Eyes on AMZN and the E-Mini S&Ps!


Ahhh, the suspense! Although I don’t want to keep you all on a hair trigger, last week’s top in the E-Mini S&Ps deserves our cautious attention, since it occurred very near the Hidden Pivot target of a rally pattern that had taken a full year to play out.  To keep my analysis as simple as possible, and to avoid errors in judgment, I’ll be using just two vehicles — the E-Mini S&Ps and AMZN — to stay closely on top of any significant trend changes. Like the E-Mini S&Ps, AMZN peaked recently in a technically dangerous spot — i.e., the 1211.66 ‘secondary’ Hidden Pivot of a pattern projecting to as high as 1304.96.  This is not likely just coincidence, and that’s why price action in the two vehicles, taken together, warrants our unwavering diligence.

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John Jay December 4, 2017, 8:16 am

When will the Blow Off Top and Great Reversal Come To Pass?
Good Question!
Perhaps when the 99% left out the “Higher, Tighter, Righter” Wealth Vacuum Cleaner decide to do something about it.
This, a sort of Alaric and his Goth sacking of Rome is already happening to Western Europe with their Camp of the Saints Invasion.

Putin lead Russia offers a Debt Free, resource-based alternative to the Financialized Western Scheme!
With low priced weapons that work real well instead of MIC insanely priced failures, and oil and wheat instead of MBS/CDS “Investments”!

China seems to be leaning towards our Higher, Tighter, Righter, financial system, offset by a Russian practicality in the military arena.

The Great Test for the Russian economic adventure will occur when Putin dies.
Who will replace him, and will they continue his policies or will the Russian Oligarchs re-emerge to finish the job he stopped?

China seems to be under more stable control.

Of course, a side bet on Rickover’s “We’ll Blow Ourselves Up” couldn’t hurt now, could it!


Great Fun!

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