Thursday, December 1, 2011

Small Details of a Monster Rally

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The stock market was in the throes of a monster rally as this tutorial session got under way, with the Dow up more than 400 points and the E–Mini S&P inches from a target that could temporarily cap the rally. More important than all of this was a T-Bond selloff, the resolution of which may […] Read More

Bankers’ Best-Laid Plans

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The markets were suspiciously subdued Wednesday night, but don't be surprised if buyers are back on Thursday to pursue their bliss.  It ishardly implausible that those who planned yesterday's liquidity announcement did so on a Wednesday because they believed it might be too ambitious to get a short-squeeze going as early in the week as […] Read More

SIH11 – March Silver (Last:32.735)

– Posted in: Current Touts, Rick's Picks

Silver's rally yesterday looked impressive at first glance, but it's hard not to notice its failure to surpass  the key external peak at 33.120 recorded on November 22.  Gold looks capable of dragging Silver higher, though, and that is what I expect.  However, the latter would need to hit 34.010 today to refresh the bullish […] Read More

GCG12 – February Gold (Last:1749.60)

– Posted in: Current Touts, Free, Rick's Picks

We're long  two contracts, from an initial position of four, with an effective cost basis of 1733.00. Look to exit one of those contracts at 1758.00, a few ticks below the 'D' target of the 'camo' pattern we used to get on board. (Note: Initial entry was via the December contract, but we rolled the […] Read More

ESZ11 – December Mini S&P (Last:1244.25)

– Posted in: Current Touts, Rick's Picks

An 1139.75 rally target disseminated here yesterday morning held for nearly five hours until a flurry of panicky short-covering on the close turned it into suet.  Use 1255.75 as an upside target for now, predicated on a push through its sibling midpoint at 1248.75.  There's no pretending we can find good camouflage after yesterday's rampage, […] Read More

ECZ11 – December Euro (Last:1.3460)

– Posted in: Current Touts, Rick's Picks

Yesterday's coordinated action by the central banks to lower dollar-swap rates sent the euro into a bullish spasm. The move was strongly impulsive on the hourly chart, but we'll reserve judgment on the likely longevity of the move until we see how the futures behave near the tentative 'p' midpoint of the pattern shown, 1.3551. […] Read More

Watch T-Bonds, Not the Criminally Insane Dow

– Posted in: Commentary for the Week of March 8, Free

If DaBoyz can squeeze a 500-point Dow rally out of yesterday’s administered easing of dollar “swap” rates, just imagine what they can do with a little Santa seasonality and a dollop of year-end window-dressing.  Let’s be straight about a couple of things. First, no one expects the latest easing of global credit lines to resolve […] Read More


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