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Selling Climax Needed to Inspire Real Fear


Index futures were getting savaged late Monday night as DaBoyz worked feverishly to exhaust sellers so that They can run stocks up the ol’ wazoo ahead of the opening bell.  This is a dangerous game, even for the thimble riggers who control America’s securities exchanges. I’d flagged the 2533.50 downside target shown (click thumbnail inset) for the E-Mini S&Ps less than an hour ago, when it looked like it would take the whole night to get there. If it has been decisively exceeded by the time you read this, shift your sights downward to 2499.25, and thence to 2467.50. As always, the more easily each successive Hidden Pivot target gives way, the more likely the next is to be reached. Is this is the start of the Big One? Speaking as an inveterate permabear, my answer is no. I believe the selloff is merely corrective but that it won’t end until permabulls start showing signs of real fear. This has yet to occur as far as I can surmise, and it could conceivably take climactic selling far nastier than what has occurred so far to bring them around.

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none February 6, 2018, 10:24 am

“National Vetting Center”

Its always hide and seek.

This is the real news.

none February 6, 2018, 8:01 am

As of yesterday the INDU/SP market has now created the fastest downward 10% move in history passing the fastest downward move of July 2011.

The key level is the sling shot number from the high point in Jan. 2018 is 22,000-22,500 INDU level, this is support pass the recent 50 DMA and hitting the 200 DMA.

This level will place the RAMSI and MSI at the zero level +/- this will create the ‘sell capitulation signal’, this will be a place which the market may open up the flood gates after a rally from this level.

Markets never crash from the highs, always from a low point.

The stage is set, and as towards the other type of V shape high to the longer and larger degree taking place is confirm by 1/2 of the Trump Low/High being retrace, so observing that a July 2007 high is in place looking towards the next same high to be observe under an extreme weakling under current latter in the weeks ahead. A non confirmation in $VALUG will observe a lower high at such a setup.

———-chart inserted.

INDU VALUG 02032018

The Value Line Geometric Composite Index is the original index released, and launched on June 30, 1961. It is an equally weighted index using a geometric average. Because it is based on a geometric average the daily change is closest to the median stock price change.

First of all, what is a geometric index? Why would we use the Geometric Index rather than the Arithmetic Index?

The geometric index tracks the median index move if all stocks had an equal amount (say $100) invested in them.

Towards true value in the U.S. Share market $VALUG is the most important index to observe.

Chart Inserted.

The high of 2015 (which is the high of 1997 +/-) in $VALUG has been exceeded by only 12%, the $INDU has been exceeded by the high of 2015 by 46%, with the 1997 being exceeded by +160% +/-.

The Bear Market in $VALUG from 1997 to 2003 has confirming rising volume.

The Bull market of 2003 to the ‘same’ 1997 high point has limited rising to ‘level’ volume.

The Bull market of 2008 has had for the ‘1st time’ decline volume in a rising Bull market.

The $VALUG 2008 low point broke its 1987 valued area.

Have a great day Rick.

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