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A Mechanical Solution for Fear and Doubt

I advised subscribers who got long in AAPL Monday to take partial profits on the $4 rally that ensued, since the stock could turn unfriendly with no warning and for no apparent reason. Although my latest update for the iPhone maker’s shares raises the possibility the rally is just getting started, we shouldn’t rule out the equally plausible scenario that the stock is about to get hammered anew. DaBoyz have pulled their bids in after-hours trading, causing AAPL to surrender nearly the entire day’s gains in the space of a few minutes. This feels to me likely a sleazy ploy to shake loose some shares before running them up again. But we should always book at least some of our gains reflexively no matter what we expect, since a buy-and-hold approach will necessarily be fraught with thrills, chills and spills that will play on our fears and doubts.