Traders Are Worried About WHAT???


As incredible as it seems, U.S. stocks are getting hit Tuesday night on supposed concerns about the political turmoil that has engulfed the Trump administration. When was the last time traders gave a rat’s ass about anything that happened in the real world? This is truly unusual — and potentially entertaining too, since Rick’s Picks subscribers were able to use a Hidden Pivot target in VXX to buy some call options two pennies off their intraday low. Since then, VXX has taken an unwonted leap in after-hours trading. We’ll repair to the sidelines for now and hope the selloff gets legs. I’ve provided some precise benchmarks in my latest E-Mini S&P tout (see below) to help you determine whether DaBoyz for once may have been caught with their pants down.

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John Jay May 17, 2017, 7:46 pm


Yes, Truman was a poor man, in the manner of Cincinnatus.
And Eisenhower’s finances were strained by his little retirement farm in Gettysburg.
We will never have leaders that rise to those levels again. It’s “All about the Benjamins” now, and forever after!

In the long run, it will mean the end of political stability in this country.
Before too much longer we will have a situation where a dozen Oligarchs will claim to “Own” the wealth of the entire planet!
Which will present a very short Proscription List for whatever Gaius Marius arises as a result.
The Romanov Dynasty comes to mind.
They “Owned” Russia, lock, stock, and barrel.
Until someone called their bluff.
Of course, that will set off a power struggle that will make the current mess look like the “Good Old Days.”

none May 17, 2017, 6:28 pm

Observing the 225 nikki towards the trend of the INDU is exactly the course to take, the Brady turn date on March 1st around your date work fine. Timers are always looking for where to operate in putting the last nail in. I do not.

The high price in the market was verify by the breakout in VIX with a 9 day breakout, which started the siphon in timing, that is ‘just’ starting to be confirm again here today.

The inverse markets GC/SI ZB/JY as well as EC (which know one will touch) all have counts towards all new time highs and higher. DX the other way.

Your call Farmer was ‘dead on’ as I observe the same in 2007/08.

This one will do better over time.

————-Here’s something to chew on..just to state how important the time line may be.

Major TOP in American Government and Wall Street 05102017

Obama Library stands to be building for 500 million (that’s just the estimate), we are seeing a major top in politics/wall street and moving into a long decline trend for both. Obama came into office with a net worth of 200k and left after 8 years with 12 million net worth, with another 65 million-book deal for his times as president. His wife came into office with the same 200k as a couple she left with her own net worth after serving as 1st lady with her ‘own’ 8 million.

The Barack Obama Presidential Center is the planned presidential library of Barrack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. Wikipedia

Location: Jackson Park, Chicago, Illinois

Cost: 500 million USD (Estimated)

Completion date: 2021

Architecture firm: Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects

Construction start: TBD

Named for: Barack Obama

Obama Pockets $3.2 Million For Speaking Gig In Milan

President Obama, the preeminent crusader against the evils of Wall Street, took some heat from his Progressive pals a few weeks ago when it emerged that as his first paid speech appearance he would receive $400,000 for roughly an hour of his time from, well, Wall Street, or rather Cantor Fitzgerald.

But the irony didn’t end there. In an effort to combat the public outcry, the beloved former President defended his efforts by arguing that the decision to take $400,000 from Cantor Fitzgerald couldn’t possibly mean that he’s a sellout because, well, he already sold out to Wall Street during his initial Presidential campaign back in 2008. You can’t sell out again if you’ve already sold out before…come on people, it doesn’t work that way. Here is part of his actual statement: search Full statement from Obama spokesman Greg Sargent “With regard to this or any speech involving Wall Street sponsors, I’d just point out that in 2008, Barack Obama raised more money from Wall Street than any candidate in history – and still went on to successfully pass and implement the toughest reforms on Wall Street since FDR.”

But, according to the Express, the $400,000 fee from Cantor is nothing compared to the $3.2 million that President Obama got for his speech in Milan at the Seeds and Chips gathering in Milan today, a conference on the impact that technology, innovation and climate change will have on food availability and production worldwide.

……America is seeing a major TOP in politics, and those that support politics in general that being wall street foremost, this recent Obama action has set the social mood in the years ahead. In only 50 years we have the nations leader Harry Truman (a democrat) leave office with only a army pension of $112.56 per month, pulling his own car from the White House parking lot packing his own suitcase and driving his wife and self back to the state of Missouri from which they came from.

When Harry Truman left the White House in 1953, historian David McCullough records, “he had no income or support of any kind from the federal government other than his Army pension of $112.56 a month. He was provided with no government funds for secretarial help or office space, not a penny of expense money.”

