Only a Martian Attack Can Save Us


In the wickedly funny Tim Burton film Mars Attacks! there’s a scene where all 534 members of Congress get vaporized by aliens with ray guns. Alas, just when we need them most, there is nary a Martian invader around.  Instead, we have only the tragicomic spectacle of political thumb-wrestling on such a grotesque scale that even optimists will have been sapped of hope that the Republic can somehow survive the follies and depredations of its ruling class. The fact that the negotiations have continued into 2013 after a supposed compromise was reached on New Year’s Eve hints of further perils for Americans in the new year.  For, nowhere in any compromise soon to be struck is there a serious word about spending cuts. The main focus of the talks is the extent of tax increases that will in any case hit most workers, and hard. “In effect,” noted the Wall Street Journal, “Congress has delayed the fiscal cliff by erecting a new and potentially more dangerous one.”

Just so. Unfortunately, Monday’s eleventh-hour compromise between Obama and the Senate came after the House had adjourned for the day. Initially the news media waxed exuberant, as is their wont when little or nothing of substance has occurred on Capitol Hill. A day later, however, the headlines that trumpeted the story have become “Dewey-Beats-Truman” offal. We now learn that the Senate’s recipe for Sweeney Todd sausage is not going down so well with House members and that they could reject it. And for good reason: No one especially likes the latest deal – not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not even Obama himself. At least this time Nancy Pelosi has kept her mouth shut, since it’s obvious that, like Obamacare, whatever budget agreement eventually emerges will have to be lived with for a while before we can fully appreciate what a noxious, steaming heap of feces it is.  Meanwhile, amidst mounting chaos and discord in Washington, a recession that appears to have already begun will be able to root itself so deeply that even the Guvvamint’s statisticians will recognize it for what it is. (This is notwithstanding a dead-cat bounce in the housing sector that the news media have been effusing over).

Although we shun making “Predictions for 2013” because they are bound to be wrong, it is a safe bet that all-too-interesting times lie just ahead. From an economic standpoint, they are likely to further erode the well-being of America’s middle class, such as it is, changing the country dramatically for the worse by the time Obama’s second term expires.


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Ed Hoarse January 3, 2013, 1:27 am

The Printing Will Continue Until Morale Improves.

As soon as spending/printing stops or is unable to lift the Ponzi, the deflationary spiral and the chaos that follows will come front and center. The hard part is finding a long term scapegoat to let the system reset. Muslims, pandemics, and cosmic end time events only go so far unless the big SHTF event happens.

gary leibowitz January 3, 2013, 12:50 am

For betting purposes any manipulation that is hidden can cause unexpected results. These are understood and not so well accepted. You all do know what is being done, and therefore can make your own mind up to its affectiveness or ability to keep the market afloat. QE3 implies 1 and 2 did its job. When it fails is anyones guess, but I still say it is observable, and not hidden. Signs of a major reversal are usually there for the viewing. Sales, earnings, savings, employment, housing have real cross-reference data to help in determining the future path. So far everything is pointing to an upward bias.

Did anyone really think there was a fiscal cliff? Political suicide for most. I play the odds. Lets see what transpires with the real spending cuts that should be announced over the next 2 months. It should be done when the focus is NOT on them.

Does anyone still see an imminent crash ahead? I am still kicking myself for not going all-in before the cliff vote. Hope there is opportunities soon to do so.

