ESM23 – June E-Mini S&P (Last:4252.75)

Last Wednesday’s textbook ‘mechanical’ buy at x=4120.00 left little doubt where the June contract is headed next. The ‘D’ target at 4288.75 seems all but certain to be hit early in this four-day week. If it pushes past the Hidden Pivot resistance by more than a couple of points on the first try, you may confidently assume that a new target at 4332.75 is in play. It is derived from the somewhat lower ‘A’ at 3937.00 recorded on March 24. _______ UPDATE (Jun 2, 9:25 a.m. EDT): The Hidden Pivot target at 4287.75 (a slight correction) still appears certain to be reached. The small delay relative to my forecast occurred because — manifestly — too many traders were bullish when the week began. You will have noticed that whatever factors that gave us good reason to be quite bearish are not exactly weighing on the stock market’s walnut-size brain at the moment. When DaBoyz fist-pump ES obliviously past 4287.75, you can infer that 4331.50 is the next stop, a slight adjustment from the number given above.