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Weighing the Risks of Vaccination


Been vaccinated yet?  I haven’t, although I’m trying not to give friends the impression that I’m making some sort of political statement. That means not emailing them links to every vaccine horror story that surfaces, or to growing evidence that the vaccine may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.  That mRNA vaccines have not been well-tested and could conceivably cause bodily harm or death is beyond argument at this point.  That is why I am waiting until most Americans have gotten their shots and reported any side effects before I decide whether to get mine.

The person I trust most about this is my personal physician, who also happens to be one of my oldest friends. He was quite confident back in April that the combination of hydroxycholoroquine, zinc and Zithromax was highly effective in treating Covid. This was an unpopular view at the time; indeed, half the country was rejecting it merely because it had Trump’s endorsement. However, my friend had already treated two dozen Covid patients, and all but one recovered without getting very sick. The one patient who fared poorly, a mutual friend, had waited until ten days after he’d shown symptoms to start treatment.

Two Brothers Part Ways

My physician friend had no qualms about getting vaccinated himself, especially since he sees so many patients who are infected. He does a weekly radio show and undoubtedly has influenced many, including some who were as skeptical as I am, to get their shots. However, his brother, a surgeon, has so far chosen not to get vaccinated, mainly because of a bad reaction he once had to a flu vaccine.

I’ll be monitoring the health and progress of two close friends in particular, since they’ve been scared to death to leave their homes since lockdowns began last March. Both have just received their two shots spaced a month apart, and both have seized the opportunity to get back to more or less normal life. One is a wine importer whose business requires frequent trips to Europe.  He hasn’t flown anywhere in the last year, but next weekend he’ll be traveling with his daughter to Vail for a week of skiing. For a guy who could not even set foot in a grocery store or post office, immersing himself in a crowded ski resort at high season will be an act of daring.

A Powerful Inducement

The other friend, a retired entrepreneur, has a scary medical history and has therefore lived under an even stricter lockdown than the wine importer. So fearful was he of catching Covid that he chartered a jet to fly him and his wife from New Jersey to Florida and back last fall. His passion in life is high-stakes poker, but neither he nor any of his poker buddies have played face-to-face in nearly a year. A poker game surely ranks high on the list of superspreader events, given the constant banter in close quarters and the circulation of contaminated cards and chips. Even so, the group recently restarted their regular game, and although they are not oblivious to the risks, they are no longer prisoners in their own homes. For those of us who are 70 or older, this kind of freedom will remain a powerful incentive to get vaccinated even if the risks prove to be considerable.

  • Robert February 19, 2021, 12:06 pm

    In case you missed it. Masks & lockdowns are useless and they make it last longer.
    Case an point in one chart: Sweeden vs UK

  • Thomas February 17, 2021, 11:42 am

    There is enough information just in their own literature to reject these mRNA shots. Moderna’s says “it’s not a vaccine so much as a software platform..an operating system that alters protein, and that can have ‘updates’. Their words. That’s insane. The vaccines aren’t necessary, they don’t stop you from getting corona or giving it to someone else. All these shots are designed to do minimize symptoms, when 80% are already asymptotic due to T cell immunity protection. Taking vitamin D and zinc supplements have shown to strengthen the immune system and helps combat corona. Even if you get symptoms, ivermectin and the hydroxy Rick mentions are cures if taken early enough. The CDC updated numbers, 1,170 deaths attributed so far to the vaccines. Have you heard about this in the mainstream media? I haven’t. I wouldn’t take this vaccine for all the gold in the world.

  • Robert February 17, 2021, 9:37 am

    Ever hear of Tim Walton? He fought to keep his GYM open and he won each time!
    He’s not a lawyer. He is a shop owner who had enough and stood up.
    Be the change you want it to be. Share as much as you can to increase awareness so others stand up.
    Now is suing the city for the other shops.
    You will find is tik tok video at the bottom of the page.

  • Robert February 15, 2021, 1:51 pm

    Be the change you want to see. We are the 99% and have the power, but we give it away.
    This guy has inspired judges and ministers to quit their jobs. His presentation is worth your time.
    You are Sovereign no one has any authority over you unless you let them have it.
    See how Italians stand up to encroachments on their freedom. Libertad!

  • Robert February 15, 2021, 1:38 pm

    They cannot make a vaccine because they cannot isolate the virus.
    Funny thing, there are no longer any influenza cases. Stats show almost zero, and even officials report that influenza has disappeared. What a joke! It hasn’t disappeared — they put them all in the ..vid stats.
    People who are afraid have drunk too much mass-media Kool-aid, which has induced psychosis in those who are afraid of death or emotionally unstable.

    Wearing the mask for more than one minute is dangerous, since you breathe your own carbon dioxide.
    It’s important to educate oneself to regain sanity. We stay healthy by breathing oxygen and by being exposed to sunlight. Funny how they try to make you do the opposite by staying home and wearing a mask. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand it’s not in our best interest.

    Sweden: no mask, no lockdowns, and everything is fine — only 0.08% deaths among population. People eat in restaurants and live normally. Same thing in Georgia and other places where the people and their leaders are sane. More people who die from heart problems, but we never stop them from eating fries and Coca Cola.

    This woman is a an expert in the field doctor in immunology, diploma in genetics and she worked in the vaccine industry.

    • Ben February 15, 2021, 7:04 pm

      “Sweden: no mask, no lockdowns, and everything is fine — only 0.08% deaths among population.”

      The death rate in Sweden is at 2%. Finland is at 1.4%. Norway is .8%. Together, Norway and Finland, population roughly equal to Sweden, total 1,319, to Sweden’s 12,428.