Graeme Nicholas January 2, 2013, 10:48 pm

The compromise/s with whats needed re the Fiscal Cliff is the difficulty with taking “one’s own (unpleasant) medicine”.
Just like with Climate Change, albeit its about denial as well; everyone knows the solution – “Sustainability”; its about going about it!

redwilldanaher January 2, 2013, 9:11 pm

Gary, since Rick has barred you yet apparently, I have to respond. You sir, are an idiot. Just because you try to define away manipulation doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. This is has been the greatest episode of massive and coordinated manipulation in the history of the capital markets. Central plannings’ finest hour. You’re either a sick individual or a shill to try to deny this. The majority of your beloved central planner’s bull market has been achieved via overnight futures manipulation and short squeezing. Any fool, except you apparently, can see that. Where has the real intra-day buying been you tool? I haven’t been bearish so don’t try to categorize me as such. I’ve just had it with your shilling and propagandizing. You’re a collaborator in my book, just like Mario and the rest of the lot. You rationalize everything away and cheer on your captors because you all lack the intestinal fortitude to face the truth head on. You’d rather be party to a deal with the devil than tread in reality because reality is likely to be more difficult in the short run. They’re effectively rounding people up all around the globe and you are clapping as they do. I can’t be sure who has jewish ancestry around here or not but if any of you shills happen to descend from jewish families that suffered under Russian or European totalitarianism then you should be ashamed of yourselves. Furthermore, don’t ever lecture anyone with “never forget” or “never again” because you were obviously part of the group that was first to forget and first to enable the next time.

“Since everything is transparent…” – You couldn’t be more ridiculous without really trying hard, very hard to do so.

gary leibowitz January 2, 2013, 7:51 pm

Call me out on being optimistic on the stock market for 13 months running but it is what it is. I should have doubled my bet and stopped assuming there was one more correction. There still can be one, but the odds favor a mild one at that. Technically we just broke out, as the overseas markets telegraphed months before. I will wait for an opportunity to place those bets.

The real fiscal cuts will be done before the need to raise the debt ceiling. In 2 months time, probably right before the government money runs out, we will see those cuts. In fact I believe the Republicans had a closed-door meeting with the heads of the Democratic party to iron out the deal. The next round of cuts will help the Republicans hold their seats. A win-win situation for the politicians. Not so for the future. The market clearly favors a no-change policy, but that happens to be very short-sighted.

The idea that this whole move up for years is one big super-controlled government manipulation is hard to swallow. Let me be clear, I do not consider the QE3, increasing debt, world coordinated efforts to keep interest rates low, bank rule changes, a manipulation. It is a natural response by politicians to keep the economy rolling along. I don’t believe they can pull it off without major pain, but that remains to be seen. I know I will once again get flak for my use of the term manipulation, but in my mind, something that has been the “norm” with politicians doesn’t fall under that category.

In order to fall under my definition it must be covert. Since everything is transparent the markets can decide whether it is favorable to earnings.

So, while you close your eyes to the technical moves, and insist the market will wake up to your way of thinking any day now, you miss opportunities. If you can use pure analytical measures without emotional bias you should conclude the crash is not going to happen just yet.

My long standing view of SPX reaching above 1600 is in sight. I can assure you if my scenario continues to play out I will be the first one on this board committing a large sum with 3X ETF bear stance. I have no allegience to any one position. I have been lucky so far to have my views match the markets moves. I also have no illusions it will remain so.

Until the bull waves the red flag I stay my course.

Erin January 2, 2013, 8:51 pm

QE programs, Low interest rates, bank rule changes, ect.

Bernanke has used any number of these words except scissors in this definition and very recently I might add in his testimonies justifying his position of manipulating the markets. So, while you don’t believe that they are manipulated, the manipulator himself says that they are. Just stating the facts.

Dictionary manipulate
— vb
1. ( tr ) to handle or use, esp with some skill, in a process or action: to manipulate a pair of scissors
2. to negotiate, control, or influence (something or someone) cleverly, skilfully, or deviously
3. to falsify (a bill, accounts, etc) for one’s own advantage
4. (in physiotherapy) to examine or treat manually, as in loosening a joint

Carol January 2, 2013, 6:00 pm

Bravo Buster so well said. I agree and unfortunately this is why I could NEVER be an optimist like Gary and friends. Once you really understand the human nature and the world that “they” have created it is really hard to hold out any hope of “anything” ever changing (and in fact change of substance has never happened in all of recorded history … now we know why).

