Boeing Refutes the Permabear’s Creed


It’s been a struggle lately trying to find something meaningful to say about the stock market from one day to the next. It keeps going higher is all, and you can pick your reasons. Enchanted with the idea of Dow 30000? Then cross your fingers and hope Trump finds a way to ent1ice all that surplus corporate cash held overseas back into the USA.  It’s Dow 25,000 that’s hard to explain, since it’s a business-as-usual target without the exuberance of a macro tax-windfall. Then again, business as usual is pretty good if you’re Boeing, which seems poised to sell passenger jets to a world on the brink of a middle-class explosion. Are we perhaps being a little short-sighted when we look for major tops with every hundred-point leap in the Dow?

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none October 5, 2017, 12:54 pm

The GC market is at its 40 trading’s and 20 trading day higher low point, a support level.

The GC and SI market has corrected for its next advance suggesting moving over the major 1380.0 level for continuation of its long bull trend.

ZB/ZN CL will follow.

none October 5, 2017, 12:45 pm

Today the Projected Target Slingshot level is in place, the 22757.88 INDU level took place in 26 trading days.

The low of INDU 08212017 at 21600.34 levels is seen as a ‘hinge’ of a swinging door to open volatility.

The VIX has closed under 10 for 26 days so far in 2017.

From 1990 to 2016 it had closed under 10 for 9 times.
Nice pretty Full Moon.

Subject: Projected Slingshot volatility high point target 09012017

Below are the numbers for the ‘barn door opening’ towards volatility in the INDU and SPX major market indexes.

INDU target slingshot high = 22757.88 in 16 trading days from low of 08292017.

SPX target slingshot high = 2564.39 in 16 trading days from low of 08292017.

These levels will begin the ending process of a series of highs points to create a turning point in market behavior towards the downside.

John Jay October 4, 2017, 11:45 pm

The Stock Maket was a lot more rational back in the day when a guy could use a one year T Bill paying 6% as margin in his account.
And all the other longer term paper paid more than that.
So there was always that competition for funds built into the Big Picture.

After TARP, all that went out the window.
The big banks bluffed their way into unlimited free money after the “Tanks in the streets” B.S.
Now, all the Central Banks conjur up billions and dump it in our market.
It’s a Momentum Chasing Market now.
Backed by nothing, skys the limit.
Check your brain at the door!

Rantly McTirade October 4, 2017, 10:54 pm

No, Boeing is leading the world in leeching off taxpayer cash to sell useless-and sometime unusable-MIC crap.

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