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The Case for a New Election (or maybe not. See my update at bottom.)


The acrid aroma of voter fraud has grown so strong that even Biden supporters must smell it. To them, however, it undoubtedly has a fragrance as sweet as lilacs in August. Unfortunately for America, no matter how deep, wide and ugly the scandal might become, it may not be enough to overturn the election result. The news media have demonstrated their ability to control the narrative so completely, and to snuff those who would challenge it so brutally, that it’s possible nothing short of a new election can change the outcome. That is not to say Trump’s all-out effort to prove widespread fraud is just so much tilting at windmills. In Wisconsin, for example, there is evidence of tampering so brazen that it recalls the days when the Kansas City mafia ran a wide swath of Las Vegas. They were skimming one casino’s profits so greedily that a New York capo stepped in to warn KC’s wiseguys to leave a little profit for the house. In Milwaukee, and conceivably many other places, Democrats seem to have departed recklessly from the don’s call for moderation when stealing, Here’s some damning analysis of the city’s vote from Jack Cashill of AmericanThinker.com:

“The most striking feature of the data is a fact that cries out for clarification: In seven wards, voter turnout appears to have exceeded [registrations by] 100 percent. In two of those wards, turnout exceeded 200 percent. In another 15 wards, voter turnout exceeded 95 percent. Joe Biden carried 21 of the 22 wards of the 95-plus-percent wards. But then again, he carried all but one of the 67 additional wards in which the turnout was above 90 percent and won 80 percent of the vote citywide. In 25 wards, Biden received 97 percent or more of the vote, none higher than 98 percent. Based on exit polls, it is highly likely that these were overwhelmingly black districts. No other demographic could produce those numbers.”

Biden’s Post-Midnight Miracle

On the evidence so far, it would seem more than a little plausible that Biden’s miraculous come-from behind victory in five key states — states which Trump had been winning by large margins until ballot-counting mysteriously ceased in the dead of night — was attributable to precinct-by-precinct ballot-harvesting on a massive scale. Milwaukee’s mathematically impossible outcome buttresses the suspicion that a crucial number of unsolicited mail-in ballots were returned to polling stations in the wee hours, nearly all of them marked for Biden.

Will Trump’s sleuths and lawyers be able to prove this? Very probably, since circumstantial evidence of  fraud seems to be everywhere. There are even reports that, anticipating widespread fraud months ago when the Democrats went all-in on using mail-in ballots — the President set up a sting operation to monitor and capture election night cheating in real time.

But will even this be enough for the courts to award the election to Trump? Not necessarily. Remember, the Democrats control the news media almost as effectively as Stalin did. The dictator systematically murdered 30 million Russians, but it took a generation for the story to emerge (no thanks to the News York Times, which won a Pulitzer for the fawning reports on Stalin that their man-on-the-scene, Walter Durante, filed from Moscow).  Even if it is shown that the Democrats cheated on a wide scale, it may be expecting too much of the Supreme Court justices to think they could choose a president. They know full well that whatever they decide would risk setting the Republic ablaze.

Avoiding Civil War

Under the circumstances, perhaps only a do-over in key states, held under the very strictest conditions, can save America from self-destructing. Could the Democrats be goaded into settling the score once and for all if it would spare us bloodshed? Possibly not, considering that many of them evidently think the Republic was founded by racists and not worth saving. But if the courts award Trump a second term, the Dems would have a compelling reason to consider a new election. At that point Trump would have an opportunity to suggest something that everyone would surely recognize as good for America: hold a new election in order to settle things fairly and beyond dispute. If both sides are as confident about winning as they’ve been saying they are, the do-over would happen regardless of legal impediments.