Buster January 2, 2013, 5:06 pm

Oh, the irony, Rick. The sad conclusion reached at the end of the day is probably that an external solution is the only hope we really have of saving us from these self interested, self important parasites & ourselves. The end of the trend of big government & corporate fascism beckons down a painful last stretch of road leading to the ultimate conclusion of mankind’s dysfunctional mentality & progress to nowhere, where none of us will want to be when it is realised in its entirety, or totality. Who can see it yet?

Agreements are certainly very quickly reached when the necessary beneficiaries are involved, & without all the theatrics played out to entertain or mislead the sheeple, as is probably the case with the fiscal cliff shenanigans. On Christmas Eve, apparently to make sure not even Santa Claus was around to object, the FDA quietly approved that genetically modified salmon be unleashed onto the world. I’m sure (not) that the full & unbiased testing & consequences of the poor creatures Monsanto style containable release onto nature has been taken into account by the FDA commissioner hired by the great front man, president obama (no capitals intended), who was previously & most conveniently a former GM lobbyist, & despite significant evidence that shows AquaBounty’s frankenfish contains high levels of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1), which has been linked to cancer and early puberty. I’m sure AquaBounty’s share price has made some investors richer in the course of this ‘progress’, with their research having been funded by taxpayers, but the days of naively focusing on just the numbers are possibly drawing to a close…..

According to some, we have now entered into the ‘Golden Age’, when human society will discover a new found awareness leading eventually to a world that will finally break free from the deceit & enslavement perpetrated on humanity by TPTB! Wow! The words ‘be careful what you wish for’ come to mind, as I don’t think many will like what they see in the real world & within ourselves. Step away from the mainstream propaganda view of things & we say bye bye to the happy clappy stability & self justification of the world order of things, which quickly turns into the most ugly, unnerving & sometimes even horrifying vision of our true reality. Take any field, whether it be politics, the financial system, business, religion, health, science or society itself & one soon discovers that humanity is pretty darned sick, to put it politely. So sick, in fact, that I can’t honestly justify our existence, a conclusion that may well be more relevant to us all than is apparent.

I’ll keep it simple by taking just one subject to show how very different reality is from the friendly TV adds, in this case, selling us our food. In the video we can see how big business, with its sole purpose of maximising profits, has removed all human decency from the treatment of animals to such an extent that only those without compassion would fail to be disgusted by it. If you can manage to watch even just a little bit it would be very helpful, as the basic way of thinking unveiled in this one industry is endemic of what governs all other fields mentioned above & possibly every other human endeavour. It actually shows a little of the ugliness of the true state of humanity & goes some way to showing how we are headed in the wrong direction as far as peace, prosperity & happiness are concerned, but the right way as far as the global corporatists & global government advocates (AKA. Corporate Fascism) are concerned:

I know most in society are too apathetic, irresponsible, or maybe even dishonest, to care to know of the plight of others, whether it be that of helpless animals being treated with barbarity in factory farming, the jobless & evicted families losing hope & stability for the sake of the rigged debt monetary system of the banksters, a war torn population in a faraway land rich in natural resources coveted by big business, those dying from cancer or mental anguish from the medications of big pharma, or even the criminalised poor rotting in jails for the sake of profiteering by a criminal legal & penal system, but all these things are spreading to effect more & more of us as we approach the conclusion of the trend. Like a fifth Elliotwave burst to exhaustion, things are going further & faster than most believe possible, & look set to shake us all out of our apathy one way or another. There certainly are things baked into the cake that strongly suggest that no-one will escape the test of our empathy or sense of justice. Will humanity manage to rise to the challenge on our awakening as some are hoping or is that even the purpose of the lesson? I really don’t know, but I know where I’d place my bets.

In some ways I feel blessed to be alive in the information age. Its abundance can put even the average person alive today far ahead in knowledge than the gifted scholars from past ages. Such is the mass of information & data we are bombarded with every day, it is easy to become overwhelmed by it all. I think the real task today is trying to make sense of things & decipher what is relevant & even true. My natural inclination is to boil things down to find the simplicity within the complexity, (which is why I have some respect for Rick’s methods, by the way) Not so easy is then communicating what is apparent before time & events spell things out in consequential domino effect.

