Media Spins Illusion of Hope and Change


(Today’s commentary, on the pernicious influence of the mainstream media, is from Wayne Razzi —  aka “Red Will” in the Rick’s Picks forum. We only think we are changing this world for the better when we throw the rascals out on election day, says Wayne.  In reality…well, there may be no reality for those who see the world through the eyes of TV news, pop magazines and newspapers.  If we are to escape from the illusion that has imprisoned us like a maze, says Wayne, we’re going to simply have to free our minds from the illusion itself and walk away from itRA)


Before the season of the witch recedes from memory, let’s have a little fun. You’re having a dream.  You dream that you’re a family man who’s awakened on the Saturday morning before Halloween.  You find yourself at the breakfast table and it isn’t long before your wife, whispering to you of course so as to not tip off the kids, suggests that you fit some “agri-tainment” into your plans.  You immediately take to the idea with visions of your wife suddenly bearing a strong resemblance to one of the gals from Petticoat Junction.  Your wife, knowing you only too well, quickly reminds you that what she actually meant was for you to take the family to the local farm for some pumpkin-picking, hay rides and of course some time spent in the Corn Maze.  The visions of Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo and Ellie May, while we’re on the genre, all quickly dissipate.

Now you’re at the farm having a good old time.  You save the best for last and thus you all enter the corn maze in the afternoon.  It’s much larger and more sophisticated in its design than you expected and it’s not simply rows and columns of corn stalks either.  You find that there are “rooms” within it that contain all sorts of fun diversions.  Though they are simple, they still provide a good deal of amusement mainly because they were so unexpected.  You’ve always striven to be practical and pragmatic, so you attempt to bring the focus back onto navigating the maze so that you can get back home to take care of a little home maintenance before relaxing for the night.  Your wife’s response: “But honey, the kids are having so much fun.  What’s the rush?  Worry about the maintenance next weekend.”  You acquiesce.

Trapped in a Maze

Some time passes and you notice the sun descending in the sky.  The weather is still pleasant but it occurs to you that you’ve remained distracted for too long and you’re not quite sure from which direction you entered the maze let alone the point at which you’ll exit it.  You decide to back-track a little to get your bearings and in the process of doing so you notice many other moms and dads roaming about with a similar expression to the one you currently carry.  Having no luck on the back-tracking expedition, you decide to head back to meet up with your family.  You arrive and see that your wife is involved in a group discussion with many of the other adults that have recently passed by you.  The discussion concludes with an agreement that the families involved will work in coordination to locate the exit to the maze.  The pace of the effort quickens as the sun seems to accelerate its descent.  Dusk brings a chill to the air and makes identification of your search partners more difficult.  You decide to head back to the agreed central meeting place to see if anyone has found a solution.  Many think as you do apparently as upon your return you see most of the searchers and hear them relating the fruitless results of their efforts.  A common thread runs through their accounts.  They all thought they’d found the solution but the dead ends were well disguised.  The tone begins to rapidly change and you can see that panic is about to set in.  It’s at that time you spot the farm hands off on a hill in the distance and they seem to be able to see you and your compatriots but they’re unwilling to disengage from the banquet table that they share with the farm owners.   You can discern by viewing their interactions who owns the farm and who works it.  The farm owners look much different than you imagined that they would and it dawns on you that they look little like the people that you work and live around.  You try to remain calm and patient as you figure that they’ll certainly return to the maze to assist everyone back to their vehicles.  Much to your dismay, the moonlight allows you to watch as they conclude their meal and as a group walk off together in the direction opposite of yours.  You’re left astonished and bewildered as you think:  “How could they be so irresponsible and uncaring?  They were so nice and helpful when we interacted with them earlier in the day.”

Easy for a Child

The frustration spreads and eventually morphs into anger.  You attempt to intercede to calm people down but even your well-intended comments seem to upset several others trapped within the maze.  Your wife then grabs you and asks you where your youngest, Ray, is.  You respond as do a few others that they saw him about the area only five minutes ago.  A frantic search effort launches.  The maze is searched from end to end.  Again you have no luck.  You return to what’s been the general meeting area and you’re joyfully relieved because your son has returned, although something is different about him.  You hug him and ask “Son where were you?  We were all so worried about you?”  He responds with “I just went to the car to get my jacket, I started to feel cold.”  Again you’re amazed and relieved!  You ask him to lead you to the exit that he used on his way to retrieve his jacket.  He informs you that he didn’t use one.  You pause and take a deep breath before saying “Look, buddy, this is really important.  I really need you to tell us or show us where the exit to this maze is at right now.  There are a lot of people that have been looking for it for a while now and it’s getting late.  We need to solve this problem and you can help us do it. OK?”  He says that he’ll help but he can’t show you the exit because he didn’t use one.  He also says “I just did like those guys did in that movie we watched about baseball, Dad.”  Your recall fails you for what feels like minutes before you regain your composure and quizzically ask him “Baseball – Ray?”  Your voice booms as you utter those two words and you’re shocked as to how much you just sounded like James Earl Jones, so much so that you awaken yourself.

I’m sure that regular readers saw this imperfectly contrived allegory for what it is many, many paragraphs ago.  I realized that my meager writing abilities and current time constraints wouldn’t produce anything extraordinary but I pressed on regardless.  I did so because I believe that this will help to frame things for us here and now.

Tea Party’s Ascent

There’s a lot of discussion online and within the mass media regarding the Tea Party’s ascent and the “taking back” of the reins of power from the Democrats.  Many people seem to be genuinely excited and inspired by these developments.  Which is why I decided that I had to do my little part to act as a “wet blanket” to be draped over the collective ebullience.  I’m cognizant of the fact that this will be read by a highly intelligent, well-informed, and well-read audience.  My main concern with even this readership is that it isn’t willing to “go the distance,” mainly because it’s not cynical enough and at the same time too pragmatic from my perspective.  I’ll say no more of this but will let this graphic “speak” for me:

I found it on, so it’s only as good as their data and bias.  However, there does seem to be a consensus that the control of mass media has been dramatically centralized over the past few decades.  That’s why I treat it largely as disinformation.  So, like most of you, I do quite a bit of online reading instead.  Other than the classics, I can’t recall reading much, if any, modern fiction.  I have always spent most of my reading time attempting to decipher what’s actually going on, what may be planned, and what it all could portend for our future.  This natural drive to cover and uncover real news and analysis has frequently helped me to be prepared for the next wave.  As has been noted by many, the best indication that you may be onto something is the almost universal rejection of a solidly developed thesis.    This is one of the key reasons why I’m disheartened by the almost universally positive reactions to the Tea Party coming from most of those I know that are interested in the political process.  This anecdotal feedback and my ongoing research efforts have recently resulted in little besides an increase in my sense of dismay.  In a naturally flowing contrarian way, the excitement over the potential “change” that the recent elections will purportedly bring has left me feeling more frustrated and exasperated than at any other time in my adult life.  It would be extremely difficult and incredibly long-winded if I were to attempt to fully explain why I feel this way, so I elected to spend more time winnowing than anything else to arrive at as few kernels as possible.

