DXY – NYBOT Dollar Index (Last:105.33)

The Dollar’s impressive move off mid-July’s 99.58 low will face a crucial test when it encounters the impediment shown in the chart, a Hidden Pivot midpoint resistance at 106.32 that lies less than 1% above. I am predicting an easy move through it, bringing the realization that the inflationistas have had it wrong all along; for in plain fact, consumer inflation was never going to be a big deal in comparison to a deflationary juggernaut of financialized debt totaling more than $2 quadrillion. So many owe dollars that inflation — or better yet, hyperinflation — would be a blessing. And that’s why it is not going to happen, if for no other reason than that everyone has piled onto the same side of the bet. Those still in denial will be in for a shock as DXY continues to rally toward the 113.06 target.  By then, there will be fewer dollar bears to muddy the picture, and the quacks who run the central bank, especially the hawks, will have their backs up against a wall.