I’ll attempt to conclude that our human self-interest & lack of responsibility stands at odds with the understanding & sound judgement needed to rule ourselves with any sustainability. The games could in theory go on & the inevitable conclusion delayed if we could somehow decentralise power, but the grip seems to be ever tightening despite all the information we need to realise what is happening. Corporate Fascism is having its way just as the moneyed interests are doing what they have always done throughout history. Despite the growing awareness of the game aided by the information age, it’s all transpiring according to design, right in front of our eyes, just to prove the point. The denials & mis-focus on what is really important by some are frustrating to those who understand some of what is happening, but is actually not that relevant, as ‘ignorance is bliss’ really is running out of time. The likes of Ron Paul have despaired & are sadly hanging up their gloves in defeat. However, I feel more concern for those who believe humanity can even overcome our corrupt state of mind & actually has the ability to solve our problems through better awareness. This question will surely be answered in the near future as the road before us seems to be laid out ready for the trial, though better minds have probably already concluded the eventual outcome. Humanity is indicted on all counts, & if true justice exists in the Universe we would need to see the responsibility to rule our planet & ourselves taken from us, as that responsibility is clearly misplaced in the hands of TPTB. Boiled down to its logical conclusion, this seems to be the only possible solution other than annihilation, which left to our own devises will pretty much happen anyway by the looks of things, given enough time.

I’m technically an agnostic, but I sincerely hope that the unbelievers are as wrong as the believers in man’s religions, because an external solution is required to put an end to the abominations such as disclosed in the above video.

‘and the appointed time (came)….to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.’ (Revelation 11:18)

‘and he shall shepherd the people with an iron rod so that they will be broken to pieces like clay vessels’ (Revelation 2:27)

Or maybe our situation really is as hopeless as it looks, hence why to ‘Eat, drink & be merry, for tomorrow we shall die’ is very much in vogue,………cheap salmon being on the menu, no doubt!

John Jay January 2, 2013, 3:34 pm

Yes, I know ZB is down 1^26 as I write this.
145^23 right now.
But they had a floor at 115 right thru 2008, 2009 and then never looked back.
ZB should be at 50 or 60 with the debt level we have and the monthly deficit we face.
Should be.
I would not be surprised if ZB hits new all time highs in 2013.
Why not?

John Jay January 2, 2013, 3:22 pm

“We can’t cut our way to prosperity.”
POTUS Obama on the morning news today said that.
Thus implying that, yes indeed, the plan is to “Print our way to prosperity.”
ZB is holding up nicely now that someone has come right out and said it.
Stocks, bonds, housing, they all love that solution.

House flipping is back in California.
Why not?
A 30 yr. at right around 3%, with 3% or less down FHA loan. If you can’t make the payment, no problem.
The bigger your mortgage, the less likely they are to foreclose.
It’s insane, but there you have it.
It’s better than a currency collapse and a nation that becomes Detroit overnight I guess.
At least that is what I was thinking while watching the “Mad Max” marathon on TV last night.
It could be worse.
Like they say on Zero Hedge: “FORWARD SOVIET!”

mario cavolo January 2, 2013, 1:12 pm

Spasm, Rick? a 250-point instant spike on the Dow was cute to watch just now…

Erin January 2, 2013, 10:47 am

I thought our country was headed down the wrong path for a while there and we were in serious financial trouble. But now that we have a deal, I think we can all rest easy and watch stocks go higher.