Obviously the Manipulation Cartels have finally pushed a substantial percentage of the population too far.  They’ve finally awoken and begun to take action.  However, this is where it gets discouraging for me because they’ve likely taken the exact action that was expected of them by The Powers That Be (“TPTB”).  If we immediately proceed from here to the “cut to the chase” we must ask: “To what end?”  Pick your preferred movie reference from the Matrix movies or War Games:  MM: “just another system of control” ; or, WG:  “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

The Same Sick Bastards

Hopefully you’ll soon realize why I believe that both of these lines actually apply here.  We’ll need to leave the movie theater to collect some thoughts so that these references can be better appreciated.  The substantial yet still-a-minority-in-their-numbers Tea Party types have finally awakened but they’re playing right into hands of the same sick bastards that frustrated the “other” side’s motivated minority over the past two years.  It’s well-recognized now that many of the most energetic Obama Zombies have quickly become disillusioned.  It is as if they were cut down with an invisible buzz saw.  It all happened so quickly and it’s left them and their lower-level propagandistic Mainstream Media (MSM) shills stunned.  The Obama Zombies believe, with good reason, that they were greatly deceived by the MSM and their chosen candidate.  Any objective viewer of the past two or so years couldn’t possibly argue otherwise.  Almost without any extra exertion, the system crushed what was seemingly a juggernaut.  Arguments can be made that circumstances, poor decision making and the “process” itself all contributed to this outcome.  But what can’t be argued is that the same power structure that dominated us pre-faux Populist/Narcissist, only dominates us more now.  I could produce literally hundreds if not thousands of pages of news headlines and stories that would prove that the rate of our deterioration and debasement continue to increase at a geometric rate.  Yet, with this being the case, Obama still has the support of nearly 40% of our voting population, if national polls are to be believed.  For me, and despite GWB having only departed less than two years ago, it’s hard to imagine a President who could be worse than Obama and a Congress that could be headed by even more loathsome “leaders” than Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Boxer, Schumer, et al.  I’m sure the Tea Partiers feel much the same way.  I’m equally sure that the Obama Zombies felt nearly the same way regarding GWB and the Republicorp. leaders.  For the record, I find them all revolting.  My point is that there’s simply too stark of a divide even if you accept the surface level authenticities of our “systems” for the country to be governed and function properly to satisfy an overwhelming majority of country’s governed.  For the “B” side of the record, I do not accept the surface level of any of this nonsense, as some of you are well aware.

If Not Now, When?

Although I can’t see them, I can hear the buzz saw’s blades being sharpened as I type.  The game has been “locked down”.  TPTB are more effective at this game than the Alien face-huggers from the movie of the same name.  At least with cutting lasers there was a chance that they could be removed and the patient saved.  That’s not the case with regards to Washington, D.C.  Cross certain lines and you literally do return home in a body bag.  “Anyone can be gotten to.” It is said.  It resonates because on some level we know it’s true.  I could drop 10 or 20 pages of references here that would strike even the mildest of skeptics as odd occurrences.  However, I’m content to simply suggest that folks investigate the support pre-vote for auditing the FED and what the actual tally came in at in the end.  Ask yourself if you can recall another time when anti-FED sentiment has had the breadth that it’s amassed now?  If there isn’t enough Congressional and executive support at the end of one the most corrupt decades in US history, when will there be?  Exactly.

If you’re starting to feel that this line of speculation is too outlandish, then consider the following instead.  Why should we believe that the Tea Party-backed politicians will be any more immune to the affects of long-term exposure to the whore of Babylon’s vacation spot?  I’ve been truthful and faithful to my wife through 16 years of marriage and for four years prior to that, but I’d have to reasonably concede that I may be tempted to more than “read the articles” if I were placed and held within the bubble of the Playboy Mansion term after term.  Although I can’t see it, I can hear the buzz saw’s blades being sharpened as I type.  The MSM will continue to demonize the Tea Party in an attempt to split the Republicorp common shareholder voting blocks.  A betting person would wager that they will succeed in doing so well before any similar type of split would occur within Democorp.  The MSM’s game plan will turn to the “gridlock” play and use it to frustrate the fickle electorate.  Before long, Democorp could be “right back on top,” enjoying a comfortable plurality for as far as the eye can see.  A just reward for two of the worst years of governance in the history of elected government.

Ancient Rome

I’d guess that some readers have probably been left a little frustrated by the fact that I haven’t attacked the FED or traced the decline and thus our predicament back to 1913, or Kennedy’s assassination, or Nixon and the gold standard etc.  There’s importance and validity to all of them in terms of how they’ve assisted in making possible our wretched present.  Some, I’m sure, are thinking ancient Rome (“bread and circuses”) or of our plight in comparison to that of early 20th Century England.  Of course, many comparisons can be drawn and can provide insight to what’s unfolding before us now.  However, I’ve opted to spotlight something that I believe is a little more appropriate for what I’m about to suggest.  This comes from principled abolitionist Lysander Spooner: “No principle, that is possible to be named, can be more self-evidently false than this; or more self-evidently fatal to all political freedom. Yet it triumphed in the field, and is now assumed to be established. If it really be established, the number of slaves, instead of having been diminished by the war, has been greatly increased; for a man, thus subjected to a government that he does not want, is a slave. And there is no difference, in principle – but only in degree – between political and chattel slavery. The former, no less than the latter, denies a man’s ownership of himself and the products of his labor; and asserts that other men may own him, and dispose of him and his property, for their uses, and at their pleasure.”

To me, this is not only how we should feel about our circumstances, but it also illuminates perfectly exactly how they see us.  In the reading I do I’ll often spend a few moments reading the comments left in response to articles or commentary.  I’ve noticed that “disengaging” has started to pop up much more frequently than in other recent periods of mass frustration.  It seems to be believed that we “can send them a message”, mainly an economic message, and they’ll finally get the message and will then modify their behavior sufficiently enough to correct our problems.  I have a succinct counter argument to this: Alien face-hugger.  If you do not possess a few grosses of cutting lasers, don’t even think about it.  Do you recall the “heart plugs” from Dune?  They may not have a heart plug in place to control each one of us, but they have something much more effective in controlling all of us:  The just-in-time delivery system.  Typically, it’s estimated that it would take only a few days to exhaust existing inventories.  That’s it.  What of medicine as well?  What of our local utilities and infrastructure?  Passing on bottles of Coke in favor of drinking chemical-laden “treated” water isn’t going to cut it.  I’m afraid that when push comes to shove, the organized few would fare much better than most of the disorganized many are willing to contemplate.

