page Displays

Note – the best place to see all the Hidden Pivot Webinar recordings is on the Hidden Pivot Resources page. Use that menu tab in the site Main Menu to get there. You can also signup for the next live Webinar class and the Wednesday Tutorials on the page. The Annotated Charts are located there.

When there is a “live” Hidden Pivot Webinar scheduled you will see it here on the Hidden Pivot Resources Page. To attend, you must register for the live Webinar at least one day before the Seminar date or you may miss getting a link to enter the classroom. Do not wait till the last minute to register, or you may not receive the link to enter the classroom in time.

Downloading the Annotated charts that come with the purchase of the Hidden Pivot Course

Getting the charts in PDF format – They are on the Hidden Pivot Resources page to download.
Preview these charts to familiarize yourself with many Hidden Pivot patterns and set-ups that have worked in the past. Some patterns will become your profit-generating favorites. The zip file is large: 700MB. Download the PowerPoint presentation that Rick uses for the live HP Seminar. The PowerPoints change from time to time. They are available just for familiarization and training. Both files are PDF’s.

Click the link – Enter the password when requested – download the file – save it to your location on your computer and use a ZIP type program to restore the compressed file folder. The folder contains all the charts in PDF format, so you must use a PDF reader like the Adobe PDF reader or a similar program.

Account Dashboard Help Screen

Your Account Dashboard is the heart of your account. This is where you go to find out anything about your account and your subscriptions. There you can see your current subscriptions, add or renew subscriptions, see your payments history, modify your profile/password data, and download free files or view the Classic six-hour Hidden Pivot recorded webinar if you have a Hidden Pivot Webinar subscription.

Viewing the latest recorded HP Webinars

When you click the Current Hidden Pivot Webinar (Recorded) on the Hidden Pivot Resources page, you can view the latest recorded versions. There are at least four past Webinars recorded on that page.


Important for Hidden Pivot Seminar sign ups!

You must register to attend the “live” Hidden Pivot Webinar! What does registering do for you? It allows our system to send you a link to enter the classroom on the day of a “live” Hidden Pivot Webinar.
You must register for the live Webinar at least one day before the Webinar date or you may miss getting a link to enter the classroom. Do not wait till the last minute to register.

If you never plan to go to the live HP Webinar you do not need to register. You may just watch the recorded version.

Hidden Pivot Resources Page

Here you will find the recorded Hidden Pivot Webinars, the Wednesday Hidden Pivot Tutorial recordings, sign up for the Wednesday Tutorials, and other useful information.

The Recorded Wednesday Hidden Pivot Tutorials


All the recorded Wednesday Tutorials can be viewed on this page. Not all Tutorial sessions are recorded: only those which provide a great learning opportunity.

Signup for the Next Weekly Tutorial Session

Rick’s Hidden Pivot Tutorial is normally held every Wednesday at 11:00 AM EST (EDT). Click the link on this page for the day you wish to attend a Wednesday Hidden Pivot Tutorial. You will not receive an email to schedule yourself for this tutorial. You must register via this calendar!

When you click the link, the registration page will display.

Click the link and the registration page will display:


Fill in the required registration information and when saved, a link will be sent to you via the email you used in the registration. Use that link to enter the Wednesday Tutorial on the selected day and time. The link is not sent by Rick’s Picks, but by GOTO Webinar. A few people have stated that they don’t get the link. If you are not getting the link contact GOTO Webinar tech support and let them know.

GOTO support
United States Toll-free: (877) 582-7011

Long Distance: +1 805 617 7370

Creating the Hidden Pivot Pattern on Some Popular Platforms

Note: These platforms are not controlled by Rick’s Picks, so the information on how to create and draw the patterns can change. Always check the platforms’ information on their tools.

There are many trading platforms whose charts are rudimentary and do not have the capability or have a Fibonacci tool that can be adapted to creating the Hidden Pivot pattern on their charts. Schwabe charts and Interactive Brokers are two of those. If you use Interactive Brokers you can use a charting service like EnsignSoftware Charts and IB will send a live feed to those charts. That works well.

Another option is to open a free account on Think or Swim (Ameritrade) and you can use those charts (which include a live feed) and they have a Fibonacci Extension tool that can be modified to create a Hidden Pivot pattern

Formations Tool Setup for Ensign Software Charts – http://www.ensignsoftware.com/

Here is the Formations Tool Setup for the Hidden Pivot pattern in Ensign Charts. You create it as a Formations tool. Please read the Ensign directions on their site for creating a Formations tool and linking it to feed such as IB. Ensign Software Charts can link to a number of feeds.


This setup gives you this Hidden Pivot pattern on and Ensign Chart. You can make the colors any color you wish.