In the meantime. Trumpers who watched blue-shirted revelers party in the streets over the weekend may have experienced a sense of foreboding, for they have good reason to doubt Biden will be able to improve on Trump’s handling of the economy. Despite the stock market’s spectacular rally since March, the gains are as stable as the hydrogen-filled Hindenburg. Investors seem worried that the Democrats’ far-left political agenda would end the bull market. My guess is that it will end before the inauguration if Biden/Harris are the ones taking the oath. From a political standpoint, the silver lining for America is that the Dems will be too busy trying to avert a Second Great Depression to have time to implement the Green New Deal, pack the Supreme Court, kill fracking, charter schools, the filibuster and all the rest.

Trump Optimism Indispensable

Democrats will be blamed for the collapse not because of anything they’ve done, for indeed they will have done nothing at that point to have harmed the economy. But it will become inescapably clear that the optimism required to sustain moderate growth and keep the stock market from imploding was vested solely in Donald Trump. Replicating the bullish effects on the markets of his genuine feel-good message lies beyond the reach or even understanding of the Democrats.  If and when it comes, the collapse will be too widespread and too devastating for Trump supporters to take pleasure in it. We can only wish Biden good luck, because he’s going to need it.  Even luck won’t suffice if Biden’s first act as president is to tighten the lockdown, as many on both sides of the political divide expect. He all but promised that “his” vaccine will work better than any cure Trump is capable of delivering. Say what!? If Trump at times seemed boorish, it is with statements such as that that Biden bids fair to one-up him. ________ UPDATE (Nov 11, 3:53 p.m. ET): What a difference a day makes! My headline seems dated already, if not yet wholly irrelevant, following Pfizer’s remarkably timed announcement on Monday of a supposedly 90%-effective vaccine. This was a jack-boot kick in Trump’s face, and it was so brutal that if he weren’t such a tough old buzzard his head would be orbiting the earth right now. Trump may be no more than a week or two from becoming a fallen hero to 70 million Americans, but that will not soften Pfizer’s vicious blow. Reagan was the last president capable of parrying it with good-natured aikido, but Trump, face it, is no Reagan. Meanwhile, my usually reliable sources continue to insist the president will shortly produce ironclad evidence of massive cheating by the Democrats. The sources tell me he actually received 84 million votes and that this will be well documented. Here’s a video claiming with absolute confidence that Trump had a sting in place using blockchain technology to surreptitiously shadow the conventional vote-count. I would have to concede that if Trump did not take such elaborate safeguards after tweeting for months that he knew exactly how the Democrats would cheat, then perhaps he deserves to lose. On the other hand, it seems very much like him to have set this kind of trap. We’ll know soon enough.  But even if our worst suspicions about the election should prove true, we could discover that naked truth is no match for anti-Trump psychosis and the Deep State, especially in a society where decadence and corruption have become so deeply entrenched and widespread.

Please do not ask trading questions!

  • Pan November 10, 2020, 10:46 am

    So all this widespread fraudulent voting that’s going on, just curious, has it ever happened before or is it only this time around since the Duck decided that’s what’s happening well before the election even began?

  • Pan November 9, 2020, 8:45 pm

    Brilliant entertainment .. . .you couldn’t make this stuff up : )

  • John November 9, 2020, 3:32 pm

    Unless there are watermark blockchain ballots…

  • Pan November 9, 2020, 12:33 pm

    Listen I hate to break it to all you guys but I kind of think somebody should, the simple reality is that Trump was and is an immature, egotistic, divisive, xenophobic, lying mafia boss piece of mansion trash (and that’s putting it mildly) and those swingers who gave him a shot last time thankfully came to their senses. If anyone did or wanted to commit voter fraud it would’ve been the conman in the highest office, not sleepy ol’ Joe who finally managed to drag himself over the line by his top lip.

  • RedWillDanaher November 9, 2020, 10:32 am

    Hi Rick, you may recall that you published a guest essay that I wrote many years ago with respect to the fact that we can never be cynical enough when it comes to the powers that be. I’m noting that because, as always, I enjoyed your piece but allow me to suggest that the entire point of getting him in there now, aside from all the usual/obvious reasons which can be summed up simply with “power”, is for him to oversee the decline so that the misery can take a more permanent hold. They don’t plan on running again in the accustomed way (“look at all the improvements I’ve made”) EVER again. Give it a think, interested in your thoughts.