Can somebody remind me again who the enemy is? With just one giant parasitic criminal political party masquerading as two, it seems pretty clear what needs to happen in this country. So hopefully, you will all support me as I am going to open a pitchfork and torch shop, all made here in the U.S.A. Ricks pick subscribers will get 10% off your first purchase.

mario cavolo January 2, 2013, 2:03 pm

Put me down for two pitchforks Erin…:)

redwilldanaher January 2, 2013, 6:02 pm

I wish I could support your “pitchforks and torches” plan but I cannot. Let’s assume that pitchforks and torches would be successful in removing all the loathsome leeches in DC from their positions of power. Then what? What would fill that vacuum? The very same.
Just what do you think you are preserving? Why do you wish to remain governed by Washington DC puppets? The powers behind the puppets that control the DC infrastructure would still be there to plunder you and yours.
This federal government has committed many atrocities. The list is very long but even basic levels, it has failed in every way.
It’s “supreme court” is a judicial farce.
It has destroyed the currency and our purchasing power over time to a tragic extent by illegally turning over the keys to the kingdom to a foreign owned and operated private bank.
It has taken our “defense” and turned it into a successful yet disgusting instrument of Empire.
Its “educational” system has only succeeded in producing lagging, non-thinking drones that aspire mainly to be in cogs in the machine.
It has enslaved hundreds of millions through dependency programs and non-repayable debts.
It’s produced a culture of mindless violence that celebrates juvenile thinking and all that is tasteless.
It’s “covered” by a media that would make the founders of Pravda blush with envy.
It’s so far astray, so grossly disfigured and deformed, that the founders that gave birth to it would assemble their own firing squad to put it out what they would see as misery.
No, there is but one way to win this game and that is not to play. This is the time that it does make sense to take your ball and go home. This is the time for peaceful secession because it makes sense in no way to remain a party to this immoral madness. Stop playing the fool and simply leave and reset. Get back to what was originally intended, a loose confederation of states instead of remaining slaves to a gargantuan watcher in the water that will never stop trying to suck the last bit of life force from you.
Why are so many so afraid of peaceful secession? Let’s force the Tiananmen Square moment. Let’s make them demonstrate that they will use overwhelming force to prevent peaceful people from doing exactly what the founders set out to do. I want to see those moving pictures all over the Internet. I want to expose the State for what it really is in this Land of the Free…

Erin January 2, 2013, 7:51 pm

Where is the fight man? You have passion, I always look forward to your comments. What is going on? You sound like a defeated man. Do you need a blue pill? I don’t have any of those but how about you order today and both Mario (by the way, thanks for the order Mario) and you get two forks and torches for one low price of $19.99. I will custom burn on the handle of the forks for you…”Secession is the only answer”. For Mario, I guess it would be…”Guns kill people, So I use a pitchfork”

It’s the passion and desire of humans that will change things. There is nothing more I would like to see than a process to secede. We’re just not there yet. We need the revolution and the reset. Your not accounting for the takers. They outnumber us and are growing. There will no movement in that direction as long as we muddle along and become ruled by a dictator and you know that.

What I have seen in the last few weeks and then this decision of kicking the can down the road is completely inane. We need leaders to make this decision for the people?

They are all useless. But let me remind all on both sides that none of this gets done without the enabler. The blame needs to be placed squarely on the fed. Not one person can spend money or make any decision on where to spend money without access to capital. Is someone going to tell me that an automobile will move a great distance in a timely matter without wheels?

redwilldanaher January 2, 2013, 9:22 pm

“It’s the passion and desire of humans that will change things. There is nothing more I would like to see than a process to secede. We’re just not there yet. We need the revolution and the reset. Your not accounting for the takers. They outnumber us and are growing. There will no movement in that direction as long as we muddle along and become ruled by a dictator and you know that.”

Are you actually admitting that you’re willing to go for that ride and do nothing until Idiot Nation realizes that this puppet psychopath is effectively a dictator? Why wait? The Tea Party, which I have never been a part of, came from effectively nowhere overnight. Do think that the “makers” have ever been more disgusted than they are now in AmeriKa? The time to convince them is NOW. It is our right. You need to force the OPTICS and get them on the Internet. Have them forcibly corral peaceful freedom loving people with their Iron Fist. That’s what you need to b!tch$slap the sleeping fool AmeriKans that are still reachable. The alternative is to continue to be further enslaved and drug down by the stone…

“What I have seen in the last few weeks and then this decision of kicking the can down the road is completely inane. We need leaders to make this decision for the people?”

