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Stocks Seem Invincible, Don’t They?


It’s days like Thursday that make the bull market feel invincible. Although even a super-sensitive lab instrument could not have detected a mote of buying enthusiasm, stocks nevertheless were able to tread water all day and close essentially unchanged. They seem capable of vamping indefinitely while waiting for some ‘news’ to trigger a short-covering panic. Factor out vaguely dovish cryptoblather from the Fed and minutely bullish emanations concerning the tariff war, and the Dow would be trading 5000 points lower.

What most amazes is that when stocks drop because trade tensions are perceived as rising, they regain all of the lost ground and then some when tensions return to normal. This dynamic demonstrates the power of short-covering, a source of buying so urgent and desperate that it invariably outdoes whatever selling has preceded it.  The reverse will be true in a bear market — i.e., the selling will tend to get overdone, while rallies, however violent, will be limited in scope. And just as violent swoons in a bull market serve to keep bulls from making money too easily, fleeting bear rallies will keep shorts from getting comfortable betting on what would otherwise seem like a sure thing.

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Pan June 29, 2019, 10:20 am

Well, some how (well yes drunkenly) I got through all of that, but I must admit, my head wasn’t spinning quite so fast when I started as when I finished.

Have a great weekend none.

none June 28, 2019, 3:45 pm

Investor should brace themselves for all they are worth. The damage is an underling crisis that has the stock market walking a very alone road.

The recent 06/21/2019 cycle date is an important one, holding the high point in the SPX.

The INDU/SPX market is moving into a ‘double whammy’ as the market recently from its high of April 2019 is double topping these highs along with lower MSI readings. More important this double high is being created at the 40-60 trading day time span rule where markets enter ‘violent volatility’ of the April price extremes.

Markets enter these ‘volatility’ areas only after extreme highs and lows had been created, markets will created lower highs or higher lows near the 40-60 trading day area. GC recent April lows is being reflected by such today in exerting itself towards the breakout upward during the 40-60 trading day areas.

Such is the case in 2015 and 1987 of the MSI crashing lower from INDU/SPX non-confirming highs.

Being that the SPX has created another All Time High (06/21/2019), and the INDU has not, we may observe such action towards these setups ”’again”’ from the count of the extreme SPX over time in the next 40-60 trading days.

But, as we are ‘now’ already in that 40-60 trading day from most recent high of April 2019, this 1st drop could become much larger towards the recent 1st drops of 2018 and mid 2018 causing 2 major legs lower over the quarter or 2 (end of the year).

Continue to observe the MSI moving towards and under the zero level, this will state the damage in the decline phase.

Many persons are seeking a afterburner affect in A/D line behavior, in Bull markets towards the stats it is a correct process to observe, in Bear markets though as record and examples of pass history states much damage is created.

Globs of breathe today as well as the underlying volume stats stated are a ‘kiss of death’, not a place for life to continue towards the equity market.
Who is Trump REAL support? 06272019

It is suggested that the ‘No Tooth’ Hillbillies is his grass root majority by the major mainstream media.

‘What is obvious is obviously wrong’.

Take a look as to who really owns equities today. It is not the bottom 80% of the population, but the top 10% crowd and better.

Trump has talk about the investment part of society (stock market) more than any other President in American history.

As, you can see from the chart the 20-80% population column (chart not inserted here) ‘No Tooth’ Hillbillies has absolutely ‘no investment interest’ whatsoever.

President Trump support comes by the 1% of the population of America that being the very successful and intelligent part of today’s American population.

Politico warfare by the Trump leadership is as ‘extreme’ as the days of FDR in American history, when one of the most wealthiest men and families in American history (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) had the so call support of the ‘No Tooth’ Hillbillies crowd.
Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush

Donald Trump denigrated Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers and vowed to ban Muslims from coming to the United States. In his first week in office, Trump made it clear he was deadly serious about putting anti-immigrant rhetoric into practice.

But the GOP’s stance on immigration reform hasn’t always been this harsh. Thirty-five years ago, during a primary debate between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, both former presidents spoke with compassion about immigrants living in the United States when they were asked whether the U.S. should allow the children of undocumented immigrants to go to public schools.

“Today, if those people are here, I would reluctantly say I think they would get whatever it is, you know, that society is giving to their neighbors,” Bush said at the time, calling immigrants “good people, strong people.”

“I’d like to see something done about the illegal alien problem that would be so sensitive and so understanding about labor needs and human needs that that problem wouldn’t come up,” Bush said. “But today if those people are here, I would reluctantly say they would get whatever it is that their society is giving to their neighbors.

“I think the time has come that the United States and our neighbors, particularly our neighbor to the south, should have a better understanding and a better relationship than we’ve ever had,” Reagan said. “And I think we haven’t been sensitive to our size and our power.”



……..Bush ’43’ 2.0 vision stock market lock and loaded.

Have a great weekend Rick.

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