Law Doesn’t Matter

If you only read the news that managed to make it to the Internet over the past two months, you’d have all the proof you need to conclude that that law no longer matters.  Corruption isn’t the exception to the rule.  It’s always been assumed to be more a case of incompetence than corruption, but boy has the pendulum swung!  If the law doesn’t matter any more, then what really does?  And who decides on things then?  They do of course.  Anyone that’s followed the economic and financial news should know that reality is what they make of it.  The physics of markets, and laws of finance and economics have been suspended.  Hyper-manipulation has produced hyper-reality.  Even when a glitch in the Matrix is identified and documented, there remains no chance for success.  At the web site for the Center for Public Integrity, we read about a CFTC judge, Bruce Levine,  who never once ruled in favor of an investor in 180 cases heard  over eight years. “If You’ve Got a Beef With a Futures Broker, This Judge Isn’t for You,” read a Wall Street Journal headline atop a lengthy front-page article about Levine some years ago.

They’re beyond brazen at this point.  They’ve also moved from silently assaulting us to openly mocking and trash-talking to us.  If you think I’m exaggerating, please recall or track down the stories regarding the outraged banksters decrying the loss of the stigma of declaring bankruptcy or being foreclosed on.  I’m sure some would believe that words like “assaulting” are nothing but hyperbole.  To those I’d ask that you consider the well-known and publicized fact that we bailed them out and they’re receiving record bonuses courtesy of the FED handing them billion upon billion for nearly free.  Check out the recent story on Barry’s buddies at Google and how they won’t face a privacy investigation nor will they have to pay their “fair share” of taxes.  In fact, they will reportedly save $60 billion courtesy of tax loopholes, or more aptly, bespoke tax-tailoring.  Now contrast that with the housing and employment nightmares and over 50 Million Americans receiving food stamps.  It’s a fact that we’ve lost over 40,000 factories in this decade alone.  Remember how the MSM and the Sociopols told us that NAFTA would create “millions of new high-tech jobs” to replace the “Industrial Age”-like jobs that we’d likely lose?  Someone, anyone, point those jobs out to me so I can thank my local congressmen.  Will someone please tell those crickets to pipe down!, I’m trying to type here.  Still there?  Take a guess who’s taxes are about to go up in almost every way possible.  Unnecessary hint: It won’t be the banksters’ taxes.  The MSM has recently launched a full-scale PSYOPS assault to soften you up for it.  Pretty soon you’ll take in countless interviewees describing how they came to the acceptance stage with regards to higher taxes because, after all, we shouldn’t be greedy and want to hold on to the wages we receive for our labor.  “We’ve gotta get these deficits under control.  It’s the right thing to do.”

I haven’t covered nearly every angle but I do believe I’ve touched on the ones that we’re most likely to see played.  By simply reading the available news from alternative sources we can arrive at no other conclusion than that They are strongly in control.  They know what’s coming.  They know how to thwart it.  They’ve become increasingly successful at it here in what’s now the USSA over the past 150 years.  It’s futile to directly fight at such a system of control.  That’s what it’s designed to have us do.  How has doing what they’ve wanted us to do worked out for us thus far?  I’ve been challenged on this with charges of “running from our responsibilities”, etc.  I don’t think that’s the case at all.  I believe that the folks that make that type of charge do not appreciate fully exactly where things stand and how late in the game it is.  It is a strange game, a very strange game.  The only way to win this game is to not play their game, and we’d better start not playing it soon, very soon.

I’ve left enough clumsy references throughout the paragraphs of this piece for this conclusion to make perfect sense to anyone that’s managed to stay awake to this point.

The way to leave the corn maze is to leave the corn maze.  Disregard it and leave it.  After carefully preparing for it and when the appropriate time comes, we’ll need to peacefully walk straight through the columns and rows of stalks if we truly endeavor to reestablish what we once had and have now nearly completely lost.  Anything short of that will eventually be filed under: “21st Century Popular Delusions and the Perpetual Madness of Controlled Crowds”.

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  • fallingman November 14, 2010, 4:15 am

    RedWill…From a former SC resident (currently just over the border in the People’s Republic Of North Carolina) let me just say “You da man.” I feel better somehow knowing people like you are out there…and nearby!

    I’m with you.

    Some excellent comments on this post also. Much appreciated.

  • Jeff November 13, 2010, 8:20 pm

    [ Seidman recalls the America of Obama’s election campaign, when everything seemed possible. “I really hope that those who hate and yell are so visible only because they are louder,” he says. “We would be in serious trouble if they actually are the majority.” ] A perfect example of distorted media programming. ANY dissenting voice is now characterized as angry, hateful. Instead of exposing Obama’s “agenda”, the media paints anyone in disagreement as radical fringe element. Who’s radical ?

  • kaiser November 13, 2010, 2:35 pm

    Bravo Rick well done!

    Looks like it’s time to: “Buck UP”

  • Anthony F November 13, 2010, 5:23 am

    There is always hope….,1518,726447-6,00.html
    One man who has disagreed with the people on Wall Street and at the Fed for years is Dov Seidman, a philosopher and management consultant from California, who moved to New York a few months ago. Seidman writes books and gives speeches, and his company, which now has 300 employees, is expanding.

    Seidman is concerned about things like ethics, sustainability and a different way of thinking in America. One could also say that Seidman is interested in a new American dream.

    Sitting in his office on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Seidman says: “We’d have to be seriously worried if we, as a country, simply chose to fix and get back to the same behavior that got us into the crisis. The problem with the American dream has been during the last couple of years that people believed they deserved it, that they somehow were chosen because they were Americans. They thought you could rent or buy the dream.”

    Earning the American Dream

    There are ultimately two kinds of crises, says the economic philosopher. There are what Seidman calls the “end-of-life crises,” the wars and natural disasters, and then there are the “way-of-life crises.” He says that the current crisis must serve to question and change our way of life.

    Seidman recalls the America of Obama’s election campaign, when everything seemed possible. “I really hope that those who hate and yell are so visible only because they are louder,” he says. “We would be in serious trouble if they actually are the majority.”

    Seidman, for his part, dreams of an America that starts producing products that are needed, products that are competitive and create jobs because they serve a new market, such as the market for renewable energy. He also dreams of honesty and the end of greed.

    He believes that every politician and every business executive must realize by now that crises are happening with growing frequency, because each country is connected to all the other countries. “If every crisis affects everybody, shouldn’t that lead to everybody being concerned about sustainability and recoverability?”

    “The American dream,” Seidman says finally, “is within us. It’s in our DNA, our history. With our mentality we have to get back to where we once were, after World War II: dream the dream; work for it; earn it.”

