Using Call Options to Bottom-Fish in QQQ

– Posted in: Commentary for the Week of March 8, Free

Rick’s Picks occasionally offers option trades suited to novices and experienced traders alike. Typically, these gambits go against major trends, since our proprietary Hidden Pivot System is especially useful for nailing turning points very precisely.  Yesterday, for instance, we recommended buying QQQ June 65 calls if this proxy for the Nasdaq-100 index fell to within […] Read More

Volatile Apple May Be Predicting a Dull Summer

– Posted in: Commentary for the Week of March 8, Free

We wrote here recently that as Apple shares go, so goes the U.S. stock market. How has the stock fared?  Last week there was quite a bit of excitement when the broad-tossers who manipulate the stock for a living short-squeezed the bejeezus out of it after the close, leveraging a strong earnings report that could […] Read More

Dot-Com Greed Knew No Bounds

– Posted in: Commentary for the Week of March 8, Free

[We wrote the following column for the Sunday San Francisco Examiner a month before the dot-com bubble burst in March 2000. Overnight zillionaires were a dime a dozen back then because countless investors couldn’t wait to pay practically anything for the shares of unproven companies. Nowadays, billion-dollar scores on Wall Street are much rarer, but […] Read More

An Economist Loonier, Even, than Krugman?

– Posted in: Commentary for the Week of March 8, Free

[We used to think Nobelist Paul Krugman was the Looniest Economist in America, but Rutgers professor James Livingston recently emerged as a solid contender with an absolutely dumbfounding op-ed piece in the New York Times that said, essentially, that America’s wealth has come mainly from Government spending and consumption, not from savings and investment.  In […] Read More

Trillion Dollar Surplus a Corporate ‘Problem’

– Posted in: Commentary for the Week of March 8, Free

Where would you invest $76 billion if you had it?  That’s the size of Apple’s cash hoard at the moment, and it would appear that they have no better idea of what to do with all that money than you or I.  Apple isn’t the only company with this “problem,” if you could call having […] Read More


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The laser-like accuracy of Rick Ackerman’s forecasts are well known in the trading world, where his Hidden Pivot Method has achieved cult status. Rick’s proprietary trading/forecasting system is easy to learn, probably because he majored in English, not rocket science. Just one simple but powerful trick -- managing the risk of an ongoing trade with stop-losses based on ‘impulse legs’ – can be grasped in three minutes and put to profitable use immediately. Quite a few of his students will tell you that using ‘impulsive stops’ has paid for the course many times over.

Another secret Rick will share with you, “camouflage trading,” takes more time to master, but once you get the hang of it trading will never be the same. The technique entails identifying ultra-low-risk trade set-ups on, say, the one-minute bar chart, and then initiating trades in places where competition tends to be thin.

Most important of all, Rick will teach you how to develop market instincts (aka “horse sense”) by observing the markets each day from the fixed vantage point that only a rigorously disciplined trading system can provide.

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