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The Art of the Deal, One Shovelful at a Time


“China really wants to make a deal,” says President Trump, “but I’m not there yet.”  Ya gotta hand it to the guy, he can pile up manure until it smothers the opposition. Nothing about Xi Jinping says he’s eager to meet Trump’s terms on trade, not any more than Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is eager to make peace. And yet, would you bet against Trump? He’s got quite a winning streak going, even if half of America pretends not to notice. He’s also got a gift for putting losing deals on hold (i.e., North Korea), perpetually in limbo so that they are not cluttering up the scoreboard. He has little to lose with this strategy and everything to gain if Mr. Kim should shock the world someday by pretending to come around.

Trump’s foes like to think he plays the fool to Putin. But even Putin, who plays a weak hand better than any global leader we can recall, must defer to the very uncertainty of Trump. What will he do next? What is he capable of doing? No one really knows, perhaps not even Trump himself. He has pushed the tariff war farther than anyone could have imagined. The real surprise is how much support he has picked up for keeping the pressure on China. We’ve known all along that China has lied, cheated and stolen its way to economic success. Now, however, this is all part of the official narrative, a fact to be reckoned with not only by the Maoists responsible for the New York Times, but also by Wall Street Journal editorialists who espouse free trade as a religion.

About Those Bankruptcies….

It was easy to doubt the President’s negotiating prowess when his book, The Art of the Deal, came out in 1987. Here’s a guy who has bankrupted three casinos that were raking in dollars by the truckload. A hit-piece in the long-defunct SPY magazine asserted that Trump’s biggest successes in business came only when he partnered with wheeler-dealers much smarter than he, including the Pritzker family, founders of the Hyatt hotel chain. An impressive and recurring feature of Trump bankruptcies is that he has walked away from them not only financially intact, but with the best piece of whatever could be salvaged from each deal. When some residential properties he seemingly owned went bankrupt, Trump always claimed he had no ownership interest, only a lucrative stream of royalties just for putting his name on the buildings.

It will be interesting to see whether the President reassesses Xi Jinping if the Chinese leader sends in the troops to crack heads in Hong Kong. Trump is instead suggesting that Xi meet with the protestors to make nice with them. Nobody could believe this is going to happen, but it makes Trump sound like a warts-and-all version of Will Rogers, with a little Chucky at the edges. The president acts as though he can get anyone to either like him or respect him. On the global stage, this seems to be true. It is only in America where he has failed to pull it off. Even so, no one, not even his most ardent detractors, is laying odds that he will lose in 2020.

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none August 16, 2019, 6:17 am

America does not allow ‘mob rule’ or a popular vote as many think today. America’s Founding Father’s created a Constitutional Republic as we have representative voting processes.

Higher leaders are place in such a way towards a growing trend or threat. America is and has enter a major world war and still does not have a clue, they soon will.

Obama had a ‘at ease’ presidency and gave comfort towards the enemy and they took the bait hook line and sinker. Job well done.

The Trump presidency gave way towards the ‘legality of action’ towards the enemy. Laws are now and have been created to support such action towards the enemy. All wars have such as a government much lead or declare its intent in this way. America has done so with certain nation states not allow to have complete access to the homeland. Trump has place the gauntlet down on the issue. Job well done.

We have had several 2 term presidency’s in a row and the likely hood of another has the odds against such. The next president will be very anti-Muslim and very vocal of his or ‘her’ intent towards the subject. It is this ingredient that one should observe in the candidates to be Americas next leader. Such a turn in American history of such an individual and gender change in leadership would do a total ‘head game’ shift towards the enemy at this time in history.

The Trump leadership such as the Obama leadership has been all about the long war America is engage in. America has a great ability, which it does not advertise in fighting very long generational conflicts. The 65 year Indian Wars of the west is one of them.

All trends start or have a turning point by the same process, it is ‘sentiment or public behavior patterns’ that expose themselves before the masses or the herd. The Muslim Brotherhood having supporting the Democratic Socialist and funding them is the main event. They are completely out in the open today and are quite comfortable in the halls of our American government. It does not get better then this in preparing in terminating an enemy.

“Israel Denies Entry to Omar and Tlaib After Trump’s Call to Block Them”, is a major event towards America intent.

America only after a decade of a ‘great depression’ had enough hate to drop the bomb on the worlds enemy at the last 4th generational turn in the 1940’s. The PC (political correctness) movement in America is a ‘2 edge sword’ and will be use towards the enemy but 1st it must infect the masses in how it thinks and operrates, to then shift and to create the thinking in making ‘right is might’.

Have a great weekend Rick.

Pan August 16, 2019, 12:22 am

Just a little fact checking, this from a 25-nation Pew Research Center survey.

Trump’s International Ratings Remain Low, Especially Among Key Allies

America’s global image plummeted following the election of President Donald Trump, amid widespread opposition to his administration’s policies and a widely shared lack of confidence in his leadership. Now, as the second anniversary of Trump’s election approaches, a new 25-nation Pew Research Center survey finds that Trump’s international image remains poor, while ratings for the United States are much lower than during Barack Obama’s presidency.

So you see, it’s not just America where he can’t pull it off, in fact confidence in Trump came in at a miserable 27%, whereas NO CONFIDENCE was at a massive 70% !!



Even if polls mattered, which they obviously don’t, I wouldn’t trust Pew any more than I trust pollsters who predicted Hillary would win in a landslide. Barring a recession, Trump will win again in 2020 no matter what the polls say, and no matter how shrill his foes. Anyway, how can you expect polls to accurately reflect sentiment when the media/entertainment complex has worked obsessively to shame Trump’s supporters into silence?

And who cares what other nations think? Belgium, Spain, France, Italy? Let them suck up to the Russians. It’s obvious that whether they like Trump or not, he can make them “see his point of view” and, ultimately, coalesce. This requires no coercion at all where America’s Pacific allies are concerned. Who are the 25 nations polled? I’m sure the list is laughable. Most of them have hated America since the Marshall Plan outlived its usefulness to them. RA

Ben August 16, 2019, 12:09 am

“Even so, no one, not even his most ardent detractors, is laying odds that he will lose in 2020.”

How can he lose, though? The democRats don’t have anyone! Even if they did, ya gotta ask yourself: would he or she want to be the face of the party, given all that it represents now?

But Jinping does want to make a deal… he wants to go back to where things were. Were. Something’s changed, whether anyone likes it or not. See? Trump’s already made the deal! Just the same…

All these rich democRats who say they want to be taxed more? They do, but what they mean is that they want the rules to go back where they were: when they could deduct huge amounts of their state tax and get a Federal refund larger than what they paid in state!

But since no candidate worth a damn wants to be the face of that wretched party now… Can there ever be any going back?

Right. Keep on winning, Mr. Trump!

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