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A Simple Way to Stop the Virus from Killing


Although the spread of Covid-19 has gripped the world with fear, there has been precious little discussion of the one thing that could stop the disease in its tracks: our natural immune systems. Although we habitually seek cures in the form of vaccines and other drugs, our bodies are capable of outperforming them with little risk to our health. This fact is well known to those who have explored cancer remedies, only to discover that even the most renowned treatment centers still employ primarily “slash-poison-and-burn” methods that have not changed much over the last 50 years. Nor could any of these tactics be said to have beaten the disease.  While surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can sometimes prolong the lives of those afflicted with cancer, they are hardly a cure. Far from it. The toxic combination of radiation and chemotherapy, for one, can have a devastating impact on the quality of one’s life by destroying vital organs, blood vessels and nerve pathways, along with T-cells and the body’s ability to regenerate healthy tissue.

Is there a better way? Fortunately, yes. In the case of Covid-19, rather than waiting indefinitely for a miracle vaccine to come along,  here are ten steps you can take immediately to help protect yourself. This indispensable list comes from two good friends who live in Boulder, Dr. Joel Rauch and Alexia Parks. Alexia is a world-changing dynamo and one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever met. Joel is a retired physician, Baylor trained, who specialized in bone-marrow transplants. He has become Boulder’s go-to guy for world-class triathletes, bicyclists and rock-climbers seeking a nutritional edge. Their Ten Steps spells out simple things anyone can do to help fortify the immune system against the coronavirus and other diseases.  If the plan engages you, please send a copy of it to your local newspaper and disseminate it online so that it can reach the largest possible audience.

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  • Ben May 18, 2020, 12:15 pm

    I’m sure that if I found at least a couple things in that list to be new and informative, then most anyone can. Thanks for sharing it, Rick! Now, if I may add a #11…

    11) DO NOT use a cell phone on a moving treadmill!

    My mother recently did that, and now has a broken shoulder and five stitches to show for it. Blood work here, remove stitches there, back to here, another test, a surgery on Friday, an overnight stay in the hospital… So there’s also potential exposure galore.

  • Raymond Kayal May 18, 2020, 6:53 am

    Right on, Rick. Why Fauci or Dr. B do not talk about common sense practices concerning building up one’s immunity is sickening. We actually walk over what’s needed, literally. God has provided so much to protect us and yet these idiots do not articulate it.

  • tim May 17, 2020, 10:10 pm

    Hi Rick,
    the SUN is key, search Dr. Jack Kruse, you will become enlightened, he is a neurosurgeon, cutting edge,
    also blue light blocking glasses are key, please research, all the best to you and yours.


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