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Get a Step Ahead of Trump and You Could Make $$$ Billions!


A trader who knew what Trump was going to say next about tariffs could make more money in a few months than Trump himself is worth. Do the math if you don’t believe it. When China devalued the yuan on August 5, Trump fired back with a threat to broaden tariffs to cover virtually all Chinese goods. The E-Mini S&Ps promptly fell from 3020 to 2755, racking up a gain of as much as $13,000 per contract. If you’d shorted fifty of them in a $350,000 account and covered near the low, your four-day profit would have been around $650,000. On to your next score! You parlay your winnings on Trump’s next tweet, buying 400 contracts this morning, just before his trade reps announced that tariffs on two key items, laptops and cellphones, would be delayed until December. The E-Mini S&Ps popped for 77 points in a little more than an hour, making you a quick $1.5 million.

No Way to Lose

Now you’ve grown your stake to $2.1 million in just one week! At that rate, doubling your bet every time you tap into Trump’s brain, you would be a billionaire by mid-October. And remember, you could not lose. That’s because the algorithms that drive the markets are programmed to go all-in at the speed of light whenever there is a whiff of “good” tariff news, and to dump stocks willy-nilly if a Trump tweet on trade is even mildly disappointing. If you want to play it safe, you could bet only on impending dovish tweets, since they trigger the most urgent kind of buying: short-covering. Why wait for stocks to fall over three or four days on bearish news when you can make as much in an hour off a bear panic? Reading Trump’s mind would surely beat working for a living. And such fun!

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none August 14, 2019, 11:53 am

THE MEMOIRS OF Herbert Hoover _________________ The Great Depression 1929-1941

The central difficulty during my term as President was, obviously, the worldwide “Great Depression.” Domestically it first appeared in late 1929, eight months after my inauguration, and continued in the United States not only during my term but for eight years more, until the start of the Second World War in 1941. That fateful eleven-year period is the subject of this volume of my Memoirs. I have divided it into three major parts: The Great Depression The Presidential Election of 1932 The Aftermath As in the previous two volumes of my Memoirs, I have treated the material topically rather than chronologically, so as to present a clearer picture of the events, policies and forces in motion at the time. I wrote the sections on the Depression and the Election of 1932, for the most part, less than three years after I left the White House. Later I clarified and condensed some parts, in particular eliminating documents which had become public. These I have indicated by references. The section on the Election of 1932 is more detailed than would be necessary but for the fact that this election was a turning point in American life —and possibly in that of the world. The section entitled The Aftermath, concerning the continuation of the Depression from Mr. Roosevelt’s inauguration in 1933 until 1941, was written from 1942 to 1944. I have included here, from later dates, some quotations which bear on this period. Throughout I have endeavored to treat persons and events with the restraint of a post-mortem. While occasionally mentioning my own views, I have rested criticism of Mr. Roosevelt’s policies by other persons upon statements of his sometime associates rather than on quotations of his Republican opponents. As this volume will demonstrate, the “Great Depression” did not start in the United States. To be sure, we were due for some economic readjustment as a result of the orgy of stock speculation in 1928-1929. This orgy was not a consequence of my administrative policies. In the main it was the result of the Federal Reserve Board’s pre-1928 enormous inflation of credit at the request of European bankers which, as this narrative shows, I persistently tried to stop, but I was overruled. Aside from the inevitable collapse of this Mississippi Bubble, some secondary economic forces also contributed to the October, 1929, events. But even this slump started in foreign countries before it occurred in the United States, and their difficulties were themselves a contributing factor to the stock market crack. Our domestic difficulties standing alone would have produced no more than the usual type of economic readjustment which had re-occurred at intervals in our history.

Ben August 14, 2019, 1:30 am

Trump: I know Terry. Terry’s terrible. Terry’s a terrible terrorist. Just terrible.

S&P: [spasms seven times because people thought he was about to say “tariff”]

Pan August 13, 2019, 9:23 pm

Trump’s beginning to make concessions with no corresponding concessions in return from China, so in other words, Trump’s starting to cave in already.
He never was going to win this one, the Chinese literally can eat crickets, Americans can’t even cope with falling stock markets.

John Jay August 13, 2019, 8:05 pm

You bet Rick!

Or, or………………..
If you were a “Player” in China in the Know……
Or even better, the Chinese version of the Fed with a trillion USD in US Treasuries for CME margin…………………..

You could time your hopeful or pessimistic press releases after you had loaded up on long/short NQ, CL, GC, ES, YM, ZB, ZN contracts. Spread it around a little!
They all respond nicely!

And hit the Buy/Sell button with enough contracts to send any futures contract into orbit or a tailspin!

I am not certain of course, but the Chinese do LOVE to make huge bets at Macao and Vegas, yeah?

You can bet that is going on with those in the KNOW in DC and Beijing!

Boss Tweed would be proud!

Almost as good a charging NYC 350 thousand dollars in actual 1880 money for a days work for a plastering guy!

Or selling Vanderbilt endless Erie Railroad stock Fisk and Gould were printing up!

Nothing is new under the sun!


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