One of the reasons Truman and his wife moved back into their far-from-elegant old house in Independence, Missouri, “was that financially they had little other choice.”

Nevertheless, Truman refused to cash in on his celebrity and influence as a former president. He turned down lucrative offers, such as the one from a Florida real-estate developer inviting him to become “chairman, officer, or stockholder, at a figure of not less than $100,000.” He would not make commercial endorsements, accept “consulting” fees, or engage in lobbying.

“I could never lend myself to any transaction, however respectable,” Truman later wrote, “that would commercialize on the prestige and dignity of the office of the presidency.” He did sell the rights to his memoirs for a handsome sum to Life magazine. But he turned down every other enticement to trade on his former position for private gain.
——————Trump will not have success the long 240-250 year Pluto cycle is too strong for ‘anyone’ to change.
These were the major long-term low points in the last century.

Low Point December 9, 1974 = 15,494 days from Low Point July 8, 1932.

May 11, 2017 = 15,494 from Low Point December 9, 1974.

May 11,2017 is an important inflection point.

‘have a good night’

Farmer May 17, 2017, 2:34 pm

Well Rick, my Nikkei indicator has indeed turned out to be an accurate barometer of a US stock market correction after all.

And I really (really!) want to declare it as a big success today but I can’t because the idea I had presented took so long to manifest that by the time the day arrived it was close to useless information to anyone who might have seen my original post back in March.

…..And forgotten about it by the time middle May rolled around……

If you are wondering, my regret here is that even though my idea took a novel approach to forecasting a decline in US indices, my ability to accurately time the event was just plain rotten.

At this point though I wanted to add a comment that might be more helpful since I am deprived of the opportunity for chest pounding by being so early I hardly came out ahead so far.

Should this correction in the Nikkei continue down to its projected low of 18,000 or lower we might be mindful that once it comes back up there is a second higher peak on the Nikkei that could act as a secondary (and final) resistance level. Have a look at the monthly chart to see what I mean and if you agree. Maybe next time I can nail it down a little closer to a decent short trade lift-off.

Meanwhile, here is my original March 7th post if you are curious. That’s nine long weeks ago and amounts to an eternity if accuracy is our cup of tea! My idea of using other major stock market indices to gauge the performance and behavior of US indices looks like it has validity though and to me that is a win. Even if nobody made any money off this decline since Monday it could still be worth our time to keep the essential idea in mind for the future.

‘Farmer’ Sees a Perfect Storm Brewing for Nikkei, U.S. Stocks, T-Bonds, Gold and Yen
Posted March 7, 2017

Farmer is the handle of an astute market-watcher who occasionally posts here. He expects an imminent top in the Nikkei to produce a corresponding top in the U.S. stock market. Here’s his logic: “Keep your eyes peeled on Nikkei 20,000 as it fast approaches because it looks like we will see that number by the time Yellen gives her press conference on March 15. That is my D-Day line-in-the-sand for [both] stock markets, and upon arrival, the spot where we will finally hit chart resistance worth talking about. That is the point that, once reached, will signal a correction has arrived for U.S. equities. And yes, I would agree it is an implausible-sounding idea on its face. But it’s probably also going to be correct too.

“I would not underestimate this indicator; there are no other important prior resistance peaks on any other equity-index charts that might indicate where the top comes in, since all U.S. markets [are trading in record territory]. This is the only reference point that really matters, given the significance of the Nikkei to the yen, and in turn its correlation to gold and bonds…..I think I am on to something here.”

And was I ever! LOL!!!!!

John Jay May 17, 2017, 9:47 am

President Trump is in the process of being educated about the way things really work in the Halls of Power.

The markets are unsure if he will be eased out, every spike means it looks good for Impeachment, every plunge means it looks bad for Impeachment.

The MIC will never allow Peace to break out.

The Big Banks will never allow Price Discovery via Deflation to break out.

K Street will never allow a Representative Democracy to break out.

And so on, and so forth.

Trump is suffering the same fate as Julius Caesar during the Ides of March.

His only hope is to take his case to the People, and go on a Huey Long type speaking tour.

His message should be, “Well it’s 100 times worse than I imagined.” “Our only hope is for a Constitutional Amendment that outlaws any and all donations, of any and all kinds, to any and all Government workers, especially Representatives.” “Please help me, I need your help, or the Country is lost forever!”

If he can get that through, our well designed system of Government would rapidly self correct.

If they take Trump out and stick Pence in, we are well and truly finished.

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