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AMZN Traders to Trump: “Up Yours!”


Stocks lifted off late in Tuesday’s session, inspired by who-knows-what.  Sometimes it’s hard to predict what kind of news is going to warm Wall Street’s obsidian heart, but there are days when bulls seem to thrive on bad news. There was plenty enough of that, including some headlines about the ever-expanding — at least in Trump’s mind — list of tariffs to be levied against China: everything from semiconductor chips to medical devices to flamethrowers, according to a story at Bloomberg.com.  Trump also kept the heat on Amazon, his least favorite company, with an unfriendly tweet. AMZN shares shrugged it off and rallied sharply in the final hour. “Up yours!” traders seemed to be telling the President.  If that’s what makes stocks fly these days, then the President’s next snit can’t come too soon.

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none April 4, 2018, 6:27 am


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The story is – the guy who originally bought the Apartment cant get the money from the bank since he cant sell his old Apartment – so PEAB the owner /Builder wont give him the keys. So the house goes back on the market 600k cheaper, and the Original Buyer is in the hole.

1. curb speculation by raising interest rates in July 1928.
2. uneven distribution of wealth got so bad that 5% of America earned 33% of the income.
3. Fordney McCumber Tariff and the Hawley Smoot Tariff raised tariff levels to as much as 40%. Europe which was already angered at US foreign actions responded with high tariffs of their own. International trade was at a standstill.
4. loss of public confidence in the banking system.

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