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Winds of War in the Middle East


It’s been a long time since anyone on Wall Street cared about what was going on in the geopolitical world, but that may be about to change. A quiet war has been heating up between Israel and Iran with the potential to send an already weak U.S. stock market into a steep dive. Recently, a bunker-buster bomb reportedly took out hundreds of missiles Iran was hiding on a Syrian base.  Because Hezbollah is likely to possess some of the same weapons, it’s no longer unthinkable that Israel would strike the terrorist group’s base of operations in Lebanon pre-emptively.

Flaming kites from Gaza have been causing major damage to Israeli farms. Add to this volatile mix an impending decision by Trump about whether to extend the nuclear deal with Iran. There are very good reasons why he should not.  Read this New York Times column by Bret Stephens if you think Iran has lived up to its side of the bargain. There is also the planned move, on May 15, of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an event that Israel’s enemies may treat as an opportunity to disrupt the world in some horrific way.  The Middle East is a powder keg. If it is about to explode, the clearest and earliest warning won’t be found on the evening news, but in crude oil’s charts. We should see the price of oil move above $70 a barrel within the next week or so if war is imminent. For your information, NYMEX futures settled Wednesday at $67.68.

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none May 3, 2018, 8:13 am

APPL dividend 13 billion is bigger than the market cap of 140 members of the S&P.

AMZN is 27% of the index and has 122x forward earnings.

Parabolic Trends are seen and observed ‘after’ the fact never ‘before’.

As, to why the break from these trends suggest at first a ‘correction’ of price is in place and not a overall new trend in the other direction.

‘War’ today has its cycle now full blown, as in markets the 1st leg or two is higher. Getting the airplane off the runway, and then lifting the landing gear to clear its path for altitude. The ‘War Cycle’, is now in its climb for altitude phase.

Observe the note below:

The ‘Use of Deception’ is very important and this being the 18th year of war in the Middle East for America since 911. One has to think or observe just how easy it has been for the deception to take place.

Not a mention in many ways though the media outlets as the number of years but once in a while. To even that the recent ‘Lost in Space’ net-flick has Professor John Robinson not a professor as in the 1988 Movie or the 1960’s TV series but today 2018 a (Jar head) Marine.

The longest American war was 60 years, they are called the Indian Wars.

Much is changing in American life though ‘deception’, without many Americans taking note.

The landing gear is up.

Have a great day Rick.

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