If Hillary Had Won, the Dow Would Still Be Trading Above 23,000


A year after Trump defeated Hillary, the stock market has racked up its biggest post-election gain since 1945, when FDR was re-elected to a short-lived fourth term. Of course, Trump had no more to do with the current rally than Roosevelt or his successor, Harry S Truman, did with the post-War surge in shares. The stock market and the U.S. economy will always move in broad cycles far bigger than mere presidencies and the vainglorious strivers who typically hold the office. As such, it is arguably just a matter of luck that some Presidents get to preside over relatively good economic times (i.e., Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan) while others, less fortunate, have occupied the White House during relatively hard times or downturns (i.e., George W. Bush and Richard Nixon).

Tax ‘Reform’? Yeah, Sure…

It is laughable that pundits, economists and the usual news-media hacks are attributing the stock market’s crazed ascent in part to the dim prospect of what passes for tax ‘reform’ on Capitol Hill.  We’ve already glimpsed enough of the current process to know that, in the end, it will amount to just another stinking heap of handouts to various interest groups, none of whose priorities could even remotely be tied to a fairer, simpler or economically more efficient tax code.  Trump will grab as much credit as he can for the stock market’s ebullience, but only an imbecile could believe he caused it.  Indeed, there should be little doubt that if Hillary had won the Dow would still be trading above 23,000 — albeit for an entirely different set of ginned-up reasons, many of them as ridiculous as the current, purported tax ‘reform’. Moreover, any dubious economic benefits we might stand to gain over the long haul from tax ‘reform’ have probably already been discounted tenfold by the rabid bull market’s dollar gains to date.

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none November 9, 2017, 12:11 pm

Excellent words of wisdom, they will go unnoticed towards the ‘many’.

Have a great weekend coming Rick.

John Jay November 8, 2017, 11:59 pm

At least one report I’ve read on the internet has raised the percentage of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck by two points to an even 80%!

Meanwhile back at the KSA ranch, the guy running the show over there has followed the grand example of Marius and Sulla by drawing up a proscription list of the very richest of his citizens, in order to raise some money!

And debt everywhere around the world is at an all time high!

I am growing more confident by the day that I may just live to see my prediction about the resolution of the debt problem come true!

When an even dozen robber barons lay claim to all the world’s wealth, including the outstanding debt, Old Joe Stalin’s “No man, no problem” solution shall come to pass!

The KSA turmoil is just a straw in the wind!

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