    By Klaus Brinkbäumer, Marc Hujer, Peter Müller, Gregor Peter Schmitz and Thomas Schulz

  • Jeff November 13, 2010, 3:32 am

    Will, As you, I’ve studied the markets, news and history 24/7 for the last decade. My way of gaining advantage with every other trader in the world..My first thought is, though I understand and respect the Tea Partyer’s, I know without a doubt it’s mathmatically too late. We are bankrupt, period. Yes we hear it from time to time but the true repercussions sail over everyone’s head. The End is out ahead, we just don’t know exactly what it will look like….My second thought is the media has control of 90% of our citizenry (zombies) and that’s only going to get worse. 60% rely on those basturds you mentioned (gov)….I have never been so clear about where we are and yet sometimes feel like a deer in head lights having very few choices as to which direction is the safest to turn.

    • redwilldanaher November 13, 2010, 4:03 am

      Hi Jeff, thanks for commenting. “You said it brother…” You did a much better job in far fewer words than I could have summing up that state of affairs. I feel very much the same way that you do Jeff, nearly identical in fact. If you read some of the comments I made in the forum today you’ll see exactly that. As you noted quite succinctly “it’s mathmatically too late.” That and the aforementioned zombies factor should scare the daylights out of us all. If we were to say that the Zombies were ill-prepared we’d be guilty of over-crediting them. I think that the conditioning from the media eventually leads to “i’ve heard it all my life” > they just tune it out. Deficits? Debt? Unsustainable? They’ve heard then all hundreds if not thousands of times and they’re numb to it. That’s exactly why I feel like a deer in the headlights. Going it alone is the stuff of fantasy. Fixing what’s now the USSA is also the stuff of fantasy. Doing something radical but patiently to extricate ourselves before the controlled collapse concludes to be followed up by an authoritarian government? At least part fantasy but in reality our only true shot as I see it. I’m open for ideas. I’m not an expert in anything. Life has taught me that there’s always much more to learn in even just one subject let alone them all. If you come up with something by all means please let us know. I’m just trying to get the word out so that more people realize that opting for the conventional “frontal assault” using the process that they’ve got rigged is futile. To me that’s step one at this point.

  • roger erickson November 12, 2010, 8:33 pm

    “Labour’s share of the current-dollar output is at an all-time low, which means that the capital share (ie, margins) are at a record high… the question becomes, is this sustainable? ” Gluskin Sheff

    This is what ought to really irk citizens. It boils down to who owns this country. People performing real tasks, or only those doing the bookkeeping? (Banksters)
    You can opt out of a lot of fraud by utilizing local currencies and barter systems. The biggest chunk skimmed off the top of all $US currency flows goes to corporate welfare, and now to high-frequency trading -not to mention outright fraud. It’s getting tougher every year for the bulk of citizens to maintain living standards. WalMart and BoA do NOT deserve a monopoly narrowing your choices to melamine-tainted goods from Chinese slave labor – while at the same time charging YOU with underwriting the shipping costs (with your own family’s blood – not just your $). Buy from & work for your neighbors, & expect them to do the same. The comment above about “neighbors having your back” sums it up.
    The biggest cost is the cost of coordination, and the biggest return is the return on coordination. Ask the Pentagon, and then apply the same logic to citizens.

    • redwilldanaher November 13, 2010, 4:07 am

      Thanks for commenting Roger. Of course you’re dead on target. My biggest issue though with where you leave off in your comments is that TPTB are not going to sit back and allow people to “opt out” as you suggest. If my hunch is right, they believe this is their “territory”. They’ll have to run-off the trouble-making sod busters to restore order, their order. That’s why we need to physically extricate ourselves from the apparatus and depart from it IMO.

  • Rod November 12, 2010, 8:08 pm

    Spooner sounds like Rand.

    Ayn not Paul.

  • John Jay November 12, 2010, 7:00 pm

    Here’s the link.
    Here’s the list.

    1. Loudoun County, Va.

    2. Fairfax County, Va.

    3. Howard County, Md.

    4. Morris County, N.J.

    5. Arlington County, Va.

    6. Montgomery County, Md.

    7. Nassau County, N.Y.

    8. Somerset County, N.J.

    9. Calvert County, Md.

    10. Charles County, Md.

    I did not say DC itself made that list.

    • Benjamin November 12, 2010, 7:10 pm

      Doesn’t say it specifically, but if you scroll down, federal employment made that particular list. It’s the best I could do, in a pinch. It’s funny too, because I just went back to my homepage, and there it was! It’s like the home shopping network, for cryin’ out loud…

      But it’ll show up some time soon. Always does.

  • mario cavolo November 12, 2010, 5:21 pm

    Rick, it seems the spx cfd contract elegantly bottomed overnight right at your 1194ish number at 3:15 am, now all the way back up to 1205 …wow.

    • Rick November 12, 2010, 9:43 pm

      Bottomed for a short while, anyway, rallying 13 points off what turned out to be an interim low just above the actual intraday low. BTW, one of Mr. Market’s favorite tricks is to ream you a new orifice while you are taking a few seconds to pat yourself on the back.

  • John Jay November 12, 2010, 5:10 pm

    Mario, here are the numbers on Federal workers:
    “The number of federal workers earning $150,000 or more a year has soared tenfold in the past five years and doubled since President Obama took office, a USA TODAY analysis finds.”

    Federal workers Pay: Year/Pay/Number

    2005 $150,000 7420
    2010 $150,000 82034

    2005 160k 2854
    2010 160k 44898

    2005 170k 1322
    2010 170k 27845

    2005 180k 805
    2010 180k 16912

    I also just read 7 of the 10 richest counties in the USA surround the District of Columbia, which just reflects those salary numbers.
    There is no political structure at our disposal to control the monster in DC, collapse is in the future!
    I maintain a folder where I collect all the signs of the impending collapse.
    It is getting to be a big folder.

    • mario cavolo November 12, 2010, 5:33 pm

      JJ you’re killin’ me man…

    • Benjamin November 12, 2010, 6:17 pm

      “I also just read 7 of the 10 richest counties in the USA surround the District of Columbia, which just reflects those salary numbers.”

      Yep. I don’t know what kind of generic news you read, but I read Yahoo every morning and evening. And I can’t tell you how many articles talking about employment “hot spots” list DC as the place to be!

    • Oz November 12, 2010, 6:21 pm

      So, based on your numbers, annual growth rate of $150k+ fed salaries are as follows:

      Bush era (three years before that): ~77% per annum
      Obama era (last two years): ~41% per annum

      Or another way to look at it:

      Bush era doubling time: less than 11 months
      Obama era doubling time: two years

      The per year average break-down by administration:

      end of 2005: starting at 7420
      end of 2006: multiply by ~1.77 = ~13120 (Bush)
      end of 2007: multiply by ~1.77 = ~23198 (Bush)
      end of 2008: multiply by ~1.77 = 41017 (Bush)
      end of 2009: multiply by ~1.41 = ~58007 (Obama)
      end of 2010: multiply by ~1.41 = 82034 (Obama)

      Note the 2008 value is exactly half the 2010 value as stated by your post.

