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Joe, Are You Sure You Want the Job?


It looks as though the Democrats will get nearly everything they’ve wanted — except for control of the U.S. Senate. This means that turning the Supreme Court into a rubber stamp for new laws that would radically transform America will likely remain out of their reach for at least the next four years. That’s the good news, but not just for the nearly 70 million voters who supported Trump. Biden’s backers should be relieved as well, since this will spare them the historical notoriety of having trashed the separation of powers merely because they could.

The bad news is that, as Obama demonstrated time and again, a president doesn’t need Congress to enact a heavy-handed political agenda. Unfortunately, few expect Biden to be calling the shots for long. His mental acuity and physical stamina are all-too-obviously failing, and while it was possible for the news media to ignore his appalling lapses and gaffes during the campaign, putting him in charge of the most powerful nation on earth is not going to work. We can only pray that when Kamala Harris takes over, which she eventually will, she doesn’t usher in a political Reign of Terror that comports with her take-no-prisoners brand of political extremism.

An Unstable Economy

The Democrats will soon own America’s future, but they may come to regret it. The stock market is pumped so full of super-heated gas that it makes the Hindenburg look like a birthday balloon.  Unprecedented levels of monetary stimulus have created a dangerously unstable economy dominated by a relative handful of giant, cloud-based companies that will have no jobs for displaced energy workers. There’s also China, an implacable enemy that neither Biden nor his running mate has the guts or experience to confront. No less challenging will be protecting the promising but fragile peace that Trump brokered in the Middle East. Making it more robust will require the kind of deft management and bold leadership that go directly against the grain of a Democratic Party that has never passed up an opportunity to placate Iran or diss Israel. The list of worries stretches on. We should all wish Biden well, of course, even those of us who regard him as a loathsome, corrupt, vaguely creepy political lifer. The world has always been too dangerous for America to ‘lead from behind,’ as Obama would have it, and it is not farfetched to predict that China will test Biden soon after he takes office, possibly by moving troops into Taiwan. Nor is it a stretch to imagine Putin plotting his next act of geopolitical mischief against a proven political numbskull like Biden. Putin must laugh whenever he sees mealy-mouthed Joe acting as though it is Trump who has been the Russian’s bitch.  Memo to Joe: If you get a mysterious package for Christmas containing knee pads, look for a Moscow postmark.

Did They Cheat?

So, did the Democrats cheat in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and a few other states that mattered? Of course they did. But Trumpers shouldn’t get their hopes too high over Giuliani’s legal challenge. Riots were predicted even if the Orange Man won by a landslide. However, if he should come to regain the electoral lead by overturning ballots in a score of key precincts, what ensues could make last summer’s urban violence seem mild in comparison.  Red-state militias would put a quick and bloody end to it, for sure, if our beleaguered police departments cannot. But civil war is not the kind of endgame that right-thinking Americans should wish for, even if it seems like the only way to arrest the nation’s steepening slide toward full-blown socialism. In the meantime, the half of America that spurned Biden should hope that now that the Democrats have secured a lock-hold on every American institution but the church, there’s no reason for them to rush things. ______ UPDATE (Nov 5, 8:32 p.m): Such interesting times! Although there is no hard evidence yet of voter fraud, the torrent of mail-in ballots marked ‘Biden’ that came in at the 11th hour is certainly suspicious. I’m hoping the New York Piece of Shit Times sends its sharpest sleuth to Michigan to inquire as to why 138,000 votes that came in over a very short period were all for Biden.  That’s right: There was not a single Trump ballot in a truckload of them.  The Times had an explanation that you are not going to believe:  There was an error: an extra zero was tacked on. Oh. So it was only 13,800 mail-in ballots, virtually every one of them for Biden, that were dumped into the sorter? Now I see.

Please do not ask trading questions!

  • RedWillDanaher November 8, 2020, 12:19 pm

    Hi Rick, hope you’re well. I think your election prediction for a Trump landslide was spot on. You and I both go way back as traders on the options floor etc. and have been watching the Banksters et al. much more closely and much longer than many people simply because it is part of what we do as traders. I’m trying to avoid hyperbole here but I’m starting to believe that this scam is the largest election scam in American history (Still nothing compared to the Ponzi but that’s old news as even its vociferous opponents have been numbed by it.) It doesn’t pass the eye test, the gut test, the smell test, the reasonability test, the statistical test and when I have that feeling that we all get when someone is simply trying too hard to convince me of something that they know not to be true. If they get away with this, it is effectively over. If they’re busted, this will be among the greatest stories ever told. Cheers pal.

  • Ben November 6, 2020, 5:20 pm

    Not sure if anyone will be reading this comment section now, but I submit this information because it is _VERY IMPORTANT_. Rick, if you would, please post this to your subscriber forum (if someone else hasn’t already brought it up).

    You may have heard by now that DHS has been conducting a sting operation, to catch election cheaters and thieves. Long story short, here is what I found…


    That’s a .gov site, specifically CISA, which is the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency. The .pdf page can be found and accessed from here…


    If you scroll down to the very last section on the list, from the first link…

    “Ballot watermarks: Some ballots have watermarks indicating that the ballot is authentic. Watermarks are specific to each election and confirm the ballot was printed by an approved printing authority.”