      And according to the two Swedes I know of, they have indeed had restrictions over there, including closures. Not sure what their status is now, and frankly I don’t care. I’m just showing and telling you that your facts are wrong, like so many of the “informed” that have been constantly trying to blow Sweden up everyone’s butt, starting last summer.

      • Larry D February 16, 2021, 11:08 am

        Hmm… facts are slippery things. Sweden has population of 10.3 million. How do you get a death rate of 2% when you show 12,428 people there died from Covid?

      • Ben February 16, 2021, 8:59 pm

        Larry D: “Facts are slippery things”

        The death rate in Sweden is 2%, Larry. You’re comparing total deaths to total population, but would you compare the number killed to the total population of Japan when judging the deadliness of the Hiroshima bomb? Or, just as wisely, to the world population? No, because doing either would present a _grossly_ inaccurate picture of the deadliness of nuclear bombs! In order to find out how deadly they are, you have to compare it to those exposed to it. For covid, or any disease pathogen, that means looking only at the known infected population. And since I know what you’ll say next…

        We can speculate all day on the number of unreported cases. But that is all it would be: speculation. We don’t know how many have in fact been exposed, but we do know that positive tests — and yes, we KNOW false positives happen, just as false negatives happen — are a good indicator of the infected populace. The only measure we have, in fact. We also know that of those tested, and later test negative after the symptoms disappeared, are a good indication of the recovered populace. Likewise, we know those tested but later died are a good indicator of the dead-by-covid populace.

        Sound public health policy does not, should not, and CANNOT operate on speculation. Speculation is uncertainty and quite heavily biased, by its nature. Fine for the stock market, but this isn’t the GD stock market. When LIFE and DEATH are on the line, speculation is VERY foolish policy.

        Sound vs speculation is the difference between Sweden vs Finland, Norway, Japan, Taiwan. The latter are all doing MUCH better than Sweden. Yes, Japan and Finland’s death rates are nearly equal to Sweden. But Finland is well under 1,000 deaths and Japan is just over 7,000. Sweden is nearly 13,000. Sweden has 10.4 million people over a greater area. Japan has ~125 million, over a much smaller area.

        Slip on those facts, Larry. Then slip on these…

        The number of covid deaths in the U.S. has surpassed the total U.S. casualties of WWII, as well as the lowest U.S. death estimate from Spanish Flu. Whats more, going back three months, we’ve more than doubled the number of deaths, from ~230,000 in November, to 480,000 this month. That happened in three months, whereas the 230,000 took nine months to reach… from the first death in Feb 2020, until November 2020.

        These “nothing is clear” or outright denials, such as what Robert rattled off, is 13 month old bullshit, guys. The time has long past where everyone of sane mind and sound morals has come to terms with this.

        Yeah, I get it. We can’t shut down forever. But there is relief and it has been known since late last spring, early summer. Dog is not God spelled backwards, by accident. And I never saw a rat that was too busy unless it was up to no good. So we can turn them around and make them a staR. Dogs and rats can be trained to sniff out covid infections. They do so with as much accuracy as the standard test, but more quickly and cheaply (testing is still $3,000+ a pop!). But on top of that, they can sniff out infections up to five days before any symptoms begin.

        “Let my army be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky”.

        This should’ve LONG since been implemented. But no. Everyone wants to be too caught up in the blizzard of politics, ideology, and “Hmm…those be some slippery facts!”, as if either of those three thrice-damned things have anything to do with reality and getting back to normal!

        On top of that civilization-destroying attitude, the status quo of leadership, wherever one looks, rather prefers things the way they are. It keeps the Fed printing money and keeps stocks up as well as flowing into the corporate “economy”. But money printing also means votes and general support i.e. rejection of The Other Side. At the same time, any and all failures — real and imagined — can be used to gain political ground on, again, The Other Side.

        So where, exactly, is the incentive to actually solve problems? It simply isn’t there. The unsound majority love to complain but hate to comply with reality, while leaders love to personally and politically profit. Frankly, you all deserve each other.

      • Larry D February 18, 2021, 10:11 am

        I’m asking how a 2% rate is computed on 12,428 deaths, that’s all. Then explain why the horrible Swedes drop dead more frequently when they catch Covid than their neighbors do.

      • Ben February 18, 2021, 11:24 pm

        “I’m asking how a 2% rate is computed on 12,428 deaths, that’s all. Then explain why the horrible Swedes drop dead more frequently when they catch Covid than their neighbors do.”

        It’s basic math, Larry, that’s all. And I already explained it quite clearly, that’s all.

  • wconnell01 February 14, 2021, 6:37 pm

    Check out Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Gab

  • Ben February 14, 2021, 5:45 pm

    My dad (71) has gotten it, a couple weeks ago, and he’s still alive and well. But during the first night, he said he felt terrible. My mother (65) is due to get hers in April, if I recall.

    I’m 45, so they haven’t gotten to my group yet. Still heavily leaning against getting it, though. As you said, Rick, I too would much rather wait a couple years, at least, to see how long the immunity lasts, plus to see if any long-term negative effects develop. Those are all factors in weighing the risk vs reward ratio. I’d also rather there was a vaccine developed that hasn’t used abortive human fetal tissue, at any stage of its development. On the other hand…

    If I were to get the shot, despite those other concerns, it would be for religious reasons (how often do you hear that?!). I want to finish my conversion and get on with everything. But I’m not going to endanger my health nor anyone else’s. I have what is looking to be at least a few more months before they start in my age group, so I have time to consider it yet, see what else happens, etc.

    We’ll see. That’s all I can say.

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