      These kinds of growth rate is a travesty no matter how you split it. Obviously it’s not sustainable without massive inflation.

  • JH November 12, 2010, 4:58 pm

    Good point Nick. I think what you are saying is “Where to focus our energy?” Do we try to control an uncontrollable set of beasts or realize this maze has no exit in the foreseeable future and use our resources to make the most of our current situation while positioning ourselves (i.e. gathering real assets) for the final, inevitable end when the beasts begin battling each other or those trapped in the maze become stronger and can battle back. Gotta run, it looks like a storm is brewing and I need to get a roof on my house I am building in this maze.

  • Zach Wild November 12, 2010, 4:46 pm

    Well done Will! Enjoyed the article immensly but would absolutely love for you to elaborate more deeply on the subject revolving around what “leaving the maze” constitutes in a macro sense for the country’s inhabitants. Maybe another piece soon?

    • Steve November 12, 2010, 10:15 pm

      Hey Zack. Just say NO to democracy, and seek the Republic.

    • redwilldanaher November 12, 2010, 11:05 pm

      I’ll try to put something together. I’m not an expert. I’ve just read and thought about it. Maybe I can put something comprehensive/cogent out in the forum. To me, the worst part is that the ways out aren’t easy in practice and I believe, if you’re realistic about it, you will realize that the American “individualism” thing isn’t enough unfortunately. Let’s assume I do everything I can and I set myself up really well. With the law meaningless and my neighbors, let’s say, possibly not set up so well, then what happens to me and my family? Y, we become the heartless jerks that are reluctant to part with our “comforts” such as farm equipment and wind turbines and water purifiers…. Then what? If you live in the USSA the police state drops by and “settles the dispute”. I don’t know how accurate the depiction was in Dr. Zhivago but the scenes aren’t pretty as to what happens even in the deepest reaches of the countryside when it comes to “who’s side are you on?”. It gets complicated when you get into it. I think that it’s best to shoot for a free state that has a government and laws that would draw people of like mind that reflect all that we had and all that we’ve learned since the founding fathers cranked out the Constitution. People that know they have to have the backs of their neighbors if they expect their neighbors to have their backs sounds about right. The going it alone approach within the confines of the USSA has a low probability of long term success IMO. If it comes down to it I’ll be out there doing what I can if that’s the only choice left but the folks that honestly believe they can defeat the forces arrayed against them are deluding themselves IMO. They may be able to hold off other amateurs but the technology alone in the hands of the pros (were they to remain good citizens of the state apparatus) provides them with a significant advantage. Numbers. Resupply. Logistics. Resources.

  • mario cavolo November 12, 2010, 4:42 pm

    from John Jay, “The number of Federal workers making over 150k a year has gone parabolic.” Assuming this is accurate, its the kind of thing that about today’s world that has me so exasperated and believing that as such a point is in fact just the tip of the nightmare iceberg, any effort at all to fix the problems are a complete and total waste of time. Why in the name of heaven are people with normal jobs earning that kind of money while so many other sectors of the population are suffering? I’m wasting breath here, we know the system is broken, greedy and corrupt worse than any recent time….

    Recent article on Dow Jones about Irish emigration rising fourfold, highest level in two decades…ditto America…ahh the times we live in, the new world, the new reality! I’m finally thinking go long crude oil on this next dip, just my luck that’s when all hell breaks lose and starts a nasty decline….good grief. Watch China. They will as always do things unimagined in the U.S. such as price controls and other sudden announcements without blinking an eye, that’s the difference between supposed free capitalism/government and their communist regime, but their intent is reasonable to preserve stability so don’t knock such practices too hard.

    Cheers, Mario

    • Rich November 12, 2010, 6:07 pm

      Speaking of a nasty decline:
      Bonds 128, Dow 11,106, Gold 1377, Oil 85, Sugar .28
      all with POMO.
      With dollar up to 78.64, looks like debt default deflation may have resumed despite all the king’s men…

  • John Jay November 12, 2010, 4:14 pm

    I agree with Nick.
    We’ve become the Soviet Union.
    The media is just about down to Pravda and Izvestia.
    Our economy has followed the same Central Planning blueprint.
    Our currency is the old Ruble.
    We have a huge, pointless Security State, DEA, DHS, NRO, that views it’s citizens as the “Enemy”.
    The number of Federal workers making over 150k a year has gone parabolic.
    The only big difference is that we don’t have any oil reserves.
    And I believe their military jet fighters used alcohol for fuel.
    I’m with you Nick, eat, drink, and be merry!

  • Nick November 12, 2010, 3:41 pm

    I have given up finding escape from the Maze. In preparation for the coming collapse, riotous living seems to be working well. Owning gold,silver, and mining stocks, and oil stocks, is making the wait a very
    pleasant wait.

    • Steve November 12, 2010, 6:30 pm

      And, any one individual can come and take what you have. All that is lacking is the desire, or need.

  • Darren November 12, 2010, 3:22 pm


    Great article. You make many of the same points I did in “Principled Nonvoting: The Beginning of Disengaging From the State”

    On the subject of delusion see the debates with the 912ers:

  • Mercurious November 12, 2010, 3:09 pm

    “You can’t co-opt something that barely exists institutionally. The Tea Party will define itself by what it does locally, not nationally. RA” Exactly…it’s the organizing of diffused Tea Party anger into a national movement that allows the PTB virus to gain entry. Instead, get mad, stay mad, and be as INDIVIDUALLY as disruptive as you can in your choices, your jury verdicts, your opinion among friends and family IN A SUBTLE WAY. Leaderless resistance, civil disobedience and flat out f*cking The System while remaining an honorable person to your fellow citizens. I owe nothing to this State and that’s what I plan on giving it by way of my support. Every bit will have to be taken using great energy; I will be using every little piece of info I can get to sink it. You don’t have to climb on top of a Tiger tank or run for office to help. You just have to not believe in all of it and stop making it so damn easy on them.

    • Benjamin November 12, 2010, 3:49 pm

      That reminds me of something, Mercurious…

      Tea Party. TEA, actually. But what party do we have? We don’t, so we’re TEA _voters_. But who do we vote for?

      I don’t think TEA voters should vote for anyone, as a matter of expressing anti-incumbency, at least. As long as the candidates don’t have a clue as to what the Constitution is, I think we should do like Richard Pryor, in ‘Brewsters Millions’: Vote None of the Above! and have a big rally in our various locations every election day, to show our lack of confidence and support in the party system (of course, if you have a truly worthy candidate, elect them).

