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2.89-Point Dow Rally Was No Small Feat


Give DaBoyz credit for levitating the Dow by 2.89 points on Tuesday. That may seem like a pittance, but it was actually quite a feat for them to eke out a small gain with the price of crude head-butting the psychologically crucial $70 level. Although there is room to disagree about how much higher oil prices might go this time around, no one doubts that anything above $70 is going to put a serious drag on the U.S. economy.  Trump’s decision to jettison the nuclear deal with Iran could add 15 to 25 cents a gallon at the pump, the news media are telling us. Don’t these guys ever learn?  Merely talking about a 25-cent increase ‘over time’ all but guarantees it will happen more or less overnight. A 75-cent spike by mid-June sounds more likely.  If so, don’t be surprised if the Dow is trading 2000 points lower than the current 24,360.

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none May 9, 2018, 12:14 pm

An increase in the supply of money [and credit] depends mainly upon borrowing. Unless the psychology of the American consumer can be turned around, consumers will not start new borrowing that will create more new money. Until consumers start to demand more and buy more, business will not expand more. Therefore business will not borrow more. Therefore, in spite of the great increase in the money supply caused by the Federal deficits, the total money supply will continue to shrink. As it shrinks it will bring about bankruptcies, and these bankruptcies will cause others, which will end in a great domino display of deflation. The destruction of money will far outpace the manufacture of money by the Fed, and the plunge starts.

The only sound monetary system is a voluntary one.

Free societies are more successful and productive than controlled ones.

There are two ways that credit can be liquidated, self liquidation and force liquidation.

When a stock market downturn speeds up the wealthy are hit first.

The TIDAL WAVE is about crest.

Have a fine day Rick.

11:11 the bull

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