Ricks Picks

The Cockroach Effect

  1. The broad averages treaded water on Wednesday while Amazon suffered a rare drubbing and some other high-fliers got marked down, probably not for long. If there were any doubts about how tightly DaBoyz have rigged the game, they should have been dispelled by the sight of money flowing out of the half-dozen institutional favorites and into Wall Street’s flotsam.  The dogs had their day, marking time when it would have been more natural for them to move lower in sympathy with the FAANGs.

Particle Physics

It’s a mystery to me how portfolio managers wake up each morning, all of them trained on the same objective. Does some sort of telepathic signal go out to them, like a silent instruction to cockroaches concerning the location of a rotting piece of meat?  Or is it more like quantum physics?  Subatomic particles at opposite ends of the universe are thought by scientists to react simultaneously to certain stimuli, with no lag. Whatever the case, somehow these guys seem to know what all their colleagues are planning to do on a given day. I use the word “colleagues” rather than “competitors” because, really, how competitive can the game be when most portfolio managers most of the time are heedlessly throwing Other People’s Money at the same handful of stocks?

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John Jay September 6, 2018, 9:42 am

Well, I think it all depends if Trump retains Senate and House majorities after the elections.
Even if he does, he is battling 50 years of ever increasing Deep State control of the USA.
If he is just a 4 or 8 year speed bump for the Deep State, then we just continue the descent into Feudalism. Looking at the hopelessness of drug addled, sidewalks are a latrine masses in West Coast cities, the future looks cloudy at best!

none September 6, 2018, 7:58 am

What is obvious is obviously wrong.

Its just not a temporary thing going on today, and in fact if the stock market was to have a very severe correction or downturn.

We all should expect another election ‘win’ ahead for Trump.

Have a great day Rick.

John Jay September 6, 2018, 12:25 am

Well Rick, from my perspective, I would wager there are many factors at work in the Big Time Momentum Stocks Skyrocket:

1) If it all goes smash, they just open a new Hedge Fund, and people will line up to hand over their money. Those LTCM guys went right back in business if I remember correctly. So, there is no incentive to be cautious with OPM!

2) If it gets “Tanks in the Street” bad, they can count on TARP 2.0. The Fed has “Owners” that call the shots, n’est pas?

3) With an eternally strong US Dollar the US market has the Auslanders seeking the twofer of rising stock prices and currency appreciation.

4) With an increasing number of “Failed States” falling like dominoes, any scared money from the elites of Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, etc. will give #3 above a mega dose of financial steroids.

5) And do not forget the never ending Stock Buybacks which serve as a nitromethane afterburner!

To Infinity and Beyond!


A fine list to support the notion of a perpetual motion machine, John. What could possibly go wrong? And yet, we know that something will, even if exactly what will prove to have been almost beyond imagining. RA

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