    Politics is entropy writ small, I’m afraid. But if there’s a tiny place in me that hasn’t surrendered to cynicism, it lies in the belief that Trump ran for office because he sincerely believed he could stop America’s tragic slide into history’s dustbin. For one shining moment, it looked as though he might succeed. RA

    • RedWillDanaher November 9, 2020, 4:04 pm

      Tough to say Rick, tough to say. All Trump’s obvious and deep flaws aside, I tend to think you’re onto something. He certainly didn’t mind burnishing all things “Trump” but he was right to say “WTF” is going on here rather than turtle up vs. the NWO et al. as all others do. The simpletons supporting corrupt gropey Joe will have wished they’d brushed up on their Goethe a long time ago but that’s always the thing, the inexorable crisis is the inexorable crisis for a reason and along with your shining moment, it is always part of the process both of which make living through it excruciatingly frustrating.

    • Ben November 9, 2020, 4:20 pm

      Hey, Red! I don’t doubt for a moment that misery would increase and be “managed”. I said earlier last week that a GOP Senate might hold the fort. No longer. The name of the game WAS sighing impatiently and scolding Republican stubbornness. The new game is Gimme or VIOLENCE…

      Gimme the election or VIOLENCE! Gimme 100 robed Marxists on SCOTUS or VIOLENCE!
      Make DC and Puerto Rico states or VIOLENCE! Gimme free everything or VIOLENCE! Gimme reparations or VIOLENCE! Kiss my feet or VIOLENCE!!!

      Life, if it could be called such, would be reduced to quivering on the floor, ever in fear of the next beating. Slavery. Tell me that isn’t what Ms. Ugandan Headhunter wants!

      But I don’t think they’re actually trying to steal this election, in the obvious way, any more than they were ever trying to win it. After looking at all the evidence, I’ve concluded that they WANT to get caught. I mean, they had to know that analysis of the early morning boosts would be done, and could only reveal what everyone thought already. And they knew that CISA designed the mail-in system — from process safeguards to physical ballots. That’s public information! They know they have little chance of getting away with this, yet they’re doing it…

      Because they know when all those illegal votes get tossed, the base will RAGE!!! up and hit the streets. Much easier to carry out a coup, when everything is chaos and violence. And that, I think, is how Biden/Harris will get in. IF they succeed.

      Nonetheless, SCOTUS must rule in favor of fairness and transparency. If they do not, then the Republic burns and will be forever gone, without a fight. If they do, the Republic still burns from however many months or years of lefty RAGE!!!, but stands a chance — very good, I think — of being left standing. That’s what I think, anyway. I hope SCOTUS does, too!

    • Chris November 9, 2020, 5:09 pm

      I’m an aussie looking on at the sideshow in the US. An alternate explanation other than fraud, is that Trump is unable to accept a reality that does not confirm to his own.

      I can believe that there has been some fraud on both sides of the election – that is probably inevitable. If Trump had a track record of integrity, transparency and concern for others, then his claims would be more credible. But he has not shown himself to be that kind of person (and that is being nice!). Even so, the prospect of widespread systematic fraud that could tilt an election is not remotely believable in an era of massive oversight. Trump’s claims need to viewed in the context of a narcissistic personality, who has trouble accepting a reality that doesn’t align with his.

      • RedWillDanaher November 10, 2020, 1:05 pm

        Chris, haven’t the once bold people of OZ been castrated for a while now? Do you really believe that ALGOR was lily white when he contested that election? Do you remember who assisted him in those efforts? Trump is a deeply flawed person and has likely done shady stuff but that doesn’t invalidate his claims if they are supported by evidence which is clearly possible. I’ll be nice and simply say that if you think reality is what the corporate propaganda matrix tells you it is, which you seem to have bought into, you couldn’t be much more further away from the truth but stay where you are because you’re right where they want you…

  • Pan November 9, 2020, 8:48 am

    If the Pfizer vaccine story holds water it could be a massive boost for humanity. It could also be a massive pin that starts the all too needed reality check for the markets, no Covid no unlimited stimulus??? Well ok I’m probably getting carried away here, but maybe just for a little while??


