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BA – Boeing Co. (Last:353.96)


Boeing has conspicuously failed to hit an ‘easy’ rally target at 387.54, suggesting that all the deft spin control in the world may not be enough to coax the stock high enough to suck in the rubes. The rally target will remain viable nonetheless until such time as 373.68 is exceeded to the  downside. This seems likely, as does a test of structural support near 362 where sellers have been repelled twice since the fatal March 11 crash of a 737 Max._______ UPDATE (Apr 23, 10:25 p.m.): A failed salvage operation threatens to send the stock down to 349.59, a Hidden Pivot support that will be in play if sellers breach the 367.12 midpoint pivot shown here. _______ UPDATE (Apr 25, 9:05): The public relations con-game that’s keeping Boeing afloat has grown too tiresome to watch, so I’m ‘de-listing’ the stock for now.  I’ve set screen alerts above $400 and below $360 to wake me if something interesting happens._______ UPDATE (May 13, 11:53 a.m.): BA has finally broken down

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