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Wall Street Can’t Hide It’s Love for Trump


If stocks plunged Friday on news that Trump had caught the virus, and then began to surge as soon as it looked like he would recover, investors must like the guy, right? Or so it would seem.  The Dow rose almost 500 points on Monday as the President’s doctors prepared to send him home earlier than most of us had anticipated.  Since they are taking no chances, we can confidently conclude he’s in pretty good shape. The maudlin muckrakers who invent the news have been doing their damndest to suggest otherwise, but they’ve only embarrassed themselves with an effusion of ignorance and cant.  Much of it centered on the claim that Trump’s doctors misled them or withheld important details about his treatment, but it is only in the staunchest redoubts of Trump Derangement Syndrome that anyone much cared. As for investors, they have yet one more reason to tune out polls that would have us believe Biden will give Trump a good fight. If this were likely, the Dow would be trading 5000 points lower and fixing to plummet anew.

Please do not ask trading questions!

  • Ben October 6, 2020, 6:34 pm

    And the stupid continues…


    22:40 – 23:25

    So Mr. Super Macho Man is now hopped up on steroids.

    “Don’t let covid run your life! I had it — plus a team of doctors at Walter Reed and a dozen different drugs, after which I was released to a medical team at the White House — so don’t tell me covid is bad! Learn to live with it!”.

    LOL! So now every Trump supporter is going to show up at the polls, in November, mask-less and in everyone’s faces. Trump said it was okay!

    Of course, the cheating democRats will only use this stupid behavior to justify vote-by-mail cheating and things like not letting brainless cultists in to vote. And chaos will ensue.

    Thanks, Trump, you brilliant, Super Macho 3D chess player, you!

    Now, lest anyone think I’ve come down with a case of TDS, no. It’s just that the once-fresh layer atop the compost pile has gotten well passed its sell-by date. The layers underneath still reek to highest heaven. Definitely worse. But, just barely four years later, the not-so-fresh layer… PHEW!

    Little wonder, then, that Wall Street seems to love him. Like flies to… you know the rest!

    • Larry D October 7, 2020, 10:33 am

      I can always tell the Biden supporters… they’re the ones riding helmetless with a mask on.

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