GCM22 – June Gold (Last:1822.50)

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My apologies for putting out a gold tout Sunday night so confusing that it confused even me. It were as though aliens had beamed signals into my head when I composed and published it. The 1825,8 target we’ve been using all along is still a ‘definite’, and it would be a load-up-the-truck-price were it not for the fact that I have been drum-rolling this number for the last several weeks. We can still make use of it when the time comes, so tune to the trading room when the futures get within $7-$10 of it. ______ UPDATE (May 11, 10:33 p.m. EDT): Today’s nitwit-powered conniptions push the June contract moderately higher but failed to surpass any ‘external peaks even on the hourly chart. This is disappointing, considering the rally came off a longstanding, very important Hidden Pivot target at 1825.80.  Perhaps it was too well advertised and must suffer a relapse before gold can bottom?  Regardless, an important low appears all but certain to occur somewhere very near here because the target is so clear and compelling. _______ UPDATE (May 12, 9:55 p.m.): The futures crashed the 1825.80 ‘hidden’ support, so I’ve shifted to the ‘marquee’ point A high, which allows for a bottom at 1814.20. That ‘D’ target has been exceeded, but only by $5. The jury is still out, but it’ll take a print at 1864.80 to get out of immediate jeopardy.

  • MARK J May 12, 2022, 6:10 am

    Excellent commentary Rick! I hope to become a subscriber when I have time to trade in about 6 months.

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