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Some attributed Monday’s stock-market volatility to nervousness over trade talks, but if China had anything to do with the day’s moderate losses, the more likely cause was a report that economic growth there is running at the slowest pace in three decades. This could conceivably be bullish for NYSE stocks, since, with Europe’s economy also swirling down the dumper,  the U.S. is the only game in town. Whatever the case, I would not suggest loading up on call options ahead of the “big” news still to come on tariffs.

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none March 5, 2019, 9:13 am

“big” news still to come on tariffs.

The most important issue towards the news event will be BA, as a tariffs may break the company into pieces. In the last recession BA earnings fell 75% from 4 billion to 1 billion (there was no china tariffs then).

BA has had strong earnings but the major buy back surge because of the Trump Tax Cut place BA equity into a deficit. The same as mention in HD both are part of the Dow Jones 30.

Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) Treasury Stock: $-52,348 Mil (As of Dec. 2018)

Treasury stock is the portion of shares that a company keeps in their own treasury. Boeing Co’s treasury stock for the quarter that ended in Dec. 2018 was $-52,348 Mil.

Treasury stock may have come from a repurchase or buyback from shareholders; or it may have never been issued to the public in the first place.

—————Stock buy backs 10b-18 stock rule spend retained earnings and place it into stockholders equity. When having ‘expected’ higher earning to cover the buy back.

The INDU is 5% +/- from an all time high, and not just these large issues are at negative equity deficit to their holdings but many. The mere slight turn down may become a steam roller of the days of Enron, World-com and others.

The amassing sentiment towards Trump is just as Obama, both are and will continue to be on target towards failure. The great Black hope, and now the great White hope stand little chance from any type of real change. To be understood do we really need it in the 1st place?

The massive speculation during their tenure is key into understanding just what ‘end’ of the major cycle we are on.

Losing 30% of value in a matter of a few months from a Bull trap is not uncommon, and observing the TYX (30 year) under 2.697 will state new interest rate low point.

Have a great day Rick.

1) What ought to be.

2) and what is.

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