BRTI – CME Bitcoin Index (Last:42,704)

Since there are no actual bears trading the cryptos, we have to assume that wrenching declines such as we’ve seen in this vehicle over the last two months have occurred simply because its institutional sponsors have stepped away to pick their teeth and have their nails done. They may not know it, but the chart says they will begin buying again at either the 39,805 ‘D’ target of the pattern shown, or deep in the ‘discomfort zone’, a tad below 38,500.  There is no equivalent pattern in ETHE, only a jerry-rigged one with a ‘D’ target at 23.54 (daily chart, A= 47.08 on 12/1) and a too-vague discomfort zone. _______ UPDATE (Jan 10, 6:55 p.m.):  Ahem. The 39,805 Hidden Pivot support drum-rolled above caught the nearly exact low of a $2,454 rally. This feat — just a cheap parlor trick, as you will already know by now — seems to have been the proverbial tree falling silently in the forest, since no one noticed, much less inquired about how to trade it. ______ UPDATE (Jan 11, 8:46 p.m.): Several subscribers professed to have leveraged the target; however, because this vehicle is not tradeable and the subscribers did not say what they used as an alternative, I have not established a tracking position.