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Tesla Beats Expectations of the Usual Knuckleheads


Tesla eked out a modest profit for a fourth straight quarter, earning a listing in the S&P 500. The stock laid an egg in after-hours trading, however, making money only for naked-option sellers who cashed in on some of the juiciest option premiums traders can recall. Such are the rewards of the most manic, delusional buying spree in stock market history. It could have surprised no one that the company’s bean counters were able to tweak Tesla’s numbers into-the-black, since that was all that was required of them to earn the S&P listing. What did surprise is that analysts had expected Musk to report a loss due to a Covid-induced sales-and-distribution slowdown.

Of course, we knew going in that the average Wall Street analyst couldn’t hold down a CETA job sharpening pencils, but in the end the pathetic hacks did their job, lowballing estimates so that the company could not but beat them. TSLA’s conspicuous failure to go nuts after the close, however,  is likely to exert some drag on an otherwise rabidly exuberant Nasdaq index for the remainder of the week. Look for DaBoyz to lighten their offers to stretch out the hours and days they will be able to distribute stock to the rubes. Not that the wilding spree is necessarily over. Check out my forecast for the S&P 500 (SPX) below if you want to see how much higher it could go over the near term.

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