Formations Tool Setup for Tradestation – https://www.tradestation.com/

Setting up and using the Fibonacci Price Extension Lines Drawing Object in Tradestation

Fibonacci Price Extension Lines are an analytical drawing tool that is similar to the Fibonacci Retracement (Support/Resistance) tool, except that the Trend-based Price Line tool requires a third point and is calculated from the retracement point. This tool is used to monitor support and resistance levels as well as breakout price activity from a specified retracement level. support indicates a low or series of troughs where price activity has not penetrated. resistance indicates a high or series of peaks where price activity has not penetrated. identifying and monitoring these two levels can assist in determining whether a market will stay on course or reverse its course. penetration through a support line or resistance line may indicate a market reversal. support and resistance lines can also be used in conjunction with Percent Retracement analysis to identify past trend correction patterns. These patterns can then assist in predicting future patterns.

These are the values to setup in the tool for the Hidden Pivot pattern:

A closer look at the value settings. You can make the colors any color you wish:

You can also use the shortcut menu for a selected object component (identified with small squares) to change the drawing properties such as color, style, weight, and any object-specific settings.

Drawing Fibonacci Price Extension Lines Object

Drawing objects are applied to a chart to assist with data analysis. See About Drawing Objects for more details.

  1. Activate a Chart Analysis window.
  2. From the Drawing toolbar, select Fibonacci Price Extension Lines icon. Your pointer will change to the shape of Price Extension Lines.
  3. Click where you want to insert the Price Extension Lines and drag your pointer to the left or right to position the drawing object.
  4. Click where you want the Price Extension Lines to begin.
  5. Move the pointer up, down, left, or right to position the Price Extension Lines, then click again to insert.

Moving a Fibonacci Price Extension Lines Object

After a Fibonacci Cycles is applied to a chart, you can reposition the drawing object at any time to evaluate another group of bars.

  1. Activate a Chart Analysis window containing a Fibonacci Price Extension Lines object.
  2. To move a Fibonacci Cycles, select the Fibonacci Fixed-based Time Lines (small squares in the middle of each Fibonacci line confirms the drawing object is selected.
  3. Drag horizontally to reposition.

Formatting Fibonacci Price Extension Lines Settings

The format settings for Price and Time Extension lines are similar except that Price Extension Lines are horizontal while Time Extension Lines are vertical. Both types of lines are based on price or time extensions of an underlying trend line and relative levels of support/resistance for Price Lines and time/date for Time Lines. The Settings tab is used to modify settings for the extension lines by specifying their percentage as well as other properties.

  1. Activate a Chart Analysis window containing a Fibonacci Price/Time Extension Lines object.
  2. Select the Fibonacci Price/Time Extension Lines object.
  3. Right-click to select the Format ‘Fibonacci Price Extension Lines’. The Format Fibonacci Price Extension Lines dialog is displayed.
  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Under Percentage, select a check box to enable the display of the Major Trend, Retracement, Base, and each parallel horizontal price line.
  3. Enter a percentage, in decimal format, in the box corresponding to the selected check box. This value determines at what point a support/resistance line intersects the underlying trendline from a base retracement level.
  4. In the drop down lists, select a Line Color, Line Style, and Line Weight for each segment.
  5. Selecting the Use the following color, style and weight for all lines check box will allow the matching properties to be used for all lines. The individual line properties will become unavailable (grayed out).
  6. Select the Set as Default check box to use these settings as the default for all future support/resistance lines.
  7. Click OK.

You can also use the shortcut menu for a selected object to change available settings.

Fibonacci Extensions Tool on Think or Swim – Ameritrade Platform – https://www.tdameritrade.com

This video below will help you set up the tool and know how to draw the points. The Fibonacci extension set up starts around the 3:30 minute mark – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRbRss_Sxv0.

Watch the whole video from the beginning as it shows how to use the tools to draw a pattern

On the Think or Swim platform the Fibonacci Extensions tool (symbol %| ) is used:

You need to modify the tool with the Hidden Pivot values. Right-click on the pattern and select “Edit Properties.”:

Then enter the values for the Hidden Pivot pattern: 0, .25, .50, .75 and 1.0 You can add additional fib numbers above 1.0 if you wish. Make the colors as you want:

Then you can draw the pattern:


To review:

On the tool bar click on “drawings” then select the Fibonacci Extension (it looks like a percent sign with the right leg pointing up.) Drag to your chart and plot the ABC’s for the Fibonacci Extention pattern. You then double click the pattern on the chart to open “properties”. Here you uncheck unwanted values and check 0, 0.5 , 1; You will need to insert 0.25 and 0.75 so you then have 0, .25, .50, .75, and 1 checked. This turns the Fibonacci Extention tool into a Hidden Pivot pattern tool.

After plotting ABCs, you must change back to your cursor before double-clicking the chart. Otherwise, it thinks you are inserting an additional pattern.

The Trend-Based Fib Extension Tool on TradingView https://www.tradingview.com/

The TradingView platform also has a tool that can be modified to add and draw a Hidden Pivot pattern. Its called the Trend-Based Fib Extension tool that is reached via the Pitchfork dropdown list:

Draw a sample Hidden Pivot pattern, right-click the pattern and modify the values via the “settings” icon to the Hidden Pivot values:


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