Here’s How Mr. Market Might Set Up the Kill Shot


The last thing serious investors should want is for a bull market to become, as this one has…thrilling.  We’re at that threshold now, with the broad averages rising so steeply that even the most bullish story Wall Street can spin conspicuously fails to explain it, let alone justify the hubris. Institutional investors must be starting to wonder how they will exit at these rarefied levels without arousing the suspicion of their money-managing rivals. The best they can hope for is a broad, distributive top.  But even that will take a nasty swoon first in order to create a second wave that everyone will assume is destined to achieve new heights.  That’s how stocks topped in 1929 and 1987, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand the brutal, beautiful  logic of it. Under the circumstances, no matter how high it goes, this is not the rally we should be worried about; rather, it is the next one, following a punitive selloff, that will set up the kill shot for which Mr. Market has always rightfully been feared.

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none December 1, 2017, 10:13 am

July 2011 downward equity liquidation in PLAY.

The equity market under current is no longer suggesting a normal corrective mode, but is in an all out ‘equity crash mode’ where bids will be pulled from the market place over days.

Observing the July 2011 downward equity liquidation of -17% in 13 trading days the fastest in INDU history is now at our doorsteps, and the market is looking for a downward water fall event such as this to a larger degree.

The 1st opening of the door may become a 1st wave event, towards several waves of selling over the months and years ahead.

Observation of a normal corrective process is now obvious in the minds and hearts of the ‘many’, and what is obvious is obviously wrong.

Continue to observe the relationship of inverse markets, as they are nearing major break out levels towards the 20 trading week high points over time.

Have a great weekend Rick!

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