    I agree. Aren’t we supposed to be selling the news, especially when the rumor has been leveraged to Kingdom come? RA

  • Chartsmaster November 9, 2020, 5:08 am

    Rick, great points but as valid as this one is “…Even if it is shown that the Democrats cheated on a wide scale, it may be expecting too much of the Supreme Court justices to think they could choose a president. They know full well that whatever they decide would risk setting the Republic ablaze.” That is their job. If it is clear there was fraud, does it make sense to allow it to stand? They wouldn’t be choosing a President. They would be ensuring that the President the people chose actually is the one who serves.

  • Ben November 9, 2020, 3:29 am

    As they say: there’s a lot to unpack here! But I suggest the following things be implemented, should a new election actually prove to have more than a snowball’s chance…

    1) Cameras on every vote counter’s station. Stream them through to laptops that observers can watch, without breaking the six-foot rule. This should have been done _from the get-go_!

    2) If that simple 21st century solution is too much for democRat districts to handle — and it is, as they haven’t done that obvious solution already — then put up some of those acrylic/plexiglass sheets so observers can stand close enough to SEE what’s going on! Again, should’ve been done already!

    3) Lawless districts — i.e. ongoing riots and/or defunded police department — should be DISQUALIFIED, automatically, as free and fair elections are impossible in a state of anarchy. Yeah, you guessed it… should have already been done!

    4) After this, CHANGE THE WHOLE SYSTEM. I suggest a true random generation method…


    Won’t go into detail here, but it would solve so many problems and underlying problems. But since this system can’t be exploited to any meaningful extent, it will never be done anyway, so…

    • RedWillDanaher November 9, 2020, 10:38 am

      Good points Ben. Agreed.

  • Mervyn Cloe November 8, 2020, 9:02 pm

    Do you disagree with the Supreme Court enforcing the Constitutional remedy? An election using new electors appointed by Governors and one vote for each State? It seems to take the heat off of the Court to obey the Constitution. Also spreads criticism to all 50 states, which could blunt any News Media effort.


    I’m unfamiliar with that law, but it sounds too complex to be 100% credible in a rubber-match situation. What I’m advocating is a simple do-over in the states where results are in dispute. The winner would be determined in the usual way, by adding back in the re-cast electoral votes. RA

  • Steve November 8, 2020, 8:52 pm

    Unfortunately, you’ve embarrassed yourself with this column. While I normally enjoy reading your POV and respect your business acumen, this piece reminds me of a QAnon bit.


    Re-reading my essay, I have no clue what you are talking about, but I sure as hell don’t feel embarrassed by what I’ve written. The solution I’ve proposed may be “out there,” but from a human — as opposed to legalistic — perspective, I think it’s a terrific idea. It works great in the movies when feuds are settled ‘once and for all’. Exactly why wouldn’t it work in real life?

    I’d have to admit that at least some of the QAnon stuff seems fairly plausible to me. But I’m not a conspiracy buff, and for a very cynical reason: I don’t believe that those to whom most conspiracies are attributed are nearly smart enough to have pulled them off. However, some conspiracies that would be regarded by many — you, perhaps? — as wild-eyed fantasies are true beyond any doubt. The creation of the Federal Reserve, for instance. Or the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act on his own. You’d have to be nutty to believe otherwise.

    Concerning the stolen election, I’m not sure what your problem is with my conclusions. I’d be interested in hearing which part of what I’ve written you disagree with and why. The Milwaukee numbers speak for themselves. They are just crazy. RA

    • RedWillDanaher November 9, 2020, 10:36 am

      Where were are now is the result of countless successful conspiracies over the course of human history yet the elites among us dismiss them without consideration.

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