    Many have questions as to whether or not these watermarked ballots could’ve been used in this election. They either don’t know or surmise, since each state has its own rules and prints its own regular ballots, there is no way this could be the case. Well, now you know. Yes, at least “some” of the mail-in ballots are watermarked. Whether this factors into the investigations, court battles, and/or the outcome of this election, remains to be seen. However…

    President Trump has been very insistent that “only the legal votes be counted”, as if there’s some way to readily make that distinction. And, as we just saw, there indeed is. This just might get extremely interesting!

  • Buster November 6, 2020, 1:07 am


    …… It’s almost funny watching America’s banana republic election being exposed to the shocked public, somehow unaware it’s always been like this…..

    …Voting observers being locked out from observing ballots, the Dems even fighting a judge’s decision to force them to allow Republican observers, over 100% voter turnout in many states ( <200% in one 'key state'.), vote counters hurriedly.putting cardboard over windows so locked out observers can't see what's happening inside, large bags being taken into counting stations unchecked, thousands of Trump voters checking their votes online finding they've disappeared, 130,000 paper ballots turning up that are incredibly all for Biden & turn a Trump win into a Biden victory in a key state, a bag of military ballots voting for Trump found in a ditch, US Postal worker whistle blower exposing the post office changing dates on ballots, social media blocking attempts to show any election fraud, even Twitter censoring Trump's account as well as Washington Post & US government employee's.
    Oh, and thousands of dead people voting for Biden from their graves!!😂
    ..and Worldwide mainstream media almost unanimously hiding the facts & leaning towards a Biden victory & decrying Trump as a sore loser even with video footage clearly showing the obvious fraud happening!
    You couldn't make it up, but the sheeple keep bleeting in unison….nothing to see here…bahhh!
    Just hilarious!

    Don't worry, sheeple, the filthy rich, corrupt World establishment aren't about to lose their stranglehold on their prize, determined to put the cat back in the bag once again & sew it up permanently this time, after the little disruption to their 'game' by the Trump spanner in their works.
    Business as normal will surely resume shortly; the peodophiles, people traffickers & organ harvesters he's locked up in unprecedented numbers & prevented from doing an honest days work will soon be free, the wars can continue & the billion dollar deals can restart to the sighs of relief of our criminal globalist politicians & bureaucratic establishment.
    It would all be funny at least,….If it wasn't for the hundreds of thousands of children somehow disappearing in the Western World without a trace each & every year for decades & without a whisper from a police state that even knows when each of us sneezes but somehow manages to ignore these crimes.
    Yes, these little facts should have at least raised a few eyebrows amongst us, if only sheeple had them, I suppose!
    …outraged instead as we are by the 'stumbling block' of Trump's rashness that simply upsets our sensibilities so much as to let us miss the war on crimes against humanity that he's been waging on our globalist overlord's operations. From chaos comes….great profits!
    "Build back better"
    They're determined to rebuild it back even better this time, & make damned sure nobody ever again disrupts their brave new dystopian World & locked down prison planet. The medication will help us all adjust, I'm sure.

    Somehow I doubt that things will end well for this generation of Barabbas shouters.
    I don't know?
    Maybe there'll be a price to pay??

    Or maybe he's not done fighting them yet?!

  • Ben November 5, 2020, 10:31 pm

    Regarding your update, Rick: Yep. Not one vote for Trump, in the entire truckload of illegally backdated mail-ins. Nor a single one for any of the third party candidates. ALL for Biden. This also happened in WI. I know because I, along with no small number of night owls, was watching the map on election night. Too…


    More on GA: Did 113,000 Libertarians cast a vote for an L Senator, but vote Biden for President? That’s what the numbers suggest, which makes no sense!

    ME also looks suspicious. Susan Collins won the Senate race by a 9% difference… but those voters then swung to Biden, who “won” by 10%?! Insane!

  • Larry D November 5, 2020, 11:34 am

    My GF thinks Biden would step aside before inauguration day, ala Edward VIII.

    Now THAT would be interesting.

  • Pan November 5, 2020, 9:24 am

    “What’s the definition of ….?”


    I’ve shortened your post for clarity’s sake, Pan. RA

  • Ben November 5, 2020, 2:21 am

    Regarding the certainty of violence , should Trump’s challenges in certain states prove to flip the result…

    Whether he succeeds or not, it is out of Trump’s hands now. Voters in AZ are actually coming out and demanding the rest of the votes be counted, because they realize something is very fishy about the state being called so early. This may well start to happen in other states. MN, for example. OR, too. How can there be a fair election in a state of thugocracy? And I just don’t see Michigan-ites standing for the wee hours Biden mega-boost, either.

    But just AZ would do it. If the people can make it happen, then who can blame Trump? Okay, the violent bratshirt mobs will do that anyway, but you know they will no matter what, _even if they do win this thing_. So… might as well make it worthwhile!

    • Ben November 5, 2020, 11:16 am

      UPDATE: Just thought I’d share this with you and the general forum, Rick. No idea how legit this is, but she seems to know what she’s talking about…


      If she’s speaking truth, that’ll be totally rad!

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