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‘Dismal’ G7 Meeting Is Just Poker


News accounts of the G7 summit have been so dismal that one could begin to doubt Trump will have the tariff problem licked by July.  I’m holding to my prediction that he will, however, but it’s going to take some artful dealing in the meantime to get it done.  Merkel called Trump’s blunt rejection of a G7 communique “sobering and a bit depressing.”  Is Trump just playing poker? Most surely. However, there is room for doubt as to whether Merkel is truly at the point of despair. It will come down to dollars in the end, and Trump would not have raised the bet if he weren’t holding some good cards. Remember, he has already cut tariff deals with Australia, South Korea and Argentina. Europe was bound to dig in its heels deeper, since they really do hate the guy. But Merkel still has blood on her nose from the Iran deal. When Trump walked away from it, so did 400 German companies who evidently would rather do business with the U.S. than with Iran.  To be sure, Wall Street isn’t going to like the news from Europe as the week begins. But don’t rule out the possibility of a strong rally when Merkel and Canada’s Trudeau eventually cave, as seems likely to me.

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Fran June 11, 2018, 2:36 pm

I really enjoy reading Rick’s “The Morning Line”.
Thank you!

Robert June 11, 2018, 12:10 pm

Sad and disgusting that your website has turned into nothing more than forum for pro-trump rhetoric.


Is your Trump Derangement Syndrome so severe that you cannot see the technical analysis, charts and trading recommendations on my home page? RA

none June 11, 2018, 9:24 am

Historically the United States has pulled away from every major nation on earth. This is a major trend change and as such will not have a direct change of that trend over many decades.

In fact the trend of such a happening is in many ways going ‘unseen’ or as an ‘under current’ because financial markets have not adjusted by such action, it is only in 2018 showing how high the tidal wave can become.

The ‘event’ in history taking place is not in the lime light, as many seek the event to end or start an ending process in some way. They will be proven incorrect of such to happen, as the trend will continue and only get worst.

Trump should not be consider the signal trigger of such an event (1 second event) because the Founders Fathers where quite prepare and had foresight not to allow a President’ with such power.

Major trend changes have a long time line, accumulation, markup and then distribution periods.

Why has America chosen such action?

What does America see that so many others do not see for the forgoing future?

Where is America’s interest?

How can America move ‘all’ towards becoming once again ‘evolve’ with a common cause?

——-America has taken action its action is ‘not well receive’, if it was then by the terms of understanding human behavior patterns it would be the incorrect or wrong action.

…..The 5 C Continuum of conflict and war relates.

Have a great week Rick.

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