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So Now Wall Street Is Crazy About…Biden??


Who could have guessed Wall Street would go crazy over Joe Biden? Stocks staged an epic rally on Wednesday after the 77-year-old comeback kid resurrected his campaign in Super Tuesday balloting. Biden’s success did what the Fed’s 50-basis-point rate cut earlier in the day had failed to do — i.e., rally the stock market. Now, presumably, all Biden has to do to leave Trump choking on dust in the polls is say he’s always been a strong advocate of easy credit. Perhaps the guy can cure coronavirus, too? We await word on this from Biden himself, since he has never been shy about taking credit for…everything.

In truth, it was not bumbling, quid-pro-quo Joe’s victory the markets were celebrating, but rather the drubbing that Bernie suffered. Although the Marxist lunatic is still very much in the race, Tuesday’s results quelled fears that he will run away with the nomination. Biden now has more than a fighting chance, and his candidacy could pick up steam if he floats Hillary as a possible VP choice. That could make lemonade from the lemon-like fear that he could sink into full-blown dementia before 2024. The good news for the Republicans is that a Biden/Clinton ticket would put two world-class liars at the top of the ballot in November. Both of them are certified, graft-grubbing weasels who made every dime of their wealth by selling access. Under the circumstances, perhaps the press might have to go a little easier on Trump and the source of his money. Yeah, sure.

Positioning Biden’s Marbles

Fox News has been pushing the notion that Biden has lost his marbles and that voters have picked up on this. Democrats needn’t worry, since we can expect Joe’s fawning supporters in the press either not to notice, or to profess to be charmed by his tendency to forget where he is, who is interviewing him, and even his wife’s name.

Biden’s strong showing was deemed a shocker by the news media, but when was the last time these morons got anything right?  None of them, least of all the experts who clutter the op-ed pages with pseudo-scientific election-map bilge, had expected it to become a two-man race so soon.  In retrospect, who actually could have believed that a commie, a fake Cherokee or a Jewish New York billionaire would take any votes away from Biden in the Deep South, where he laid claim on Tuesday to an impressive swath of the map? Now the press will go all-out pretending sleepy Joe’s revival is the Second Coming. Bernie will get kicked around worse than Richard Nixon, and Trump will get seriously funny whenever Biden is the subject. Oh, and other than on Fox, we will not be hearing much about, ahem, Ukraine. _______ UPDATE (Mar 5, 2:50 p.m. EST):  In the category ‘stupidest headline of 2020’, this Wall Street Journal topper takes the prize:  Stocks Extend Drop as Anxiety About Virus Returns. When will they figure out that the stock market’s ups and downs drive the news rather than the other way around. If the Dow hadn’t gotten shellacked on Thursday and instead had risen, we’d be reading the same, upbeat coronavirus headlines that blanketed the news on Wednesday, when, supposedly, contagion and the death toll were receding in China and elsewhere. Do the halfwits who concoct these stories actually believe that a single case of coronavirus that turned up on a Princess cruise ship has caused our supposed ‘fears’ to careen back to end-of-the-world dread? So it would seem.

Please do not ask trading questions!

  • mario cavolo March 6, 2020, 6:31 am

    Rick! John Jay! I’ve missed you guys all these years but never lost the fond memories of that couple of years running articles and commentary here. Lovely memories gents! And since then, in fact just a few short weeks ago, I became China’s most famous foreign panda hugging CPC bootlicker in the country. Yea, seriously. An article I posted on LinkedIn, the God’s decided apparently, went viral, its now at 1.9 MILLION views and I’m now China’s foreign face national hero for saying nice things about China. Nice, right? Well, not in light of the virus outbreak which is what I would like you guys to know. Please DO pop over to my facebook or youtube to watch the last 3-4 video updates I’ve done on this nasty virus. It is indeed, nasty and trust me I’ve been as sharp as ever tracking what’s going on, the most likely scenario is a 2020 Global Reset, finally here after all these years of expecting it. You can expect global economic devastation as all the biz/show/travel cancellations are already clearly indicating and this situation globally hasn’t even gotten started yet. Meanwhile, on China, its already past. Yes, that part is absolutely true. No new cases in my province (I’m in Shenyang, Liaoning, my darling wifey’s hometown) for over two weeks, then just a few days ago, 3 cases in an isolated town. That’s it and that’s pretty much the story all over China’s other 21 provinces, really, except the epicenter Wuhan which needs more time. China is not lying about anything, everyone else is. Please regard this note Rich as a service to you and your readers. Best, Mario. Oh, yea well on whether I’m obviously a paid China propagandist, yea of course, and I’m working with Mifsud who sent the information through Putin via Burisma and then back through the DNC who actually pays me cuz I’m a board member of, um., whatever 🙂 Seriously, I know what I’m talking about, please watch the vid updates, take care.

