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Market at Record Highs Is Flouting Big Risks Just Ahead


So much is riding on the outcome of this week’s FBI investigation that stocks are likely to remain unusually subdued until Kavanaugh’s appointment is decided. If the Senate does not confirm him for a seat on the Supreme Court, this could brew a perfect storm for investors in October that would feature the following: 1) Democratic majorities in the House and Senate; 2) Trump as a lame-duck president; and, 3) a coincidental escalation of the tariff war with China.  Think of the ‘Trump rally’ in reverse and you can see how the Dow might be trading 5000 points lower in six weeks. Putting aside the effects Kavanaugh’s rejection might have on the stock market, it would be catastrophic for America, turning seething hostilities across the red state/blue state divide into a potential civil war. This would likely happen even more quickly if Kavanaugh wins, since the left has threatened to impeach him and Trump.  They are certain to make good on this threat if they win big in November, unsettling America politically and economically for the foreseeable future. With the stock market trading in record territory, it is clear that investors are blithely oblivious to such risks and unprepared for the consequences.

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John Jay October 1, 2018, 11:13 am

For the younger readers here, a link to an article on how the JFK/Curtis LeMay contest was resolved.

“Navy Petty Officer Paul K. O’Connor—a hospital corpsman whose job it was to assist the pathologists at the autopsy—recounted consistently over the years that when he was ordered by the chief pathologist at the autopsy to tell whoever was smoking in the morgue to put out their cigar, he walked over to the gallery and discovered that the offender was Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay. LeMay contemptuously blew cigar smoke in O’Connor’s face, and of course, refused to extinguish his cigar.”

Picture is a worth a thousand words photo of the General at that link.


none October 1, 2018, 7:07 am

Pack your bags:

Charles Schwab Client Cash Hits All Time Low As Retail Investors Flood The Market.

Have a great day Rick.

John Jay October 1, 2018, 1:33 am

I think everyone already has Kavanaugh fatigue. Now there is a Conga Line of celebrity females yelling “Me too, Me too, Men are Pigs!” I am already weary of the Point-Counterpoint on the matter. It has turned into a Jerry Springer episode. Que sera, sera, to me now. Either way, no one is dead.

To me the real worry is when the US Secretary of the Interior Zinke announces: “The United States has that ability, with our Navy, to make sure the sea lanes are open, and, if necessary, to blockade… to make sure that their (Russian) energy does not go to market,” Zinke said on Friday at a Consumer Energy Alliance event in Pittsburgh.

I may be wrong, but perhaps the Russians just might see that as an act of war?
Especially after the Syrian shoot down of the Russian AWACs aircraft with the loss of 17 Russian airmen!
I think Putin faced a JFK versus Curtis LeMay moment over this incident. I was reading Russian High Brass in a furious anger over it, itching to retaliate. And Putin responding in a more controlled manner. I think he faced a nascent revolt as the Russian Generals are fed up with having their troops killed and humiliated, and having Putin telling them to “Calm down.”
Pick a trip wire, Syria, Ukraine, whatever.
If you want to see a stock market Crash real fast, just have Putin swept away by General Curtis LeMaysky! With Extreme Prejudice!
Then the US MIC/DC folks will sit down to the proverbial “Banquet of Consequences!”
Or we all may.
Not a laughing matter, not even to me this time.

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