One-Decision FAANG Stocks Are Too Enticing to Shun for Long


Index futures were quiet Tuesday night ahead of what remains of the holiday-shortened week. The theme du jour has been rotation out of tech and into just about everything else, particularly bank stocks (which have turbocharged their ascent with record share-buybacks). However, this aberrant behavior on the part of fund managers is unlikely to last, since their obsidian hearts just aren’t into it. Their first love — not to mention, their bread and butter — is the FAANG/lunatic high-flyers, as we know. The ease of making big bucks by simply throwing Other People’s Money at a handful of one-decision stocks is just too attractive to pass up. And the beat goes on.

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John Jay July 6, 2017, 12:44 am

Another aspect to consider when questioning the value of the FANG type stocks is their connection to the US Government and Deep State.
Facebook and Google seem to have ties to the US Intelligence community, which is represented by 17 different agencies.
Amazon seems to have been given carte blanche to get as big as they want. Any Anti Trust actions against them are not going to happen. Much the same as Walmart, Microsoft, and all the Media Giants enjoy Government Sanctioned Monopolies.
Berkshire Hathaway and Tesla enjoy similar conditions as the Corporations listed above.

In addition, it is very likely the CIA has a covert Trading Desk to fund their black ops. Catherine Austin Fitts claimed they also used FHA etc. type mortgage fraud extensively to raise cash.
All of the above is something to consider when one wonders about valuations.

none July 5, 2017, 8:26 am

Traders and Investors are asleep at the switch, much is in play when all is well.

Bear Sterns never had a losing quarter in 85 years when it went under.

Goldman is well endow in holding many 1st, 2nd and 3rd word nations debt levels.

Should be interesting indeed.

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