    • John Jay March 6, 2020, 9:06 am

      Hi Mario,
      Glad to hear you are ok over there!

      The Spanish Flu killed about 675,000 Americans in 1918.
      Coronavirus ?
      “US death toll climbs to 14!”
      A busy weekend in Chicago gangland!

      I live in Hacienda Heights, about 45% Asian, 40% Hispanic.
      No one is dying in the streets, no one is wearing masks here!
      When I go to the Walmart in Industry I am exposed to every communicable disease Open Borders has to offer!
      I worry more about TB than Coronavirus, I wear baseball gloves when I go to the gym to lift weights, that’s all.

      8.3 billion Dollars passed by Congress to “Fight” the “Terrorist Virus” will all be stolen or wasted.

      Just another payday for K Street, who are on the job 24/7!

      DT is no prize, but we are fresh out of Eisenhowers and even Nixons.

      In the long run, DT is just a speed bump on the road to a Third World American Reality.

      Sic Transit Gloria Mundi!

      • mario cavolo March 9, 2020, 5:10 am

        JJ! I’m with you all the way, except on the virus thing. Its nasty and coming your way. Please watch my YT vid overviews. Years later, I’m an avowed centrist but only if people beg me to choose 🙂 Watching DT do his thing is surreal, I love most of what he’s about and just shake my head at the rest. Best, Mario

    • Ben March 7, 2020, 10:44 pm

      Glad you and the family are okay for now, Mario! Try your damnedest to stay that way!

      I’m going to break topic since it’s the weekend and urgency demands it. The storm has started. Italy said it’ll be locking down a region — Milan, iirc — of 16 million people. Think it’s about time I shared with you all something I saw a few nights ago…

      I check the Johns Hopkins map regularly. On March 4th ~20:55 hours, the Total Confirmed cases box said 2,647,665. I stared for a moment, then quickly took screen captures. I had heard, back in late January or early February, that the same thing was occurring on a Chinese state-run virus tracker. Every night, for several nights in a row, for a brief time, the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths would show dramatically higher than officially stated.

      A half hour after I took the screen grabs, I refreshed the page and it down to about what I was expecting to see: 95,411.

      Long story short: I believe the 2.6 million is the total cases, plus all the known cases that couldn’t be tested… because of short supplies of testing material. Consider South Korea and Hubei…

      SK has a little over 7,000 cases that it has identified through over 150,000 tests. SK itself is similar to Hubei province, population-wise. Hubei got hit with nearly 68,000. If all things are equal, then they must have tested 1.5 million people. And that’s two small chunks of the world’s population.

      Is there a world-wide shortage of tests? I don’t know. But there is a well documented shortage of medical masks. Everyone is talking about the disruptions to the global supply chains (except they limit the scope of their discussion to things like iPhones and cars).

      And, here we are, here in the U.S., still woefully and dangerously lacking in testing kits. Yet, all these government and health officials — at all levels, from both parties — are still saying, “The risk of infection remains low”, even it spreads and even as we’re still not doing anywhere near the amount of testing that should’ve started weeks ago.

      My point is… This is going to be VERY rough, folks. I doubt it’ll be even a week before that becomes apparent. Myself, I’m praying the Lord delivers us through an Easter Day miracle — or, preferably, sooner! The warm weather of spring and summer are not going to do it, as evidenced by the continuing spread in the southern hemisphere and equatorial countries.

