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Simple Advice to Avoid Getting Shot by a Madman


If you watched the news last week, it was impossible to avoid getting a loud earful about mass shootings and gun-control. President Trump, as we might have expected, got blamed by liberals for everything but pulling the trigger. As this accusation grew increasingly shrill, then deranged, probably half of America tuned out the discussion. However, one particularly useful piece of information that stuck with me is something we can all do, starting immediately, to reduce the death toll: Run like hell whenever we hear shots.

This simple advice was proffered by a law enforcement veteran interviewed on Fox, and it is worth heeding. If you are in an enclosed space, he noted, that is where the danger will always be greatest, and so you should reflexively make a beeline for any pathway to the outdoors. If you instead choose to hide inside the building where the shooter is, that is courting death, said the lawman. And if your back-up plan is to appeal to the killer’s conscience when he finds you cowering under some table or counter, that is literally begging for death. When you are in full flight, however, running as fast as you can, odds of getting hit by a bullet decrease very significantly, he said. Bolt for an exit the instant you hear what sounds “like firecrackers.” By now, everyone should know that unless it is the Fourth of July, those sharp pops are more likely to be gunshots.

                                                                             Concealed Carry

More stringent background checks are coming, for sure, but it is predictable that the shootings will continue. Better to have your own plan of defense regardless of how the laws governing firearms change. The best solution, arguably, is one that liberals don’t want to hear: concealed or open carry. This works in Israel, where jihadists invariably get shot dead before they’ve killed more than a few innocents. More guns would not be necessary — just better training for those who already own them. There are obvious public safety risks, and those who act in self-defense will often face serious legal charges. But that beats subjecting every place or event where crowds gather to the whim of a psychotic gunman.

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Ben August 12, 2019, 1:09 am

“This works in Israel [rewind, replay] This works in Israel [rewind, replay] This works in Israel…”

Yep. Even the teachers carry. That is wise, do not get me wrong. And running when you hear “firecrackers” is also wise.

But I have it on the very best authority that even such wisdom is destined to fail. Great danger is in store for the Israelis as well as all of us, for that matter.

2031 makes perfect sense, being seven years after 2024, and 2024 being exactly 100 years after the fall of the seventh beast and the simultaneous rise of the eighth and final beast. 2031 is also 12 years after 2019. Did God speak through a jackAOC? I think so.

Point is, as God continues to loosen His hold on the leash of humanity — thereby revealing all that humanity really is — there will only be more murder and mayhem to come. This is all in Daniel and Revelation. Of course, everyone is still running around like oblivious, headless chickens. But that’s in the Bible, too.

John Jay August 12, 2019, 12:19 am

The Deep State, and their MSM shills will always equate the Method-firearms, with the Madness-homicidal maniacs.
And, so far, that narrative is working quite well for them!

Just as every “Conservative” pundit/politician, from Barry Goldwater (RIP) to W F Buckely, to Hannity and Trump himself never broach the real “Problem” in the USA, namely the billions spent in election “Finance”!

Why is that?

Just follow the money!

“Conservative” politicians/pundits have made a splendid living for decades complaining about the Dems, ignoring the simple truth that if the money was removed from politics, Congress would go back to “Representing” Main Street, and the whole corrupt system would rapidly self correct.

Gun control goes beyond just money, the Deep State actors fear both the 1st and 2nd Amendments because they stand in the way of their quest for absolute power over us via a one party political system, just like Mexico/ Latin America.

If Trump were serious he would make a speech on the 2nd Amendment with this simple fact:
Prior to the 1934 Federal Firearms Act, championed by FDR, anyone could and did legally own a Tommy Gun, etc.
And the massacres were confined to Chicago gangsters garages!
Then he could ask, “So what has changed since 1934 that we have mass shootings today? Simple. There has been a collapse in morals. And you cannot “Legislate Morality.”

Take away firearms, and the homicidal maniacs will move to machetes, samurai swords, chainsaws, acid, buckets of gasoline,etc.

Or the patient ones will pursue a Class A License with a Haz Mat Endorsement ( 6 months, free at an ROP) and haul, oh, dynamite, propane, chlorine, ammonia, etc.

All you are doing by banning firearms is upping the challenge for a Homicidal Maniac find a more efficient “Method” to achieve their “Madness.”
And get their personal body count and their personal infamy way up there!

Pan August 11, 2019, 10:39 pm

I get what you’re saying Rick, and it’s not something that as a non US resident I can really understand why it happens, nor what the solution should be (assuming there is a solution).
Here’s a piece I found in the news “Among parents with school-age children, 65 percent said they were somewhat or very worried about gun violence in schools, and a majority of those parents were supportive of efforts intended to beef up school security.
Sixty-one percent of parents said they favored publicly funding firearms training for teachers and school personnel, and 54 percent said they approved of allowing school personnel to carry guns.”
So now people are even talking about teachers carrying guns, what I wonder though is, where does it stop?
Who’s next? pre-school teachers? brown owls? supermarket cashiers? or rather in that case, who shouldn’t carry a gun?

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