There are no leaders. They are all puppets. That’s the point. See through the illusion. I thought you actually did, now you have left me wondering… You can’t play their game from any angle, you will lose, trust me.

“They are all useless. But let me remind all on both sides that none of this gets done without the enabler. The blame needs to be placed squarely on the fed. Not one person can spend money or make any decision on where to spend money without access to capital. Is someone going to tell me that an automobile will move a great distance in a timely matter without wheels?”

Erin, baby, sugar, sweetheart, take your pick, there is an alien facehugger on the reigns of power or Theoden remains under total control of Saruman and Gandalf the White has already caught the last train for the coast. Either way it’s too late and even if you could surmount that challenge, the replacement puppets would be corrupted and owned in no time.

What has to happen is that few lucid people that remain must ignite a movement to part ways with Mordor on the Potomac. Anything short of forcing that confrontation asap is a fail…

max lopez January 2, 2013, 9:52 pm

xouldnt agree more with red.. this system is so far gone it defies definition.. only a total reset can fix this…
maybe when people start to finnally accept this truth , they will be compelled to act accordingly…

Erin January 2, 2013, 10:35 pm

You can spin, twist and interpret my words anyway you want. That is the whole problem with this idiot country. Spin. Your no different. Common sense is gone. Balancing a budget is now not important. Basic stuff is now twisted to fool the masses.

You want to secede and not fight. Be gone. Shut the computer down, unplug and get your backpack and head for the hills.

States and the people in power will make the decision on when to leave. We (the people) have the power to bring change but only when they bond together for a common cause. There is not enough pain yet. As long as the welfare state is continuing to grow, it will never happen. Shut those welfare checks down and maybe we can have a real conversation. End the fed.

redwilldanaher January 2, 2013, 10:48 pm

Thanks for the support Max. Clearly Erin hasn’t been able to come to grips with it yet. Prior to today I thought she had a handle on things but clearly she’d rather “fight” to preserve the invisible prison that contains her. PSYOPS obviously work well in many ways. Erin is a perfect example of why the organized few easily dominate the fractured many. Clearly she is confused. “States” and the “people in power” will make decisions for her as to when she should leave but I should be “gone” for not wanting to remain party to evil madness. Aren’t the States made up of people and aren’t those in power people as well? How do you move opinion to where it needs to be? By convincing people which is what I suggested in my earlier posts.

For the record Erin, I didn’t spin anything. I responded. You haven’t thought things through completely which is OK.

You think you can shut down the FED? You think Welfare will just die of natural causes? You’re willing to wait for those outcomes?
1. What are you fighting to preserve?
2. Whom are you fighting?
I’ll answer for you.
1. Your prison.
2. Yourself.

Erin January 2, 2013, 11:35 pm

For the record,
She is a he, and you are spinning by taking my words and turning them into your thoughts. What have I said that makes you think I don’t get it? I have railed against the fed as long as Ron Paul has. The political system is busted up and hopeless…So…I choose to fight like a man and you want to leave?

What is your problem?

Erin January 2, 2013, 11:38 pm

Oh, it”s on…Gotta run right now, but I will be back much later to check what your problem is with me?

redwilldanaher January 2, 2013, 11:55 pm

Ok Erin the man, what are you fighting? What are you fighting for?

redwilldanaher January 3, 2013, 12:10 am

For the record I didn’t have a problem with you until you decided to tell me that I tried to spin when I was simply engaging in a conversation with you. Now it’s “on”, whatever that means… So good, let’s go.

Bottom line is that you want to do what they want you to do.

I want to take another tack that produces nothing but bad optics and exposure to the light for THEM…

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