Musk Should Conserve His Ammo


For many of us, as pleasurable as it might be to picture Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk, and to imagine a despairing Jack Dorsey committing seppuku, Musk should save his billions for more useful purposes. He could start by building a competitive platform for a hundredth of what he’s offered to pay for Twitter. He could also buy an existing platform such as the up-and-coming TruthSocial for a relative pittance. What is Twitter’s value, after all? The company has been losing steady money offering a place for ‘progressive’ extremists to set up sniper positions online. But would allowing the rest of us to post there improve the bottom line? There are reason to doubt this, for in fact the resulting free-for-all could wind up driving subscribers and advertisers away.

Musk says he simply wants to promote free speech. While it is true that nearly any conceivable change in Twitter’s content would bring improvement, one suspects that his main goal is to punish the platform’s narrow-minded managers for being the crypto-Stalinist apparatchiks they are. That being the case, and assuming Musk’s offer is successful, we should look for him to relocate Twitter from San Francisco to a red-state stronghold. Enid in Oklahoma comes to mind. Or perhaps Bristol, Tennessee. Or Bullhead City, Arizona.

Woke-ism Under Attack

Regardless of whether the deal flies — and there are good reasons to doubt that it will — Musk has provoked a healthy discussion of the impact on America of Twitter’s heavy-handed censorship. Woke-ism is on the run, under attack lately not just from political conservatives, but from centrists and others who have tired of living under wacky rules designed to benefit the few at the expense of the many. Most of us would be content to live and let live. November’s mid-term election promises to strengthen and accelerate beneficial changes in this direction and to restore common sense to political discourse.

  • John April 23, 2022, 4:31 pm

    JP is always funny
    Elon vs Twitter’s Board – WORLD WAR 3

  • John April 22, 2022, 8:47 pm

    Told you so. Tw-hitler was going bankrupt and musk is only saving their butt so the platform can survive and try to salvage their power and prevent the users from completely abandon this controlling tech. He’s part of the 0.1% and is just playing his role in the kabuki theater they put in front of us to fool you all, while they continue to advance their tyrannical plans. The 0.1% are not stupid, they are fooling you to believe this guy cares about freedom of speech.
    And in reality there is a even more subtle trap in all this fake NWO to make people consent to the real NWO which is a “spiritual” new age psy op one where people submit willing by adopting (consent) to the false beliefs in a new spiritualized world and one world religion with rosy glasses. Because if you control beliefs you control the people and the matrix of this creation. It’s a subtle trap in a boody trap. A con a false con.
    You must learn to see beyond the veil of illusion of the matrix theater. Same thing with politics: Left or Right, it does not matter because they rule both sides. They are just presenting you an illusion with char-actors and a theater. You want to know who rule search for the Octagon group in Switzerland. You want to know why Hitler never invaded Switzerland, because his masters were living there! They promoted, financed and selected him to rule Germany.
    Check the movie: Promised Land with Matt Damon. Same principle but smaller scope.

    He means the actual pope: Pope Francis (Latin: Franciscus; Italian: Francesco; Spanish: Francisco; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 17 December 1936)

  • John April 21, 2022, 8:12 am

    Common are you seriously believing this guy? That guys doesn’t give a $#@# about free speech.
    This is the same guy who is implementing starlink with 10000 5G satellite and 1 million 5G antenas and bombard us with poisonous radiations. Plus the 5G can be use to trace and track everyone if the digital ID is implemented.
    He is just distracting you with his bs while the real dangerous things are happening in the background.
    At he preventing the stock from his oligarch budies from crashing. Tw-hitler was going down the drain as people are leaving the plateform for more ethical solutions like With Telegram you can text and do phone calls. And it’s not owned by a 0.1% psychopath. You know why these plateforms have power? Because everybody is giginv it away by being a user of these controlling tech. Without users they go bankrupt. Now if people can get this into their head and leave in mass humanity will be taking its power back. We are the 99%. But people are too foolish and give away their freedom in exchanges of tech toys. Tech toys we didn’t have back then and we were living much better. People would meet, share and exchange love and fraternity with one another. We didn’t need it then and we don’t need it now. These tech create addiction, anxiety (if you do not answer the beep) and people are letting a piece of plastic rule them like Pavlovian dogs. Use your Power and abandon all controlling tech platform from more ethical ones. Ethical plateforms: Protonmail, Brave, Telegram, Rumble, theotoertube, swisscow, duckduckgo.

  • Rich April 18, 2022, 11:28 am

    Mr Musk great practitioner of sci-fi.
    TWTR Target + 121 % from 44.36 to 98.
    TWTR competitors, two profitable:
    Gab, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Meta, Parler, Rumble, Snap, WhatsApp, WeChat, YouTube.

    We still currently like YINN to 7.25 with Tencent Holdings, Alibaba Group, Meituan, China Construction Bank,
    Industrial Commerce Bk China, PING An,, Baidu, WUXI Biologics, Xiaomi Corp and Mr Munger,
    largest richest economy in world by Purchasing Power Parity, buying Russian/MENA oil, growing +4.8 % Q1 vs 1 % USA est, positive trade balance, soaring currency and reserves, lowering interest rates, unwoke by design.

  • Ben April 17, 2022, 8:47 pm

    Free speech? Hold your horses…

    That French Whore is at it again. Back in 2015-2016, or thereabouts, she made it known that her big “solution” to France’s islamization problem was to ban ALL outward display of religiosity, even for Christians and Jews. She said that French muslims would magically want to assimilate utterly useless post-modern “french” culture once everyone put away their Crosses, habits, Jewish stars, kippahs, etc.

    And this was posted on the website of the former National Front party. I saw it with my own eyes, so no, this isn’t some media bullcrap. She really does think that her idea will work!

    Le Pen is one of several “far right” jackasses behind this whole “free speech counter-movement” that rose up when woke-ism first reared its ugly head. She’s among the likes of Pat Condell (blowhard atheist brit), Sargon of Akkad (another dip[stick] limey), and a host of other trash, including people in the U.S. such as The Quartering (aka “Jeremy”), Salty Cracker, and that Putin peon Dr. Steve Turley.

    No one is for free speech. Even Trump. Remember when he bragged that he would cut federal funding to any university that refused to uphold the first amendment… but not a single university had its federal funding cut, even as free speech came under increasing attack on those same campuses?

    Oh, but along comes Elon Musk — the biggest fraud and incompetent DA this century will ever know — and I’m supposed to believe free speech will be alright?

    Yeah. Okay. Sure.

    Meanwhile, I still don’t hear very much about Our Lady of Fatima and what she had to say about “Russia spreading her errors to the world”, which include the present day abomination that is woke-ism… but that ultimately HER Immaculate Heart would prevail. Not Elon Musk and his money, not Trump and his bluster, not Le Pen and her what-I-meant-when-I-said-revive-French-culture-is-the-France-from-the-Revolution-onward-(and not, say, the vision of France that God had when He made Clovis I the first Christian king of the Franks). Not even the diseased designs of the Western peanut gallery denizens.

    No, this is God’s to crush. And He has ordained that the head of the serpent be crushed under the feet of the Holy Mother of God… and no one else.

    Trust in God. Everyone else pays paper money. Or, worse, bitcoin (gags)!

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