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Did You Know that the options game is heavily rigged against retail customers? In this Live Class, you’ll discover a breakthrough strategy that is…

Intuitive, Nearly Fool-Proof, and Will Have You Trading Like a 20-Year Pro...All Without Math, Complicated Algorithms, or Tons of Time!

Winning the Options Game with the Hidden Pivot ABCD Pattern

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In this Live Class with Rick Ackerman called “Winning the Options Game with the Hidden Pivot ABCD Pattern,” you’ll discover how to…

  • Eliminate the learning curve – which for true experts can stretch into decade
  • Cuts to the chase – bypassing years of learning and hours of time glued to the computer screen
  • Get you into an option position at the optimal price – getting you out at the top and also enabling you to manage ‘dynamic’ risk via partial-profit-taking along the way
  • Make consistently profitable trades all without math or complicated algorithms

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Valued at $̶9̶7̶  but You Attend FREE!

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Winning The Options Webinar

Discover how the Hidden Pivot method is intuitive, nearly fool-proof, and will have you trading like a 20-Year Pro...all without math, complicated algorithms, or tons of time!

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