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Trump Is Why Stocks Will Move Higher


Last week Rick’s Picks projected a nearly 300-point rally in the S&P 500, although we couldn’t say why. Now we know the answer:  Trump.  Even if the half of America afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) can’t see it, much less applaud it, just about everything the President’s done lately has come up a winner.  First, he thumbed his nose at the geopolitical world, especially Europe, when he called off the nuclear deal with Iran. Merkel, Macron et al. acted angry and shocked.  After all, when was the last time the leader of a country threatened to do something and then actually did it?  In retrospect, what followed should have surprised no one:  Hundreds of German companies decided they would rather do business with the U.S. than Iran, boosting the power of Trump’s vow to tighten the noose on Iran’s economy.

Next was the diplomatically unusual way the President called off the summit meeting, telling North Korea’s lunatic dictator to take it and shove it. Summit revived!  Then Trump followed through on a threat to reinstate heavy tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. Yes, it’s true that there are no economic winners in a trade war.  But are we actually in one?  Judging from the headlines, the news media is certain we are. But I’m more inclined to think it’s just a negotiating ploy — i.e., The Art of the Deal put into practice on a global scale. My prediction is that Europe, Mexico and Canada, which have threatened countermeasures, will come around before any serious damage is done. Moreover, whatever deal ensues, it will be perceived by everyone not afflicted with TDS as a winner for all parties concerned.  It already is for Argentina, Australia and South Korea, which have gotten deals from Trump that preserved their exemptions.

Black Employment Is Up

And here’s another success story you would know about if the news media itself were not very seriously afflicted with TDS: Economic data released last week said that, for the first time since 1964, black employment increased while white employment fell. Can this possibly have occurred with America living under such a ‘racist’ President? The USA is in fact at 3.8% unemployment, the economy will continue to hum along, and Democrats can forget about picking up seats in November.  They might even lose a few, net, if the economy makes any steam.

TDS sufferers can’t fathom how the playground bully got elected President, but it is vexing them even more that such an ill-mannered leader could produce winning outcomes at a global level. He is inarticulate and sometimes even crude, and he has been running America as though it were a giant corporation. Trump keeps promises, though, and he delivers on threats. The last President who acted like this was Teddy Roosevelt. If Wall Street is presciently starting to factor better outcomes for the USA, we shouldn’t be too surprised as stocks head higher into autumn. (A debt of thanks to my good friend Larry Amernick for opening my eyes to Trump’s growing list of successes. Personally, I don’t like the guy either, and that’s why I was blind to the ways in which he is succeeding where our last half-dozen Presidents — never moreso than Barack Obama — failed so miserably.)

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highridings June 6, 2018, 3:37 pm

What a load of balloney! Israel, Jerusalem…and to top it all now quoting Rev 12:14 and misinterpreting it! Israel was the people with a special relationship with God but not since they killed his son and denied him. Israel may well be the King of the North …we shall see . In any event with so much corruption and manipulation in world economics and markets the whole idea is to kid the herd into thinking the wrong thing so they can fleece them


My ex, a Methodist and an antisemite, assured me that antisemites don’t really care about the Christ-killer thing any more, but perhaps you are the exception. RA

showme June 4, 2018, 11:52 am

Trump has stated, and it is true, that his most significant achievement thus far is the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem. It has effectively cemented the US role as Israel’s protector (prophecied in Rev.12:14) against the soon to emerge one world government of the Antichrist.

Rick Ackerman June 4, 2018, 12:59 pm

Indeed, another important promise fulfilled — one that brought a torrent of condemnations from around the world and stirred up Trump’s political enemies at home. Other Presidents had talked about a Jerusalem embassy but lacked the courage to follow through. RA

none June 4, 2018, 11:42 am

Nostradamian …LOL

This is a good one Rick, and I am not suggesting such a negative outlook or I do not mean too.

Wars are in a way something to observe, the history of larger wars such as a world war is base on population and not such as many think political differences.

Today person cannot see a large war take place, but what is obvious, then it’s obviously wrong, the history of ‘war’ towards the history of larger ‘wars’ has about a decade and more of small ones that in turn moves towards a world war.

A large Conventional war as ww1 and 2 simply cannot be suggested or imagine by most, as many see such a large array of ‘fail safes’. History will always move quite in the opposite direction and such an affect by building events will in turn cause a ripple towards a greater change in thinking.

The USA is now in its 18 year of proxy wars, so certainly the fail-safes are working as we also see other communities world wide also moving and operating in many proxy wars. Such has always been the history towards larger such Conventional wars to take place.

The above cannot be deny that such is taking place.

Have a great day Rick.

none June 3, 2018, 10:05 pm

What is the most populous region in the world.
Regional and continental (sub)totals in 2016

Population 2013


Southern Asia

Eastern Asia

Southeastern Asia

1/2 half of the world population is though out Asia, suggests a major worldwide conflict to take place.

This directly points towards Japan China WW3.

Persons should observe massive directional change.

As far as persons suggesting a ‘racist’ President, he has married 2 immigrants this is not the MO of a racist.

The USA has been and is on ‘lock down’ and moving away from long lasting friendships of yesterday.

Higher highs in the indexes are unlikely, and as we can observe.

2011 2018 summer crash in place.

The 2011 analog to the 2018 suggest that the 20 and 40 trading day lower high point recently is moving the INDU and other major indexes to a ‘Plunge’.

As, in 2011 the lower 20 and 40 trading day high point off the major high May 2011 was 57 trading days, the 2018 lower high is 78 trading days this marker is line for continue lower pricing..

Take note that as in 2011 the RUT and NAS indexes created new highs in that July 2011 INDU 40 trading day lower high as today.

Have a great week ahead Rick.

1939 cluster population above shows 2.3 billion total with near 1/2 of the total world population of the British Empire, Japan, China, Soviet Union and USA.

All engage with the start of world war.

Rick Ackerman June 4, 2018, 10:58 am

If it’s any consolation to readers, I hear from a Nostradamian occasionally whose grim scenario — several world wars, most of humanity dying from starvation and disease; a series of tectonic catastrophes including earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions, and a new coastline for the U.S. in…Arizona — makes a mere world war look, relatively, like a PTA bake sale. RA

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