      Throw that on top of the resistance you mentioned, and in time I think it would grow, louder and clearer. And the media? Pffft… if we’re not voting in the absence of a worthy candidate, they can hardly call it anything other than what it is: Taxed Enough Already (and Fed Up with the Fed)!

    • Carol November 12, 2010, 4:39 pm

      Bravo Mercurious

      We all know that you can’t change the beast from within, you can’t do it by voting for a new master, you can’t do it by writting to your masters and begging him to do something for you, you can’t change it by creating a new arm (a “new” party) that exists on the beast.

      So what can one do? Sit back and accept your slavery “lot”? NO I beleive what we should do is in large enough numbers QUIT PLAYING their game!

      I think Henry David Thoreau said it best in his classic – “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience”. Notice he did not say “pleasure” or “idea” or “thought” but he said Duty! We have a duty to disobey the beast and his “master servant” laws that he compells onto “his” slaves.

      I for one have been practicing civil disobedience for 15 years now. I have NOT filed a income tax form in 15 years, I have not registered my property with the beast in 15 years, I have not begged the beast for 15 years for a “licence” to travel in my private property, I have not filed out any tax form, I have NOT voted for my “new” masters for 15 years and in fact took specific actions to have my “voter registration” canceled, I have NOT purchased ANY insurance (what would I want with their death insurance anyway – you think I want their drugs are you crazy?), and I have NOT had any property, investments, or bank accounts opened in my “person’s” name (the enfranchised, 14th, corporate, “res”ident res in latin means thing) in 15 years. OK I could keep on going but my point is QUIT complaining start taking your life back from the beast, don’t give him your CONSENT to be his slave.

    • Steve November 12, 2010, 6:25 pm

      Come join me in disenfranchisement, but; don’t think you are not going to be pursued by democracy. By joining I mean, individually act in not supporting democracy. Be real though. One may fight for 6 months trying to get a certified copy of their 1994 passport application because they refuse to get state I.D. so that a Notary will make apostile. And then one may still not have the certified copy at 9 months and running. The sure thing is that someone at the State Department has me labeled from their perspective in democracy – yes! Always seek Peace, and always be prepared in understanding that the Federal Government is not Peace. The Fed is COMMERCE.

      It is so easy to just sign as a U.S. citizen slave corporate creation under the 14th amendment legislative abuse. Just try to enjoy all the benefits of democracy without admission of enfranchisement.

  • Benjamin November 12, 2010, 9:23 am

    O/T, but that “dream sequence” you wrote reminds me of a dream I had a _long_ time ago, when I was 8, a dream that was unlike anything I ever had, before or since. Some things, one just never forgets…

    There was a maze, in a great big palace, which was much like that hotel in the movie ‘The Shining’. Except…

    People said that in the basement, the owner kept many fantastic things, things so beautiful that no one could imagine them even when they were looking right at them. To get inside to see it, you had to guess his name, which was Compassion (of all things; at that age, I only knew it was a word, not a name I had ever heard).

    It was indeed grand and beautiful inside, but eventually I would discover the maze in the basement. It had walls of aged bone and large, heavy grey blocks, all streaked with deep-colored gore. The people lost in them had gone blind and cannibalistic because they had been down there so long. Sometimes, a person even ate themselves. The blood they used to make trails on those walls in order to know if they had been at that spot before or not. As they were so long blind, they “saw” by the smell of blood! But because there were so many down there, they got confused and even more lost among the endless trails, making it impossible to find the way out.

    And so the maze had come to be named, for all trapped down there came to beg for its name: Compassion. Not a man, but an exit, something unseeable (and beyond beautiful, if/when found!).

    The strange thing about that dream (aside from the dream itself) was that it was like a story being told to me. I remember turning pages in a book, reading and looking at pictures, following along. And after I woke up, it was all so crisp in mind that I managed to write it all down (what yall just read was translated from 8-year-old speak!). Later on, I would commit it to computer file, which I’ve kept all these years.

    Off now, to read the rest, Red. Good so far!

    • Benjamin November 12, 2010, 9:46 am

      Okay, done. Hmm… Walking away.

      I’m having a “blonde moment” (for all that I’m not) so maybe Red or someone else here can elaborate to me just what that means. I want to see if we’re on the same page or not. Maybe I’ve already done it; my head isn’t in nor into this world anymore, except on the occaisonal off day. I took to heart the words of Professor Antal Fekete, who said in one of his man essays that people should start to think of things in terms of hard money. I’ve done so, and find it impossible to leave that logical and beautiful “world”.

    • redwilldanaher November 12, 2010, 5:23 pm

      Ben, I responded to Steve in plain language above as to how I believe we should proceed. I’m calling on my beloved home state, South Carolina, to serve in it’s historical leading role one more time. I have been a gold/silver guy, survivalist-prep oriented guy for a long time but the reality is that if you’re not surrounded by “neighbors of the same kind”, then you’re extremely vulnerable. I fell in love with the idea and I’m still in love with the idea of being completely off grid but as Jim Rogers has noted repeatedly of late, farm land is potentially extremely undervalued right now for many reasons. How practical is it for most people to actually acquire all that is necessary and begin to run a small family farm? How would you defend it, as Steve notes, when the Zombie Hordes show up uninvited? Me and my 2 young sons against the Z Hordes? I’m actually a pretty good shot for an amateur but seriously, if your neighbors don’t have your back then you have no real shot. In my mind this requires planning, logistics and numbers. This won’t be easy. But given the alternatives it has to be attempted IMO.

    • Benjamin November 12, 2010, 6:06 pm


      “How would you defend it, as Steve notes, when the Zombie Hordes show up uninvited? ”

      Well, not to turn this forum into a place of blood and mayhem, but if you have or anticipate a zombie problem, a flamethrower’s a whole different kind of spray n pray. “They go up purty easy, too. They’re dead… they’re all messed up.” 🙂

      Seriously though, the only way a secession stands a snow ball’s chance is if it hits all at once, in multiple states. The thing is, unlike the previous one, there is no moral issue today to rally around. Granted, the Civil War was about other things than slavery (to my understanding), but with slavery in the mix, it was destined to fail. Today, though…

      Slaves revolting. Even in the states that remained loyal would have people living in them that just wouldn’t give the federal government the same kind of moral backing. Couple that with a blitz of withdrawals…

      However, I would support no secession that was in the least ambiguous as to the fate of the Constitution. The document would have to be retained.

    • redwilldanaher November 12, 2010, 6:32 pm

      “Seriously though, the only way a secession stands a snow ball’s chance is if it hits all at once, in multiple states.”

