Obama’s Incredibly Reckless Parting Shot


With America’s unprecedented abstention from a U.N Security Council vote condemning Israel, Obama has stabbed a steadfast and loyal ally in the back, radically destabilizing the geopolitical world ahead of Trump’s inauguration and setting the stage for possible all-out war in the Middle East.  That’s quite a feat for a lame-duck president who had already clinched his place as the worst U.S. president — by a country mile — in history. The full repercussions of the vote are incalculable at this point, but even Obama’s supporters would be hard pressed to deny that his vindictive decision to break with longstanding U.S. policy toward the U.N. has made the world a far more dangerous place.  Israel’s enemies will surely have been emboldened by the vote. And Israel, with nothing to gain from negotiating with an enemy sworn to Israel’s destruction, will likely flout the U.N. — and the world — by annexing territories won by Israel in wars started by her enemies.

Trump and his Republican backers in Congress will face a dangerously polarized world when he takes office on January 20. Even now, the perceived difficulties of dealing with what Obama has set in motion could overshadow any hopes Americans had of an improved climate for business, lower taxes and fewer regulations. Early in 2017, all of these things will take a back seat to maintaining peace in a world that is looking increasingly like Europe, circa 1937. The situation could grow even worse before Trump takes office if, as has been reported, France convenes an international conference on January 15 to hammer out the framework for a two-state ‘solution’ that presumably would be imposed on Israel. Even now, based on the resolution just passed, Jerusalem’s Old City, including the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, have been designated as occupied Palestinian territory. The resolution also negates the possibility of Israel trading land for peace, a key feature of the Oslo accord; for in point of pact, the resolution implicitly denies that Israel owns any land that it might trade for security.

Investable Issues

No one but a fool could expect Israel to take this lying down. And they haven’t. The Netanyahu government has just approved 5650 new homes in the West Bank and Jerusalem.  If they were now to announce the annexation of territories won through conquest, Trump would have his hands full managing the fallout when he takes office.

From an investment standpoint, the U.N. action was a game-changer.  For one, it will likely cool the steep run-up in stocks since the election. As such, we will look very seriously at short-sale opportunities in the days ahead. And for two, gold and silver may be about to turn. Although I’ve been using an $820 downside target for gold that remains viable, I will nonetheless be watching for the subtlest technical evidence that bullion’s five-year selloff is over.  The world has never looked scarier to me, and Obama’s subversive, incredibly reckless parting shot has made it still moreso.  Under the circumstances, for the first time in decades, bullion may actually be a buy on geopolitical news. While it may be possible to undo Obamacare and other policy disasters hatched by the President, the global crisis he has set in motion by having the U.S. abstain from the Security Council vote will be far more difficult to deal with.

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Ben December 28, 2016, 1:27 am

Rick: I’m sorry, I knew I should’ve posted my disclaimer to that, but I didn’t. I like Geller (and Spencer) and know well what she stands for. But, as clearly illustrated early on in the linked post, her connection begins with Anders Pedersen, whom she is quite clearly working with. And it is made abundantly clear who he runs with.

However, unlike the Shoebots, I see a much worse alternative to big conspiracies afoot: foolishness. One needn’t embrace nazism in order to advance it. She may think she is steering them to a better course, against a common enemy. But these snakes are glad to use people like her as their plausible deniability. That allows them the means to bypass the average person’s rejection of nazism.

It’s no different than those who think they have “found a way to peace” with Islam. History is full of people who believed Islam could be reasoned with. Full of people who thought nazism could be reasoned with, as well. So history is full of people who have been mauled by their own good, though foolish intentions.

Michael Gottlieb December 27, 2016, 7:43 am

Here’s a link which proves Israel’s legal right to the West Bank, under international law:


Ben December 27, 2016, 1:04 am

“Early in 2017, all of these things will take a back seat to maintaining peace in a world that is looking increasingly like Europe, circa 1937.”

Only it’ll be worse if it happens again, for Nazism is attempting to become mainstream…


It’s a long read, but well worth taking the time to look into and pass on.

These parties and groups play the “anti-Islamization” card with the uninformed, but they really blame Jews/Israel/Zionism for the islamic invasion and totally forgive the migrants. And since the mainstream media has cried wolf too many times, it seems not many are looking into what AfD and the various other nationalist groups are really about.


Is there any news in Pam Geller’s all-out crusade against jihadis putting her in close proximity to right-wing extremists? The article you’ve linked would attempt to document the entire pan-European, ultra-nationalist family tree without a single omission, yet it is ludicrously short on details whenever it describes supposed “partnerships” between Geller and neo-Nazis. Based on what I know of Geller, she has never embraced them. But opposing or repudiating them? That would be a full-time job — one that would distract her from her core mission of keeping the tactics of global jihad under intense scrutiny. RA

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