      • mario cavolo March 9, 2020, 5:13 am

        Ben, in a nutshell and skipping further analysis. Yea, this is really and truly fckd for at least the next 3-4 months. If we’re lucky somehow it will start receding by then but if not, then worse and worse to that global reset which will expose what we all know the MF elites did to our world. Best, Mario

  • John Jay March 4, 2020, 11:48 pm

    Well Rick,

    When the folks really running the show know that the formerly 12 – year – old (Intellectually) Electorate that they had to deal with back in the Eisenhower administration has now been eroded down to a 7 – year – old level, anything goes!

    While the MSM likes to pretend our choices are still at the Dwight Eisenhower versus Adlai Stevenson level of Gravitas……………….
    Or, or, even better, the Jimmy Stewart character Senator Jefferson Smith from the “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” movie!
    The sad reality is the totally rigged Democrat Debates/ Super Tuesday Delegate voting is just a bizarre Punch and Judy Puppet Show, where the slack jawed, perpetually fog bound masses cheer for their favorite puppet to beat the other puppets on the stage over the head with a caveman club!

    And there has never been any Politician in this Country, from the far left to the far right that has ever championed the cause of getting the money out of Politics, has there?
    Because if you did that one thing, then it would be at least possible for our wonderful Constitution, designed by Genius to be run by Idiots to self correct and return to the Republic the founders envisioned.
    Dad Gummit!

    And after that puppet show resolves itself, we all get to “Vote” in November to “Decide” who “We The People” want to “Represent” us in DC!
    Dad Gummit!

    While in reality voting is a lot like Maggie Simpson, who thinks she is “Driving” when she is spinning the steering wheel attached to her car seat! It even has a little horn she can toot!
    That’s what voting is!
    Because, just as Marge Simpson is really driving the car for Maggie, the 39,000 lobbyists on K Street are the ones driving our government. And they are working for the .01%, aren’t they?

    I’ll of course vote for DT again, he at least goes through the motions of being on the little guy’s side, there is no one else in the RINO party, at any level that even does that much!
    So in November I will climb in my car seat, and spin the little steering wheel and maybe even toot the little horn too!
    Dad Gummit!

  • Ben March 4, 2020, 9:08 pm

    Yeah, I was WAY off the other day, when I said Bloomberg was a certainty. And I think I know why, now. As you mentioned at the end of your article, we won’t be hearing about Ukraine from now on…

    If Joe isn’t the nominee, then a bunch of establishment democRats will become a part of the investigation of the quid pro Joe scandals. But if he’s the nominee, they buy some time. And if he wins, they’re all off the hook!

    Bernie wouldn’t do that for them, since he wants to replace them with his communist brethren. What better way to do a purge than to let the trials commence? And Bloomberg… I don’t know. He’d probably protect them, but for a substantial “fee”. Joe, being up for prison himself, would be willing to do it pro-bono, so…

    Biden/? 2020: “Keep us out of the slammer!”

    • John Jay March 5, 2020, 8:31 am

      It’s simple!
      Follow the money!
      Perfect example…….
      The Corona virus which the MSM has latched onto as Reality Show Gold!

      Congress to the rescue!

      8 billion dollars to “Fight” the evil “Terrorist” virus!
      The Senate is “Likely” to pass the bill!
      DT will sign it with a flourish!

      Next step, two multiple choice questions, for you to decide:

      1) How much of the 8 billion dollars will be stolen?
      A) Some of it.
      B) Most of it.
      C) All of it

      2) How much of the Bill was written by K Street Lobbyists?
      A) Some of it.
      B) Most of it.
      C) All of it

      To see the future, look to the past!

      Now that’s comedy!


      • Ben March 5, 2020, 7:11 pm


        Trump isn’t delivering on his promise to provide those replacement test kits. In fact, going by his tweets, he seems much more interested in making jabs against Mike Bloomberg, than anything else.

        And everywhere I look, in the Trump-supporter world — Breitbart, Conservative Nuthouse, American Non-Thinker — it’s the same stupid, drunken fool crap. They really think it isn’t happening. They really do think this is “just the flu” or something even less severe. They really do think viruses stop at the coasts.

        I was a Trump supporter, but never a worshipper. But after seeing his attitude on this grave matter… Truck Fump, altogether. And all the rest.

        Cheers, my friend. To the Exterminatus..!