      I respectfully disagree. This is the only way that it makes sense to me Ben. The last thing that I want to do is to help preserve a central government. That would in theory be the definition of a “win” if a mass secession were threatened and appeased. How long before we’d see reversion to the mean?

      “The thing is, unlike the previous one, there is no moral issue today to rally around. Granted, the Civil War was about other things than slavery (to my understanding), but with slavery in the mix, it was destined to fail. Today, though…”

      Please reference the quote I included by Spooner. He saw the truth in it despite being strongly committed to abolition. The war wasn’t about slavery, it was about political control. The South was being shafted by northern industrialists with respect to the Western territories. It was about self-government. Maybe you’ve forgotten this but the GREAT Emancipator freed slaves only in select SOUTHERN states. He left the determination wrt slavery in the hands of the northern states. My memory informs me that slavery was still permitted to exist from a federal perspective post-Em. Proc. in the north. Why so if this way a great moral crusade? Sorry Ben, calling “BS” on that.

      If all the states threaten that but eventually stand down then the STATISTS still win.

      “However, I would support no secession that was in the least ambiguous as to the fate of the Constitution. The document would have to be retained.”

      Agreed but it needs to be more explicit in terms for restricting encroachment etc., especially with respect to the centralizers/statists. Clearly the founders held man in higher regard than we deserve. Maybe they were accurate at the time but I challenge you to find even a platoon of principled men in Washington, DC in our times.

    • Benjamin November 12, 2010, 6:51 pm


      “The last thing that I want to do is to help preserve a central government.”

      Well, then why stop at one whole state? Break up local governance there, as well, seeing as how it centers about something as well. Honest, what you’re wanting is planets to rotate some other heretofore unknown way. Good luck, I guess.

      “Agreed but it needs to be more explicit in terms for restricting encroachment etc., especially with respect to the centralizers/statists.”

      Hmm… excuse the metaphors but suppose the axis of the earth demanded of all continents a frequent contribute some of their lands? Is the problem a central axis upon which all life on earth depends, or is something else wrong?

      However, nothing would need to be redone or taken out of the Constitution to correct the problem. Hate to end it here, but my article here at Rick’s is coming up some time in the next week, and it deals with this issue, specifically. Don’t wanna spoil any surprises 🙂

    • redwilldanaher November 12, 2010, 10:43 pm

      Ben you lost me with this response. I look forward to your article but why you would want to keep the constitution completely unchanged is beyond me. We have over 200 years of empirical evidence of how men have tried to abuse it and subsequently abused the citizenry. It’s been amended. If we were to stay true to it and make it more difficult for it to be abused at the expense of the governed I don’t see why we shouldn’t do that. Why the state level? I guess we can go into why any government rabbit holes here at some point. I would fully expect that the state level would be corrupted at some point, it’s simply what certain hell-bent members of humanity do. I work in the markets, they work at “gaming” the government to benefit themselves at my expense. Nothing is permanent. I think that people identify with their state to a degree. I can get to my state capital in a few hours drive. I think it makes sense for practical reasons as well. Preserving something that was never intended to function this way and banking on human nature to maintain it once it’s been “fixed” is not the way to go IMO. My guess would be that hackers would view the US Govt. as one of the most easily abused in the world. Most other places would probably require a violent coup de tat. Much less is required in the USSA. The strongly centralized approached needs to be scrapped for good otherwise we’re leaving the same vulnerabilities in place to be exploited but this time they have a blue print for how it’s done best.

    • Benjamin November 13, 2010, 9:29 pm


      Sorry for the late response, as I tuned out early yesterday. Anyway, I was afraid I might lose you with that post. Sorry about that. But shortly, I’ll make not only 200 years of history perfectly clear, but also 5,000 years.

      From my PoV, you’ve got the causes and effects mixed up. Understandable, given the circumstances. The host has swallowed us, and the parasites have piled high on the host. To be sure, the federation is a layer of corruption in/under which we currently reside. But the real leeches reside outside of them. We’re in the belly of a dead government, as well as a big blob of leeches.

      Scrap the flamethrower. Recommened we induce vomiting, then flame away. I know exactly how to do this, and peacefully too. Thanks for staying tuned in. You won’t regret it, I promise!

  • VegasBob November 12, 2010, 8:31 am

    This is a good article, but frankly, I don’t see why people still think the media has a leftist bias. Only MSNBC has anything remotely resembling leftists in its news lineup. All the rest of these news corporations (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CNN) have anchors who are generally right of center to far right. These people slant the news to the right all the time. All you have to do is follow the money. These “newscasters” all have 7 and 8 figure salary and bonus packages that must be protected from the ravages of higher taxes. So don’t tell me they are liberals. They are not.

    • Rick November 12, 2010, 2:54 pm

      They are liberals, Bob. It started with Edward R. Murrow, but it took wing with Walter Cronkite, whom you no doubt believe to have been a perfectly impartial centrist.

    • Benjamin November 12, 2010, 3:17 pm

      “These “newscasters” all have 7 and 8 figure salary and bonus packages that must be protected from the ravages of higher taxes.”

      So let me get this straight. They have money, ergo they can’t be true Scotsmen, uh… liberals?

      “These people slant the news to the right all the time.”

      Yeah, why do those right-wing fascists report any and all criticisms of the left as right-wing propaganda?!

    • Steve November 12, 2010, 6:06 pm

      VegasBob, All that is spoken of is Democracy. FOX reports only in the sphere of DEMOCRACY. The right and left you speak of report democracy. Far right slavery, and far left slavery in democracy is just SLAVERY. That is all FOX reports on. When the News Boyz start reporting on the violation of the Separation of Power Doctrine in regard to executive control of money we will have come back to the middle of reporter honesty. Until then I read VegasBob as; I am a SLAVE and there are only conservative and liberal slaves under a master congress.

  • mario cavolo November 12, 2010, 6:19 am

    Very well done Will…Bravo.

    The most important global bilateral relationship in the world is U.S. China relations. With respect to how these two behemoths are governing their countries, the paradigm shift is, like many other of the world’s happening’s today, simply astounding.

    As your treatment and other’s so well point out, the American government and related, connected parties are pulling the strings and the citizenry is at their mercy with very little that can be done in response. Even actions which on the surface can be taken are, in the end, impotent. This is in most ways a situation of governance no different than China. The citizenry here is also at the mercy of government policies, even more so, without the freedom of speech to express dissent of those gov’t policies. And so the citizens can only hope and pray for good governance for their sake.

    China and her banks, is also flagrantly guilty of printing and flooding the market with liquidity over the recent years to the tune of a couple trillion USD. Now that does make more sense in comparison to the liquidity pump going on in U.S. economy in the sense that such a liquidity pump in China is in context of a massive, emerging, growing economy with genuine, massive middle-class growth and expansion. However, a pump is a pump and inflation has reared its ugly head.

