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Buying Mania Continues, Even with Boeing Hurting


The Dow’s ability to forge relentlessly higher with Boeing shares getting slammed is unprecedented. We might as easily have imagined Duke’s basketball team winning the upcoming NCAA tournament with Zion Williamson out of commission. The six-foot, seven-inch, 285-pound power forward sprained his knee and has missed several games since one of his Nike sneakers blew apart during a widely televised match-up with North Carolina. Nike shares have inexplicably surged since the accident, which arguably was the worst publicity a maker of athletic equipment has ever received.

There was a time when serious weakness in Boeing, the most important stock in the blue chip average, would have weighed on investors. These days, however, the geniuses who get paid to throw Other People’s Money at a handful of stocks evidently have so much of it sitting idle that shares cannot simply rest for a day, especially when cyclical forces are as powerfully bullish as they are now. Look for their shills in the news media to soften and brighten the Boeing story (“Nothing to see here, folks. Just a minor software glitch that will be fixed in a jiffy.”) as much as possible in the days ahead, so that the business of Wall Street — i.e., filling the stock market with hot gas — can resume in earnest.

Don’t Be Surprised

The Dow has gained 250 points since a 737 Max jetliner went down in Ethiopia, killing all 157 aboard. The aircraft has been grounded around the world, causing Boeing shares to plunge from recent highs near 446 to a low this afternoon at 336.  BA looks primed to fall a further $54, but don’t be surprised if the Industrial Average acts as though it can barely wait to recoup heavy losses from Q4 2018 to achieve new record highs.

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John Jay March 14, 2019, 8:08 am

If you’ve ever seen Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York”, there is a scene where someone tells Boss Tweed “The mayor is complaining about all the crime here in the Five Points.” So, Boss Tweed says “Hang some pickpockets, no one important, just some nobodies.”

The FBI should lay a splendid wreath on the grave of Boss Tweed in tribute!
I am surprised no one has made a bio picture about that guy, what an operator!

none March 14, 2019, 6:20 am

The BA Treasury Stock position in BA was at a negative equity, when BA was at 20% higher in value. This 10b-18 issue is major as mention with HD and others it has an ‘over whelming’ negative bias towards all issues being traded in the equity markets.

BA has fallen about 20% and has more than likely move towards ‘margin call level’s’ for the BA money managers. Continue unloading of the company stock is in order for lower pricing ahead.

Seemly stated that the DXY/ EC markets have now created ‘3 major weekly non conformation’ setting up DXY Bull Traps and EC Bear Traps.

This goes against the majority of thinking in the street as DXY sentiment is at a positive sentiment high level, the readings are very serious for these markets.

As, these readings in DXY/EC fx markets suggest that the currency investment flow from these 3 readings (the last one on Thursday last week 03/07/2019) are and have been moving funds ‘away’ from USA investments not towards.

This suggest that ‘Brexit’ will not take place, as the EC market is a major buy and that the Euro Zone itself is well in place to continue over the months and years ahead.

Confirming further there is ‘no populist world wide movement’, it is strictly ‘over valuation’ cause by extreme positive sentiment over the years for the current high in stock prices and the declining process we are now seeing in equity pricing, and nothing more.

Have a great day Rick.

Ben March 14, 2019, 4:28 am

“And some Soros type is not pulling [AOC’s] strings and seeing that she gets non stop media coverage of her childish asinine plans.”

If you guys haven’t seen this yet, you absolutely need to do so!


Rick Ackerman March 13, 2019, 8:27 pm

[I am re-posting the following for forum regular John Jay. It captures the flavor — and the hubris — of the FBI’s ‘big bust’ in the college cheating scandal. It should have surprised no one, since America’s institutions have never been more corrupt than they are now. RA]

You have to laugh out loud at the FBI busting the college admission “Bribes for Good Vibes Scandal”! Wow! A whole 25 million dollars involved, and some D level celebrities and oligarchs busted! And the spin of that story is…“See, we are getting real “Tough” on these rich bastards. No need for a revolution, now is there?”

You have to be pretty simple to fall for that story! FDR’s phony “Rich Guys tried to overthrow me and Smedley Butler broke it up” farce was much slicker, but with the same message: “See, I’m so much for the Little Guy, the Rich Guys tried to overthrow me, I’m your friend, keep voting for me.”

Uh huh, and none of the evil “Rich Guys” were stripped of their assets, prosecuted and hung for sedition. And Ocasio really rose up from nothing, and defeated an old time NYC Democrat because she is super smart and articulate, and some Soros type is not pulling her strings and seeing that she gets non stop media coverage of her childish asinine plans.

Uh huh. Dr. Strangelove meets The Producers, and Idiocracy!
With Dr, Zhivago the final chapter for the USA!

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