How Long Can Investors Tune Out the Political Mayhem?


If Trump’s economic agenda has been reason for celebration on Wall Street, it is most puzzling that investors have shown so little concern lately over the political mayhem that has gripped the presidency, the news media and the nation. Indeed, even as these troubling forces have continued to gather force, investors have pushed shares to one record high after another. And yet, there were faint signs of weakness creeping in. For a technical discussion of this, see my latest tout for the Dow Industrials immediately below.

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Farmer March 7, 2017, 5:56 pm

Keep your eyes peeled on Nikkei 20,000 as it fast approaches because it looks like we will see that number by the time Yellen gives her press conference on March 15th. That is my D-Day line in the sand for the stock markets and upon arrival, the spot where we finally hit chart resistance worth talking about. That is the point that once reached will signal a correction has arrived for US equities. And yes, I would agree it is an implausible sounding idea on its face. But its probably also going to be correct too. I would not underestimate it since there is no other important prior resistance points on any other Equity indices charts that might indicate where the top comes in as all US markets have now hit record highs. I mean to say this is the only reference point that really matters given the significance of the Nikkei to the Yen and in turn its correlation to gold and bonds. We talked about this weeks back Rick and you likely thought the idea idiotic (which is why you didn’t publish the idea) but here we are and the odd confluence of an FOMC event with a rate hike on the table that may be just enough to cause the 30 year Treasury to fall below its multi-year trendline as that coincides with Nikkei 20,000 is just too much for me to ignore. Call me nuts after the date has passed if nothing transpires. But I think I am on to something here.

none March 7, 2017, 1:00 pm

Lieutenant Bannon is an expert in the 4th generational turning point.

They are prepared.

John Jay March 7, 2017, 9:43 am

In light of the “Vault 7” CIA operations release, you aren’t just whistling Dixie! It should be very entertaining to see the public response of the German government to the CIA using the US Frankfurt Consulate as “Langley East”. It makes the Jason Bourne movies seem like Tom and Jerry cartoons! LOL!

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