    I digress. The key point is to note the values and priorities of the two country’s respective governments and therefore, the quality of their governance. As I’ve written elsewhere, the Chinese gov’t has “societal stability and harmony” as it’s #1 top priority and the vast majority of their policy decisions both domestically and internationally reflect that. It is simply and sadly impossible to say the same about the values, priorities and policies by U.S. gov’t regimes of the recent years. They are serving themselves, in cahoots with the bankes, Wall Street, lobbies et al., not their country and her citizens.

    While there are plenty of other factors, issues, problems to fairly debate, this difference in governance between the world’s two key global powers, in the priorities driving their policies, could be called the single most vital paradigm impacting today’s world.

    Indeed Will, there are ways to exit, there are still places to go to start over, to shift careers/lifestyles, with greater simplicity and at greatly reduced daily expense. Second tier cities of China, India, SE Asia, and Latin America come to mind…much info available on google on how to exit the system…

    Cheers, Mario

    • Rich November 12, 2010, 5:56 pm

      Re “Second tier cities of China, India, SE Asia, and Latin America come to mind”

      Having lived abroad, I came back, mostly because there’s no place like home.

      At least the cops and cartels on the streets of America don’t stop you and rob you at the point of a gun [yet].

      Ok, so the cartels do kidnap you for ransom, or the terrorists cut your head off and weird diseases like Acidosis, DU, Fluoridosis, Lyme Disease, MRSA and Vaccine-induced immunity failure are showing up here.

      Ok, so the Fed, IRS Treasury do rob US with adulterated currency, a mountain of debt payroll, pension and real estate withholding and 0Care mandated 1099s for all transactions over $600.

      And if we call for replacing the Fed or IRS they confiscate our money and then audit us as I found out.

      We can listen to Infowars, Prison Planet or Rense, but that becomes another corn maze of paranoia addiction.

      Of course the Tea Party was coopted by the Republicrats and will be by lame stream media, while Animal Farm Big Brother Brave New World Apparatchiks characterize debt as good, economic collapse as recovery, false flags as somebody else, free trade as fair, global warming as scientific, government as just, cybersecurity internet as free, markets as fixed, missile flights as jet contrails, chemo and flu shots as healthcare, Patriot Act as defending the Bill of Rights, BP pollution as cleaned up, chemical mass media population control as liberating, slavery as freedom, war as peace.

      So what’s a good citizen patriot real American to do?

      Starting almost forty years ago a financial adviser named Harry Browne found time to grow the Libertarian Party, write How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World and run for President twice. His work is still worth a good read today.

      We are not truly free until we live our highest calling.

      Nice work here…

    • mario cavolo November 13, 2010, 4:15 am

      oh yea, relocating to such adventurous locales one finds plenty that is rough around the edges to consider, however we expats in China continue with “safe/low low crime” at the top of our appreciation list. On the other hand, there’s nothing like the fabulous, amazing consistency and beauty and friendliness of life in the U.S. if we can somehow shield from so many rules and the other bad stuff happening there.

      Cheers, Mario

    • redwilldanaher November 13, 2010, 3:14 pm

      I don’t disagree Mario, I considered NZ for my family 6 years ago. Thought about returning to the old countries of my ancestors (Italy & Germany) as I really enjoy both countries and if the USSA is headed the same way then what’s the difference? NZ is another matter but back to your point. Of course you’re right but I’m not evaluating this simply from my own perspective but that of a typical American that wants to remain on the NA continent within a culture similar to the one they’ve known. I’ve lived abroad so I’m not opposed to it but I’m sure that many people would prefer not to have fan out around the world unless it was a last resort. Peaceful, strategic secession followed by an agreement between a loose confederation of states in the southeast of America sounds about right to me. There may be Democrats throughout these State but the Statist types are rare and mostly are transplants from the left coast or the people’s republic of Taxachussets or some other NE fiefdom. As far as I’m concerned they can return to the father land if freedom from tyranny isn’t their cup of wheat grass.

  • Jill November 12, 2010, 4:38 am

    Here is a web site I ran across that keeps track of when & how the Tea Party is getting coopted.

    Thanks for the article, Red Will. This “walking away” sure is getting to be a frequent theme here. Folks seem to have different ideas regarding what that would consist of, specifically.


    You can’t co-opt something that barely exists institutionally. The Tea Party will define itself by what it does locally, not nationally. RA

  • John Jay November 12, 2010, 4:32 am

    No need to take any action in my opinion.
    This country is bankrupt beyond redemption.
    National, state, local, you name it.
    Broke, and getting broker by the minute.
    The government and the Federal Reserve Bank have set themselves and us up for collapse.
    The next stupid move by the Federal government, like say, starting a war with Iran will bring it all crashing down.
    And we all know they always have a stupid plan in mind.

  • Steve November 12, 2010, 3:07 am

    Nice read Red Will. Must agree that democrats, republicans, and tea party boyz will all play democracy, and never find the way back to the Republic several States and contract Law. As to Law, it is gone for the favor of ordinances of corporate persons. The Constitution does not play because a corporate enfranchisee 14th citizen is subject to Master/servant Law, and Roman Civil Law adhesion contracts from my point of view and understanding, all; under exclusive powers of congress at Article I, sec. 8, cls. 17, and Article IV, sec. 3, cls. 2 ‘territorial’ democracy, Northern Senate Rebellion of A.D. 1867. No corporate enfranchisee beneficiary U.S. ‘subject’ has ‘Standing’ to bring an Original Jurisdiction Claim. Public Policy governs, and overrules Law. Just not playing gets one in allot of heat today, just ask me and I’ll tell you about it. Maybe if more disenfranchise the heat will spread out among the many. There are risks though.

    Peacefully walking away will not likely be tolerated by the powers of mobocracy. Survival in a social breakdown is not a matter of having things, but; the ability to keep Things.

    Free, is not having anything at all to loose. Bravery is risking it all for what one believes.

    • redwilldanaher November 12, 2010, 5:09 pm

      Thanks Steve. I agree with your comments of course. I consider myself an expert on nothing but I have managed to learn a little bit about a lot of things by reading and thinking. The scenarios that I played out in my mind all lead to failure if “play the game”, that is, “I acknowledge the maze”. My conclusion is serious peaceful secession is our best option. The problem is that it would take time and planning. Violence is not the answer and is hopeless. I’ve been “called out” and even by some in this forum for not being willing to go “1776” on them. If it were 1776, or even 1876 I’d be all for it but give the “grid” nature of it all now, I think that those folks are more caught up in romanticism than reality. To echo on your comments, if I’m not free I have lost everything already. I never thought of myself in terms of bravery but I do believe in freedom and I’m rather fail in trying than to have not tried at all.

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